India A vs Australia: Day 2 - As it happened...

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AUSTRALIA Score: 131/4 II Overs: 36 (Wade 3*, Henriques 0*)

STUMPS: That's it. That's the end of another day that pretty much belonged to the Indians. Watson showed signs of good form but four down for 131 is a worrisome state for the men from down under. Dhruv and Saxena got two wickets each and deserve a mention. Remember, earlier, India A wound up at 451, trying to hit out after Manoj Tiwary completed a fine century.


AUSTRALIA Score: 127/4 II Overs: 30 (Wade 0*, Henriques 0*)

And they're crumbling like a cookie that has been let out for too long. Watson and Khawaja are back in the pavillion as the Aussies slump, like an old professor on a wintry night. Watson was caught behind off Dhruv for a strong 84 off 87 balls and Khawaja followed suit, clean bowled for 1 by Jalaj Saxena, who's obviously keeping some sort of score with Dhruv and matching him at the moment. Wade and Henriques at the crease now.


AUSTRALIA Score: 119/2 II Overs: 25 (Watson 76*, Khawaja 1*)

Hold your flailing ponies, just a second! The Aussies, who began confidently, have lost two quick wickets. First Cowan went, lbw to Dhruv, for 40. He seemed unhappy with the decision and indicated that he'd edged that but there's no way to verify that. Literally. Apart from some fancy time travelling, of course!

Then, Phil Hughes was stumped off Jalaj Saxena's delivery for 1. That brings Khawaja to the crease to play out the day. Or so the Aussies hope. Watson, meanwhile, is batting well and has strode on into the 70s.


AUSTRALIA Score: 78/0 II Overs: 16 (Watson 50*, Cowan 28*)

The Aussies are looking very strong. Gony and Nayar bowling together now and the latter's getting creamed at the moment. India A need/want a wicket soon! Watson has, meanwhile, raced to his fifty off just 52 balls. Ominous signs for the upcoming series.


AUSTRALIA Score: 50/0 II Overs: 11 (Watson 30*, Cowan 20*)

No trouble for the openers as they march on to a 50-run partnership, in good time at that. Watson's hit 5 fours while Cowan's hit four of his own. Not like he can hit anyone else's fours eh? Whatever am I babbling about!


AUSTRALIA Score: 17/0 II Overs: 5 (Watson 9*, Cowan 8*)

Shane Watson and Ed Cowan have started firmly against Vinay Kumar and Dhawal Kulkarni. They'll be looking to spend some time in the middle and set themselves up for a strong score. They've already hit two boundaries each.


AUSTRALIA Score: 0/0 II Overs: 0

Tea has been taken and the Aussies will bat in a longish session right after.


INDIA A Score: 451/10 II Overs: 128.4

ALL OUT: That's the end of the innings. Agar gets another one, as does Lyon as India A wrap up with 451 on the board. Good performance by the batsmen and while there was a flurry of wickets lower down, I think it was also a case of the Indian batsmen trying to hit out or get out. Saxena remains not out on 30 off 106 balls and now it'll be the Aussies' turn to bat.

Gony c Hughes b Agar 2 (7b)
Kulkarni c Cowan b Lyon 1 (10b)


INDIA A Score: 447/8 II Overs: 125 (Gony 0*, Saxena 29*)

I'm gifted with a commentator's curse of sorts. Shortly after I dissed on Agar, he grabbed two wickets off consecutive deliveries. Dhruv looked attacking and promising in his short tenure at the crease. India A folding up now, but this is a strong score. Worries for the Aussie bowling attack as all three spinners have gone for more than 100 runs each.

R Dhruv c Khawaja b Agar 21 (18b)
Vinay Kumar c Cowan b Agar 0 (1b)


INDIA A Score: 437/6 II Overs: 120 (Dhruv 13*, Saxena 27*)

A declaration looked imminent but now it looks like the rest of the batting order will just hit out. Tiwary perishes, trying to slam every second ball, top edging one off Lyon. Rakesh Dhruv then comes in and slams a couple of sixes off Agar, just because it's Agar. This lad's havnig a nightmarish match. And his economy rate is even worse than our very own initially-promising-but-terribly-expensive Agar-kar. Amusingly strange co-incidence!

M Tiwary c Doherty b Lyon 129 (187b)


INDIA A Score: 393/5 II Overs: 110 (Tiwary 115*, Saxena 10*)

Tiwary brings up his hundred in fine style, smashing Doherty for a six. India A inch closer to 400 and Tiwary is making a real statement here.


INDIA A Score: 364/5 II Overs: 100 (Tiwary 92*, Saxena 6*)

That's the hundred up. Not for Tiwary, just yet, though. I'm talking about the number of overs. India A sitting pretty at the moment as Tiwary moves into the terribly cliche nervous 90s. Starc and Siddle were bowling it short but Tiwary ducked and fended them off rather well. It's Doherty and Henriques bowling in tandem now.


INDIA A Score: 348/5 II Overs: 95 (Tiwary 83*, Saxena 0*)

An early breakthrough fo Australia as Siddle gets Gautam out caught behind, as he looked to hook a short one and only managed to edge it to Wade. Jalaj Saxena comes in and promptly edges one to slips right away. Lyon, though, is rather 'lion'-hearted as he lets the new man stay on for a while longer. Alright, that was a poor pun, I admit. Tiwary, meanwhile, has moved on to 83.

CM Gautam c Wade b Siddle 38 (64b)


INDIA A Score: 338/4 II Overs: 90 (Tiwary 77*, Gautam 34*)

12.15pm IST: And here we go. The new ball has been taken and Starc steams in to Tiwary. The delay means we'll only have two sessions of 2 and a half hours each today.

12.10pm IST: The match should be about to start. The sun is out, much like it usually is in Chennai. The humidity is up as well, again, as it often is in Chennai.

11.20am IST: And we have some good news. There'll be another pitch inspection in 5 minutes and if that goes as expected, play could resume by 12.10pm.

11.05am IST: A pitch inspection is expected sometime now. There could be play if there's no more rain.

10.30am IST: First a wet outfield, and now rain has delayed the start of the second day's play. Let's hope Tiwary gets a chance to go in and reach his century soon enough, though.

We`ll bring you regular updates from the second day`s play of the warm-up match between India A and Australia in Chennai. Day 1 belonged to the India A batsmen and Gambhir, in particular, who struck a long overdue century. For more details on the first day`s play, check out the following link:

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