India vs New Zealand, 3rd ODI - As it happened...

By Chaitan Papnai | Updated: Jan 25, 2014, 06:25 AM IST

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With third match ended in a tie, India is still very much alive in the five-match ODI series. If Jadeja and Ashwin played superb knocks down the order for their team then Martin Guptill's century and Corey Anderson's five-for was the highlighter for the home side.


Indian innings

Over 50 || Score 314/9

Anderson is bowling the last over. Jadeja is on strike. First ball and Jadeja smashed it for a four. Next ball, a wide from the bowler. Jadeja missed the next one, dot ball. Jadeja placed the next ball towards third man but refused to take the single. Next ball again a wide. Jadeja collected a boundary off the next. Fifth ball, and he launched the bowler for a massive six. What a match it is turning out to be. India need two runs off the last ball to seal the match. India only managed to score a single of the last ball and the match ended in a tie. What a match! Jadeja deserves all the applause.

Over 49 || Score 297/9

Single in the first and then in the next Jadeja sent the bowler for a six. Jadeja was dropped in the third ball by the third man fielder, one run. With that Jadeja completed his fifty as well. Single in the next. Jadeja is back on strike. Wide ball. Single in the next ball. Last ball was a dot one. India need 18 runs of six balls to win the match.


Over 48 || Score 286/9

Corey Anderson is bowling the over. First two ball, dots. Single in the third. Another single in the next. Shami was surprised with the bouncer and gave simple a catch to point fielder. And with that Corey Anderson picked up his fifth wicket. India needed 29 off 12 balls to seal the match.


Over 47 || Score 284/8

Single off the first ball. Big swing by Shami of the next but failed to connect, no run. Risky single in the third ball. India need a couple of big hits here. And Jadeja smacked a length ball for a six. What a hit. No run in the next. Big appeal by the bowler for a nick of the last ball but umpire not interested, no run. India need 31 runs off 18 balls.


Over 46 || Score 278/8

Single in the first ball and then on the third Bhuvi scored a boundary. Bhuvi Out. in the next ball Bhuvi again tried a big short but didn't connect it well and gave a high catch to the fielder standing at mid-on. Single of the next. India still need 39 off 24 balls.


Over 45 || Score 270/7

Ashwin sent the first ball of the over for a six. It's a massive hit off N McCullum. A single in the next. Jadeja took a single off the next as well. On the fourth ball Aswhin tried to launch the bowler for another six over mid-wicket but Guptill took a smart catch at the boundary. Ashwin's impressive knock came to the end. He got out after scoring 65 runs. Bhuvi is the next man in.


Over 44 || Score 261/6

The match has gone to the wire. Both batsmen are well set and can change the fortunes in India's favour. NZ bowlers are also looking tense as well. Ashwin should try to play straight rather than going for cheeky shots.


Over 42 || Score 249/6

Ashwin has scored a half century in no time. He is hitting the ball well and smashing the bowlers all over the park. Jadeja has also joined the party and has quickly reached to twenties. India now required 66 off 48 balls to seal the match. It can still be anyone's game.


Over 37 || Score 193/6

Both Ashwin and Dhoni are playing sensible cricket. But with every dot ball the required rate is going higher. Task is difficult for India but till the time Dhoni is at the crease, NZ can't take things lightly, as they are quite aware of the fact that what Dhoni is capable of. Meanwhile, Dhoni smashed Anderson for a maximum over long off. Dhoni Out.After clearing the ropes a ball before Dhoni smacked the next towards mid-wicket but Southee who was patrolling at the boundary took a blinder. India is in deep trouble now. Jadeja came in to bat after the fall of sixth Indian wicket.

MS Dhoni c & b Anderson 50 (60b)


Over 30 || Score 159/5

Raina Out. Once again Raina paid the price for pulling a short one. Half-hearted pull by Raina off Southee and the southpaw only managed to get the bottom edge of his bat which went straight to the wicketkeeper. Raina once again disappointed and got out after scoring 31 runs. Half of the Indian team is back in the hut and they still need more than 150 runs to win the match in last twenty overs. Dhoni and R Aswhin are in the middle.

SK Raina c Ronchi b Southee 31 (39b)


Over 25 || Score 131/4

Both the batsmen are playing sensible cricket and are dealing in singles and doubles, but whenever they are getting a loose ball they are not shy to collect an odd boundary or two. They have to play till the 40th over at least then only India will have a chance to seal this game. Raina has a good chance to seal the lips of his critics by paying a match-winning knock for India here.


Over 20|| Score 97/4

Ajinkya Rahane got out cheaply. And this time once again Corey Anderson was the bowler. Rahane tried to place the ball towards fine leg but nicked it straight to the wicketkeeper. Skipper MS Dhoni has come to the crease after the fall of fourth Indian wicket to join Raina in the middle. If India need to win this match, this pair has to deliver for India. In between Dhoni launched Anderson for a maximum in the 20th over.

