India vs Australia: First Test, Day 4 - As it happened...

Updated: Feb 25, 2013, 09:19 AM IST

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Day 4 saw India wrest control of the Test and has it not been for a resilient final wicket partnership between debutant hero Henriques and Lyon, India would have had a comfortable innings win already. Australia lead by 40 runs with 1 wicket in hand as the final day's play should be nothing more than a formality. Here's how the day panned out:


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 232/9 II Overs: 84 Lead by 40

End of Day 4

STUMPS: That's it for the day as lion-hearted Lyon and the tenaciously resilient Henriques have held out formidably. The final two have put on 57 runs already and Dhoni decides it's time to freshen up his 'intuition bank' and win it tomorrow. Still completely India's game, but another 100 runs or so could make it a tricky chase, especially given this pitch. For now, though, it's just a 40-run lead with Henriques' 75 helping them avoid an innings defeat. Lyon, on 8, has been impressive too. This match goes into Day 5, defying the odds.


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 231/9 II Overs: 83 Lead by 39

50-run last wicket partnership

This inconvenience of a final-wicket stand is beginning to be slightly more irksome than the Indians expected. The two have already put on 56 runs, emphasized with Henriques' six off Ashwin to end the over. He moves on to a fabulous 74 while Lyon is on 8.


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 207/9 II Overs: 77 Lead by 15

Henriques strikes another 50

Henriques gets to the pitch of the ball to slam it back over the bowler's head for six to bring up his second fifty of the match. What a debut for the young Portuguese-origin lad! Bhajji, meanwhile, wonders how he can get another wicket here. The previous over, meanwhile, was bowled by Ishant Sharma, the first by a pacer in this innings. 75 overs into the innings, with the Indian spinners having taken all their wickets in the match so far they thought they'd give the lad a shoulder-loosener. Henriques, meanwhile, is on 52 and Lyon's on 6.


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 200/9 II Overs: 74 Lead by 8

Australia have taken the lead!

Against all odds, this last pair have put on 25 already, steering the Aussies past 200 and giving them a bit of a lead. A complete lose-lose situation for the Indian openers here! How much longer can the Australians hold out?


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 175/9 II Overs: 65.5 Trail by 17

Ashwin gets his fifth

Ashwin has got another 5-er as Australia are counter-attacking in vain. Starc hoists a fuller ball, trying to hit it over long on, only succeeding in holing out to Sachin 'Little Master' Tendulkar. Just one wicket left and the Aussies need to make at least 17 runs to avoid an embarrassing innings defeat. Lyon is in; can he roar?

Starc c Tendulkar b Ashwin 8 (7b)


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 161/8 II Overs: 63.1 Trail by 31

R Ashwin has picked his 11th wicket of the match. He has removed James Pattinson by having him caught by Sehwag at first slip. A good catch this from Sehwag. Just two wickets separate India from registering a win in this Test.


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 138/7 II Overs: 56 Trail by 54

Seven down, three to go!

In a complete mirror-video of Wade's dismissal, left-armed Jadeja spins it in and low to Siddle who goes for an expansive sweep and only succeeds in displacing some mollecules of air. The ball, meanwhile, hugs the stump ravenously. Three wickets left for India to win it here. This looks like it'll end before sundown today! Pattinson, the Aussie bowler not the guy from Twilight in case you were still with the Oscar fever, walks to the middle.

Siddle b Jadeja 2 (20b)


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 131/6 II Overs: 50 Trail by 61

Clarke's gone now!

And the tea turns sour for the men from down under. Three balls after the biscuits have been dipped and teas uncomfortably sipped, the Australians lose their captain. Ashwin allows the pitch to let that keep low and spin in from a short-of-good-length area and it wraps Clarke on the pade even as he attempts to swipe the air for an elegant cut shot. That may have been spinning too much, but it sure looked out. The Aussies are in ever deeper trouble as Siddle walks to the middle.

Clarke lbw Ashwin 31 (51b)


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 128/5 II Overs: 49 Trail by 64

Time for some tea (or coffee)

TEA: With the Australian team firmly in a hole, tough to dig out of, and perfectly in place given the state of the pitch, it's time for tea here. Clarke and Henriques will hope they can do even better than their first innings partnership as the game seems to be completely with the Indians at the moment. MSD, on his part, has only used the spinners, making the most of the dire conditions of the pitch. With four sessions to go, an Indian victory looks most likely.

Clarke's on 31 and Henriques is on 5. Time for a cuppa meanwhile!


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 121/5 II Overs: 45 Trail by 71

Half the Australian team are out

Wade's disastrous match has continued as Bhajji bowls the lower one. Wade attempts a pointless sweep and the ball sneaks surreptitiously from under the bat, clammering into the off stump. Five wickets down now and Henriques joins Clarke at the crease. Can the two bail Australia out of trouble again?

