India Vs Australia: As it happened

Updated: Feb 26, 2012, 17:43 PM IST

Feroz Khan/Zeenews Sports Bureau

Sydney: Indian batting crumbled in front of the Australian bowling as they lost the crucial Sydney ODI by 87 runs to leave their hopes of qualifying for the finals in limbo.

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Chasing a target of 253 runs, Indian batsmen could manage 165 runs and were dismissed under 40 overs.

Here is how the match panned out:

Highlights from the Indian innings

Over 39.3: Out! Xavier Doherty rattled off Praveen Kumar’s stump to seal Australian victory with a bonus point. Score: 165/10

Over 38.3: Out! Brett Lee ended Irfan Pathan’s s struggle as he also got a wicket against his name. Score: 163/9

Over 37.6: Out! Xavier Doherty ended R Ashwin’s innings to register his name in the wickets column. Score: 156/8

Over 36: Batting powerplay in operation.

Over 32.5: Out! Hilfenhaus trapped Dhoni in front of the wickets.

MS Dhoni (14) went into a shell to stem the flow of wickets but couldn’t stay long enough to provide any hope for the weathering Indian batting. He tried playing Hilfenhaus’ delivery towards leg, missing it completely and adjudged lbw. Score: 126/7

Over 26.3: Out! Christian got his first wicket by dismissing Ravindra Jadeja.

Following the suit, Ravinder Jadeja (8) tried steering one towards backward point with his feet firm on the crease. He ended up giving Watson a sharp catch at slips. Score: 104/6

Over 24.1: 100 up for India.

Over 22: A maiden from Shane Watson.

Over 19.2: Watson got his second scalp in Suresh Raina.

Raina’s (8) poor shot selection continued as he unnecessarily tried playing a wide delivery outside off stump. He managed an outside edge to wicketkeeper Mathew Wade handing Watson his second wicket of the innings. Score: 89/5

Over 16.6: Clint McKay bowled in-form Gambhir to leave India four wickets down.

A lose drive from Gambhir (23) without any foot movement led to his downfall. An angled delivery from McKay which Gambhir played onto his stumps after getting an inside edge of his bat. Score: 83/4

Over 15.6: Shane Watson provided the breakthrough with the wicket of Virat Kohli in his first over.

A slower one from Watson which Kohli (21) tried flicking but ended up playing it in air to hand Daniel Christian a simple catch at midwicket. Score: 79/3

Over 8.4: Fifty up for India.

Over 6.6: Out! Sachin’s wait continued as he was found short of his crease after attempting a quick single.

Gambhir played one towards point and took off for a quick single. Tendulkar (14) who was struggling at the other end got stuck as Lee stood in his path, inadvertently blocking him. David Warner’s underarm throw struck the stumps directly before Tendulkar could cross the line. Score: 35/2

Over 1.6: Out! Ben Hilfenhaus took a brilliant return catch to end Virender Sehwag’s innings early .

Sehwag (5) attempted a full throttled straight drive off Hilfenhaus` full pitched delivery. His batting woes continued as Hilfenhaus snapped up a low return catch to end his innings. Score: 7/1

Over 1: Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag took guard for India as speedster Brett Lee opened bowling for Australia

Highlights from the Australian innings

Over 49.6: Out! Sehwag got his third wicket as he removed Daniel Christian of the last ball of the Australian innings.

Christian charged down the track trying to hit Sehwag over long on for a maximum. However, he didn’t have the elevation and was caught by Ravinder Jadeja. Score: 252/9

Over 47.3: Sehwag continued striking for India as he dismissed Brett Lee.

Lee (4) came down the track but Sehwag slowed the pace of his delivery as the batsman mistimed it to be holed out at deep mid wicket by Virat Kohli. Score: 232/8

Over 43.1: Out! Virender Sehwag struck for India getting the wicket of Clint McKay.

A superb keeping from MS Dhoni as he removed the bails in a fraction of a second to stump Clint McKay (1) who failed to connect a good length delivery from Sehwag. His backfoot went up as Dhoni seized the opportunity.

Over 42.1: Out! Yadav ended David Hussey’s innings to take his second wicket.

Umesh Yadav banged one short tempting Hussey (54) to pull. The extra bounce failed Hussey as he ended up edging a simple catch to Dhoni.

Over 39.5: David Hussey completes his fifty.

Over 39.2: Umesh Yadav dismissed Mathew Wade in his second spell.

Mathew Wade (56) tried steering one from Umesh Yadav towards third man but got a thick edge that was easily pouched by MS Dhoni. Score: 201/5

Over 39.1: 200 up for Australia.

Over 37.2: Mathew Wade dispatched a short one from R Ashwin for a six to complete his fifty.

Over 35: Batting powerplay in operation.

Over 23.6: Indians appealed for obstructing the field and it proved to be a tough one for the umpires. Mathew Wade played one towards short cover and went off for a quick single. Suresh Raina threw the ball towards the keeper and Hussey stretched out his hand to stop the ball from hitting him. Dhoni appealed for it and after much deliberations, the third umpire adjudged it not out. Dhoni wasn`t a happy man.

Over 20.6: Out! Suresh Raina took a brilliant but painful catch to end dangerous David Warner innings off the bowling of Ravinder Jadeja.

David Warner (68) tried hitting one across the line but got a top edge towards fine square leg. Raina charged in from square leg unaware of Pathan who was also running for the catch. Raina though completed the catch but could not avoid a collision with Pathan. Both were seen lying down in pain. However, Raina showed presence of mind not letting the ball slip out of his hands. Score: 107/4

Over 19.1:100 up for Australia.

Over 16.4: A handsome drive off Umesh Yadav for a boundary got David Warner to his first fifty of the series.

Over 13.2: Out! A mix-up in the middle between Hussey and Warner caused the former to lose his wicket via a run out.

A misfield at short cover from Raina leaked a single. Irfan Pathan came running in from the deep, throwing the ball at the non-striker’s end. Warner called and then sent Hussey (10) back while attempting a double but Ashwin picked of the bails before the batsman could return back to the crease. Score: 57/3

Over 12.2: Fifty up for the Australian team. David Warner (31*) and Michael Hussey (7*) on crease. Score: 51/2

Over 12: First bowling change for India as Dhoni brought spinner R Ashwin into the attack.

Over 10: Australia were 41/2.

Over 7: Out! Praveen bowled in-form Peter Forrest.

Forrest got (7) an inside edge of a slower one from Kumar who cleverly rolled his finger slowing down the pace. Peter tried playing it towards off but only managed to drag it back on to his stumps. Score: 26/2

Over 3: Out! Praveen Kumar got the prized wicket of Shane Watson in only his second over of the day.

Watson (1) tried pulling a short of a length delivery over infield but failed to time it correctly, gifting an easy catch towards mid-on to Umesh Yadav. Score: 5/1

Over 1.6: First boundary of the day.

Over 1: Praveen Kumar opened the bowling for India as Australian openers David Warner and stand-in captain Shane Watson took guard. Maiden over from Praveen

Australian captain Shane Watson won the toss and elected to bat first in the Sydney ODI on Sunday.