AM Rahane c Ronchi b Anderson 3 (14b)


Over 15 || Score75/3

Rohit Out. Anderson gave his team the second breakthrough in the form of Rohit Sharma. Rohit tried to launch Anderson for a six over extra covers but got the top edge of his bat and deep third-man took a simple catch. Now both the Indian openers are back in the hut. Ajinkya Rahane is the new man in. It's a good opportunity for him to stand and deliver. Kohi who is in sublime form also needs to play another crucial role in the match. McClenaghan is bowling well and not giving much room to the batsmen to free their arms. Kohli Out. McClenaghan finally rewarded for his impeccable line and length. Kohli tried to play straight shot but nicked it to the wicketkeeper. It's a big blow for India. Raina came in to bat next.

V Kohli c Ronchi b Bennett 6 (20b)

RG Sharma c Bennett b Anderson 39 (38b)


Over 10 || Score 66/1

Taking a clue from his partner Dhawan also walked down the wicket to launch the spearhead bowler Southee for a straight six in the seventh over. First bowling change, as Hamish Bennett has been introduced in to the attack. But Rohit is in no mood to leave any bowler, as he first smashed him for a six and then scored a boundary in the last ball of the over. With that, India have crossed the mark of 50 runs. Both the batsmen are dealing in boundaries. Dhawan collected two consecutive boundaries off Southee in the ninth over. Corey Anderson came to bowl the tenth over as a second bowling change. Dhawan Out. Short ball by Anderson and Dhawan tried a pull shot but failed connect it well and mid-wicket fielder took a sharp rsunning catch. Kohli has come to bat after the fall of first Indian wicket to join Rohit in the middle.

S Dhawan c Guptill b Anderson 28 (25b)


Over 6 || Score 38/0

Rohit has started dealing in sixes at the moment. He smashed McClenaghan for two sixes in an over. First he stepped out and launch him over long off and then pull him over mid-wicket in the seventh over of the innings. He has already scored three sixes in this match.


Over 5 || Score 25/0

India have got off to a decent start. Both the Indian openers are playing sensibly and tackling with the short pitch stuff quite well. If India need to win the first match of the series, which is also a must win game for the visitors, they require a solid start from their openers.


Over 2 || Score 11/0

MJ McClenaghan is sharing the new ball with Southee. Rohit launched his second ball over long off for a six. What a shot by the right-hander. Then in the last ball came two runs, when Rohit drove the bowler through covers. Both the batsmen collected eight runs came from it.


Over 1 || Score 3/0

Rohit Sharma was dropped at slips in the very first over when he went for a flashy drive and got the thick outside edge. But Slip fielder failed to hold the catch. Three runs came from the first over.


Opening pair of Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan has reached in the middle to chase the formidable total of 316 set by the home side in the 3rd ODI. Tim Southee has the new ball in hand to start off the bowling proceedings for his team.


New Zealand innings

Over 50 || Score 314

Southee's cameo in the death overs helped the home side to take their total past 300. Southee hit a few massive sixes off Indian seamers in his 27-run knock. In the last ball of the innings another NZ batsman got run-out. Now, Indian batsmen have to chase this formidable total of 314, if they want to keep the five-match series alive. So now the onus is entirely on Indian batsmen to chase the 300 plus target successfully.

TG Southee run out 27 (23b)

MJ McClenaghan c Jadeja b Mohammed Shami 3 (6b)


Over 45 || Score 280/8

Ronchi has played a good cameo to keep the momentum going in NZ's favour. But two run outs in quick succession and then Ronchi's wicket in the last few overs have certainly put some breaks on their ever soaring run rate. From here on India will look to get the last two wickets quickly to sum up the NZ innings, whereas the hosts must be eyeing for a total of around 300.

L Ronchi c Rahane b Jadeja 38 (20b)

NL McCullum run out 1 (3b)

LRPL Taylor run out 17 (18b)


Over 40 || Score 233/5

Guptill Out.Trying to clear the mid-wicket boundary off Jadeja, he was well taken by Ajinkya Rahane at the boundary, who jumped it to perfection to sent the century maker back to the pavilion in the 38th over. Tylor and B McCullum are in the middle after the fall of few quick wickets. The host still have maintained a run rate of above 5.50. B McCullum Out for a duck. In the 39th over NZ skipper tried to cut the short ball by Aaron but failed to put it grounded and Ashwin took a good catch inside the circle.

BB McCullum c Ashwin b Aaron 0 (3b)

MJ Guptill c Rahane b Jadeja 111 (129b)


Over 37 || Score 222/3

With a single in the last ball of 35th over, opener Martin Guptill has competed his hundred. He used 123 balls to reach the mark, studded with 11 boundaries and a six. Guptill then smacked Shami for a flat six over cow corner in the 37th over, which was followed by a boundary.