Wade b Harbhajan 8 (22b)


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 101/4 II Overs: 38.5 Trail by 91

Just when we thought that Australia are going to spice up this session with some counterattacking batting, India gave them another blow in David Warner’s wicket. Harbhajan Singh tossed up a delivery that hit Warner on the pad in front of middle and leg. The umpire had no hesitation in raising his finger. Warner scored 23 (61b, 4X2). Australia are four wickets down. Matthew Wade is the new batsman in the middle.


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 81/3 II Overs: 35 Trail by 111

Michael Clarke isn’t going to be bogged down by the pressure. He gives a clear indication of this by launching Ashwin over long-on for a six and following it with a boundary employing a pull. 12 runs came in that over. Australia will need such a positive approach from their batsmen to weather this storm. However, the pitch is already playing tricks. That wicket of Hughes should seal the point. Warner and Clarke face a tough task.


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 65/3 II Overs: 29.5 Trail by 127

Philip Hughes leaves the field without disturbing the scoreboard. Ravindra Jadeja has struck in his seventh over having Hughes caught at first slip by Virender Sehwag. The ball bounces high and Hughes is taken by surprise as he looks to avoid the contact but still the ball kisses his gloves and goes to Sehwag. He goes for a duck. In comes Michael Clarke.


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 64/2 II Overs: 28.6 Trail by 128

There it is! Ashwin strikes! A tossed up delivery drawing Ed Cowan on front foot. Gets hit on the pad and umpire raises his finger. A close call this from Dharmasena. Cowan looks unhappy but has no other choice but to leave for the pavilion. Phil Hughes is the new batsman in the middle. Cowan scored 32 (97b, 4X3).


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 39/1 II Overs: 21 Trail by 153

Australia crawling their way back into touch

It's been a dullish first four overs after lunch and the Aussies have looked far from confident. That said, they are trying to push for a dull draw anyway. Cowan's on 18 and the injured and brave Warner is yet to get off the mark, having faced 14 deliveries.


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 34/1 II Overs: 16 Trail by 158

Ashwin gets Watson!

LUNCH: The struggle has just gotten worse as Australia have lost Watson already. Having smacked a six and a four, finally succumbed to Ashwin's spin, flighted and just short of a good length. Watson tries to fend that off but only succeeds in gloving it to give Sehwag and absolute dolly at first slip. That was the last ball before lunch too, and what a time to get the breakthrough for the Indians. Cowan, meanwhile, has tortoised his way to 13.

Watson c Sehwag b Ashwin 17 (46b)


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 18/0 II Overs: 13 Trail by 174

Australia move along circumspectly

It's been far from a steady start, but Australia haven't yet lost a wicket, so that's a definite plus for them. The ball's really ripping and spinning and now Jadeja's into the attack. The pacers will be primarily decorative in this inning, it appears. Cowan is on 11 and Watson is on 7.


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 1/0 II Overs: 2 Trail by 191

Australia bat to save the match

Shane Watson is, surprisingly, in to open the batting alongside Ed Cowan as the Aussies look to reduce the deficit and bat out the five sessions to save the Test. Would Warner be able to bat if needed? Let's find out as India start with spin with Ashwin and Bhajji. The latter gets one to pitch in the rough and spin viciously, making it look like Cowan had edged one to slips. But the ump turns down the appeal. Exciting period of play up ahead.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 572/10 II Overs: 154.3 (Sharma 4*, Kumar 38)

India are all out!

Finally, at long last, eventually, Australia do get the 10th Indian wicket. Siddle's slower ball earns him his first of the innings. Grand innings by Kumar here, as the last pair put on an irksome 26 runs, just adding lemony salt to the Aussies slashy gashes. Trailing by 192, on a pitch that's crumbling away, the Aussies are in for quite the task.

Kumar c Clarke b Siddle 38 (97b)


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 555/9 II Overs: 149 (Sharma 0*, Kumar 25*)

India reach 550

Bhuvneshwar Kumar isn't quite looking to bowl yet as he urges India past 550.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 546/9 II Overs: 147 (Sharma 0*, Kumar 21*)

Captain Fabulous, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, departs

He's smashed it around this morning as well, but Pattinson has finally gotten Dhoni out. A short ball is gloved through to Wade as MSD looked to hook it for another slammer. He hasn't beaten Flower's record for the highest score by a wicket-keeper, but he's definitely played one of the most flamboyant Test innings we've seen in a long time!

MS Dhoni c Wade b Pattinson 224 (265b)


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 515/8 II Overs: 141 (Dhoni 206*, Kumar 16*)

And here we go...

Day 4 gets underway and Dhoni starts where he left off, reverse-sweeping Lyon for a four in the second ball of the day. How much can they add here? And can Dhoni beat Andy Flower's record for the highest score by a wicket-keeper? We'll find out...


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