ICC World Cup 2015: New Zealand vs Scotland - As it happened...

By Chaitan Papnai | Updated: Feb 17, 2015, 16:15 PM IST
ICC World Cup 2015: New Zealand vs Scotland - As it happened...

New Zealand beat Scotland in low key affair by 3 wickets to win their second consecutive match of the World Cup 2015. Capitalizing on fine start provided by their strike bowlers Black Caps managed to bundle out minnows Scotland on 142 runs. But in trying to finish the game quickly they lost seven wickets  before sealing the game, with more than 25 overs to spare. For his fiery bowling Trent Boult was rewarded with Man of the Match award.    

New Zealand Innings

Over 24.5 || Score 138/7

Vettori collected a boundary over the slip cordon as New Zealand beat minnows Scotland by 3 wickets. Though Scotland only managed to put up a paltry total of 142 in front of NZ, their bowlers did a decent job to to pick up seven wickets of Kiwis before losing the match.       

Over 24 || Score 138/7

Josh Davey picks two in an over to make a game out a of a dead match. He first picks up Anderson and then after a gap of a ball gets the better of Ronchi to reduce NZ to 138 for 7.

L Ronchi c Gardiner b Davey 12 (10b)

CJ Anderson c Wardlaw b Davey 11 (16b)

Over 22 || Score 122/5

Wardlaw picks his third wicket as Elliott edges the ball straight to Cross behind the wickets. Half of the NZ side is back in the hut. Poor batting display by a team who are one of the favourites to loft the coveted trophy. 

GD Elliott c Cross b Wardlaw 29 (31b)

Over 20 || Score 110/4

Big hitter of the cricket ball Corey Anderson is the new man in. Though NZ are set to win their second World Cup encounter but while chasing a paltry total of 142, losing four wickets against minnows is not a positive sign.      

Over 18 || Score 107/4

Williamson Out! In trying to finish the game swiftly, NZ lost another wicket in the form Williamson. Now they need mere 36 runs from 32 overs to seal the match and they have six wickets in hand. Meanwhile, 100-up for the Black Caps in the 17th over.

KS Williamson c Cross b Davey 38 (45b)

Over 16 || Score 97/3

Spinner Haq is flighting the ball and is slow in the air -- signs of wily spinner. Elliott has quickly moved to 17 off 19 balls with the help of three boundaries. 13 runs came from the last two overs.     

Over 14 || Score 84/3

In-form Kane Williamson is doing the right thing by playing sensible cricket. He is dispatching loose balls for boundaries and taking singles and doubles of the rest. In last two overs NZ collect three boundaries. Two from the bat of Elliott (class written all over them) and one from Williamson's willow. Black Caps need 59 from 36 overs.        

Over 12 || Score 69/3

All-rounder Grant Elliott joins Williamson at the crease after the fall of NZ's third wicket. Kiwis are losing wickets unnecessarily in trying to wrap up the game quickly.

Over 11 || Score 67/3

Ross Taylor Out! Spinner Majid Haq has been given the ball after the break and he strikes in his first over. Ross Taylor tries to hit the bowler for a maximum over deep mid-wicket but fails to clear the fence as Taylor takes a well judged high catch to perish the batsman.  

LRPL Taylor c Taylor b Haq 9 (14b)  

Innings Break

Over 9 || Score 63/2

First bowling change. Josh Davey has been introduced into the attack as he replaces Wardlaw. Meanwhile, Black Caps crossed the 50-run mark in the eighth over. Williamson has been in rich vein of form. In last two overs both the batsmen -- Taylor and Williamson -- collected a boundary apiece.

Over 7 || Score 48/2

Iain Wardlaw picks up his second wicket, McCullum Out! Both the New Zealand openers are back to the pavilion. McCullum tries to guide the ball towards third man, gets an outside edge of his bat and keeper takes a simple catch. Ross Taylor walks in to join Williamson in the middle.

Over 5 || Score 37/1

Both the batsmen in the middle -- McCullum and Williamson -- are looking in a hurry as they are dealing in boundaries at the moment. In the last two overs they smashed four boundaries, out of which three came from the bat of McCullum.