Over 35 || Score 209/3

Finally Shami gave India its second breakthrough. When he crashed the stumps of Kane in the 33rd over with the help of a perfect yorker. But before that Kane and Guptill had already done the damage by stitching a partnership of more than 150 runs for the second wicket. After the fall of Kane's wicket, dangerous Corey Anderson has come to the middle to join Guptill. And he launched Ashwin for a six straight-away. Anderson out. In the same over Ashwin cleaned up the stumps of Anderson, when the pinch-hitter went to the back-foot to cut the bowler in the 34th over. Big wicket for India, Dhoni must have got some space to breathe now after two quick wickets. In the next over Guptill pulled Bhuvi for two consecutive fours and with that NZ crossed the mark of 200 runs.

CJ Anderson b Ashwin 8 (5b)

KS Williamson b Mohammed Shami 65 (74b)


Over 31 || Score 180/1

What a form Kane Williamson is in. Third consecutive fifty for the lad. He has certainly a future prospect for the NZ team. Flawless batting so far by him. He is quite calm and composed sort of a batsman. Here Dhoni must have realised the need of a batsman in his team who can show some consistency in the middle overs – like Kane. May be Pujara is the need of the hour. Kane and Guptill have started dealing in boundaries now. In between NZ have crossed the mark of 150 runs as well.


Over 25 || Score 131/1

In the 24th over Dhoni handed over the ball to Suresh Raina. The partnership between Kane and Guptill is looking dangerous now as both the batsmen have started scoring boundaries at will. Meanwhile, opener Guptill has completed his half century in style by dispatching Jadeja's short one towards mid wicket for a boundary, in the 25th over. India desperately need a wicket here.


Over 20 || Score 99/1

There has been nothing impressive about the Indian bowlers today. Kane and Guptill are scoring runs in singles and doubles and whenever they are getting any loosener they are not shy of sending it towards the boundary. So far they have maintained a good run-rate of above five. Where both the batsmen are looking solid at the crease, Indian bowlers are certainly looking off colour.


Over 15 || Score 78/1

Spin has been introduced in the match for the very first time in the 11th over. Ravinder Jadeja and Aaron are bowling in tandem. Indian fielders have already missed a few chances of run out in this game. Dhoni is juggling his bowlers at the moment. Now Ashwin replaced Aaron in the 14th over. But Kane and Guptill are playing these bowlers without much of a difficulty. Kane has been the key batsmen so far in the series for the home team.


Over 10 || Score 57/1

First bowling change by Dhoni. Varun Aaron has been introduced into the attack to bowl the 8th over. First ball was right on the money by the speedster and the next one was even better. Meanwhile, The hosts have crossed the mark of 50 runs in the ninth over. Guptill is looking solid at the crease. It's a decent start by NZ, as in first ten overs they have managed to score 57 and lost just a wicket of Ryder.


Over 5 || Score 37/1

New Zealand have got off to a flying start. Both the batsmen are middling the ball well. Ryder Out.What a delivery by Bhuvi. Impeccable line and length by the seamer and it went through the gates of Ryder. The opener got out in the fifth over after scoring 20 runs. Kane Williamson has come to the middle to join Guptill after the fall of first wicket.

JD Ryder b Kumar 20 (12b)


Over 1 || Score 8/0

First ball was short and wide from Buvi and Guptill dispatched it for four through points. Third ball was on the leg stump and Guptill guided it towards fine leg for second boundary of the innings. Eight runs came from the first over.


Martin Guptill and Jesse Ryder have come to the crease to open the innings for the home team, whereas Bhuvneshwar Kumar is ready to start the proceedings for India.

It's a do-or-die situation for the visitors, as they are already trailing 2-0 in the five match series. Where India will try to win this must-win match to keep the series alive, on the the other hand, New Zealand will be looking for a another win here to seal the series. One change for India in this match as Ishant Sharma has been replaced by Varun Aaron.

India have won the toss and elected bowl first.


Their campaign in tatters after two consecutive defeats, India need to regroup quickly and find the right combination as they go into a must-win match against a gutsy New Zealand in the third one-dayer here today.

Down 0-2, the Indian team would be desperate to make amends and stamp their authority in what will be their last chance to make a come back into the five-match series.

The visitors lost the first ODI at Napier by 24 runs and then went down in the second one-dayer by 15 runs (D/L method) at Hamilton, which dethroned India from the number one ranking in the ODIs.

Overall, Dhoni and Co. Have lost four of their last five One-dayers, all of which were played outside the sub-continent. This has undoubtedly opened up a number of points for the concerned team to ponder upon.

The fact that the Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni likes to chase, opting to bowl first in both matches so far, the size of Eden Park here should be another worry for him.