Over 3 || Score 18/1

Wardlaw Strikes, Guptill Out! Even after hitting two boundaries off the first two balls, Guptill goes for another expensive shot and lose his wicket. Kane Williamson is the new man in after the fall of NZ's first wicket.

MJ Guptill c Cross b Wardlaw 17 (14b)

Over 2 || Score 10/0

Guptill hits the bowler for a boundary of the second ball. NZ is looking in a hurry to wrap this match up. Six runs from the over.  

Rob Taylor is set to bowl from the other end. 

Over 1 || Score 4/0

Guptill collects a boundary off the fourth ball to open the account for New Zealand. That's the only scoring shot from the over.

Regular opening pair of Martin Guptill and Brendon McCullum have come to chase the paltry total of 142 set by the Scottish side. Seamer Iain Wardlaw is ready to bowl the first over of the innings.

Scotland Innings

Over 36.2 || Score 142/10

Vettori picks up two-in-two to wrap up the Scotland side on a humble total of 142. Poor batting by the minnows and excellent bowling display by the Kiwi's. Is it going to be a lopsided affair? Or Scotland has few surprises up their sleeves to make it an interesting contest? Anderson and Vettori are the pick among the bowlers as they scalp three wickets apiece.

Batting Powerplay

Over 35 || Score 136/8

Vettori picks up his first wicket. The spinner gives the ball some air as Taylor dances down the ground to hit the bowler out of the park. But misses the line completely and Ronchi dislodge the bails within a flash. Can Scotland tough the 150-run mark?       

RML Taylor st Ronchi b Vettori 4 (6b)

Over 34 || Score 133/7

Corey is on a roll here. The all-rounder picks up his third wicket of the match as he gets the better of Cross. Short and wide ball by the southpaw, Cross goes for a cut, gets the outside edge as the ball disappears into wicketkeeper's gloves. Scotland is in deep trouble now.    

MH Cross c Ronchi b Anderson 14 (18b)

Over 32 || Score 122/6

After losing two set batsmen in quick succession, Josh Davey and Matthew Cross, have walked into the middle to replace them. NZ conceded four runs in the last two overs.   

Over 30 || Score 118/6

Anderson strikes again, Berrington Out! Immediately after completing his fifty, Berrington in a rush of blood loses his wicket. In trying to hit the bowler out of the park, he gives a simple catch to deep fine leg fielder. Certainly a loss of concentration after completing his fifty cost him dearly.  

Over 28 || Score 110/5

Big blow for Scotland, Machan Out! Corey Anderson breaks the dangerous looking partnership in his first over. Short ball, Machan goes for pull, gets the top edge as McCullum takes a good running catch in the end. Half of the Scotland team is back in the hut. 

MW Machan c McCullum b Anderson 56 (79b)

Over 27 || Score 105/4

Fifty for Machan. The southpaw takes a single off the first ball of 26th over to reach the landmark, laced with six boundaries and a six -- a gutsy knock. Off the next ball, Berrington dances down the ground to launch Vettori for a six over long on. Grant Elliott has been given the ball. Meanwhile, Scotland crossed the 100-run mark. What a comeback by minnows after they were reduced to 12 for 4.     

Over 24 || Score 86/4

Southee is no more looking like a threat to Scottish batsmen in his second spell. In fact, now the batsmen are taking chances against the seamer. In the 23 over, first Machan hits him for a six. And then after a gap of a ball, Berrington cuts him for a boundary as Scotland collect 12 from the over. On the other end left-arm spinner Vettori is still bowling at a tight line.    

Over 22 || Score 71/4

Machan and Berrington are settled now and are going for their shots. In the 23rd over by Southee both the batsmen collect a boundary each. And with that they have also added 50-run stand for the fifth wicket, a crucial partnership from their team's point of view.      

Over 20 || Score 60/4

Strike bowler Tim Southee has been brought back into the attack as he replaces Boult. Good comeback over by the speedster as he concedes mere three in it. Vettori is still continuing from the other end. 

Over 18 || Score 55/4

In the 17th over Scotland cross the 50-run mark. Berrington and Machan are dealing in singles and doubles -- smart thing to do at the moment.  

Over 16 || Score 47/4

Milne and Vettori are completing their overs quickly. In fact Vettori bowls a maiden. Scottish batsmen are not looking in a hurry as they know that a couple of more wickets from here they will be all at sea.    

Over 14 || Score 43/4

Veteran spinner Daniel Vettori has been introduced into the attack. A good move by skipper Brendon McCullum. Meanwhile, Scotland collect five runs from two overs. 

Over 12 || Score 38/4

First bowling change as Adam Milne has replaced Tim Southee in the 11th over. Berrington welcomes the bowler by hitting a boundary off his fifth ball towards point region. In the next over, Machan plays two elegant shots to collect two boundaries off Boult. Scotland are trying to recover after the early blows.   

Over 10 || Score 22/4

Matt Machan is playing some sensible cricket. But the Kiwi seamers are still not offering much room to the Scottish batsmen to free their arms. The first ten overs of the match certainly belong to NZ.     

Over 8 || Score 22/4

Scotland batsmen -- Richie Berrington and Matt Machan -- are living dangerously at the moment. Southee and Boult are asking some difficult questions in the middle. Is it going to be a lopsided affair or Scotland will make a comeback? Wait and watch. 

Over 5 || Score 12/4

Can you believe this? Double blow once again this time by Southee! First ball, Coetzer flicks it but finds a fielder inside the 30 yard circle, who takes a sharp catch. Off the next ball, Mommsen traps in front of the wicket. In first five overs, both strike bowlers have missed a hat-trick chance. Poor start by Scotland top order.  

PL Mommsen lbw b Southee 0 (1b) 

KJ Coetzer c Elliott b Southee 1 (10b)

Over 3 || Score 7/2

Matt Machan and Kyle Coetzer are in the middle after Scotland lost two quick wickets in the last over. Machan collects the first boundary of the match by flicking the fourth ball behind square leg. Six runs from the over. But the ball is swinging a lot. 

Over 2 || Score 1/2

Boult strikes! Two in two. The left arm seamer is in a roll here. Second ball, a length delivery by the bowler with a hint of swing, MacLeod misses the line and umpire raises his finger. Next ball, new man Gardiner on strike. Almost identical delivery and same action and same result. But he misses the hat-trick chance. Nevertheless, a brilliant start by seamer. 

HJW Gardiner lbw b Boult 0 (1b)

CS MacLeod lbw b Boult 0 (1b)

Trent Boult is sharing the second new ball bowler for the Kiwis.  

Over 1 || Score 0/0

Tight first over by Southee as he stick to the basics. Maiden over first up by the speedster.

Kyle Coetzer and Calum McLeod are up in the middle for Scotland to open their innings, whereas, Tim Southee has the new ball in hand.  

Toss: New Zealand have won the toss and elected to field first.

High flying New Zealand will take on minnows Scotland and it is expected it will be a big match given Ireland's shocking win against West Indies earlier on Monday. New Zealand overcame Sri Lanka in their opening match and looks confident to get another victory against Scotland. 

Scotland will try to get things right in their opening game of the World Cup. Scotland's two warm-ups in Australia resulted in a 179-run win over Ireland and a three-run defeat to West Indies when they were chasing 313.

New Zealand have been a dominant team over the last 15-odd months, winning big series home and away, and they are serious contenders in this World Cup. Skipper brendon McCullum will be hoping another all-round show by his side and get past the line against Scots.


Scotland (From): Kyle Coetzer, Calum MacLeod, Hamish Gardiner, Matt Machan, Freddie Coleman, Richie Berrington, Matthew Cross(w), Josh Davey, Preston Mommsen(c), Majid Haq, Rob Taylor, Iain Wardlaw, Safyaan Sharif, Michael Leask, Alasdair Evans

New Zealand (From): Brendon McCullum(c), Martin Guptill, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Grant Elliott, Corey Anderson, Luke Ronchi(w), Daniel Vettori, Tim Southee, Adam Milne, Trent Boult,Mitchell McClenaghan, Nathan McCullum, Kyle Mills, Tom Latham