India vs New Zealand, 2nd ODI: As it happened...

After posting a fighting total of 242 for 8, thanks to skipper Kane Williamson's 118, New Zealand defended it to register their first win of the tour.

India vs New Zealand, 2nd ODI: As it happened...

New Delhi: Cracker of a game in Delhi. After posting a fighting total of 242 for 8, thanks to skipper Kane Williamson's 118, New Zealand defended it to register their first win of the tour.

It's also their first win at Feroz Shah Kotla stadium. For India, Hardik Pandya stood tall with his 36 of 32 balls.

But it was Kiwi bowlers, who did the unimaginable – to beat India at home – in the second one-day international. The defining moment came in the 41st over when Williamson introduced Martin Guptill. The part-time spinner got two wickets to all but settle the issue.

However good hands from Pandya and Umesh Yadav delayed the rites. Seasoned Tim Southee was the pick of the bowlers, for his three wickets.


Over 49.3 || Score 236 (Yadav 18)

Tim Southee on for the last over. Umesh yadav played through mid-wicket for two runs. A single followed, then Southee produced a terrific yorker to castled Jasprit Bumrah's wickets.

WICKET: Japrit Bumrah b Tim Southee 0 (1b)

Southee's figures: 9.3-0-52-3

That's how New Zealand got their first win of the tour. They won the match by six runs.

Over 49 || Score 233/9 (Yadav 15; Bumrah)

Trent Boult to bowl the penultimate over, with Umesh Yadav on strike. And the first ball which was played down the third man raced to the fielder. A single.

A dot ball as Hardik Pandya let got the ball thinking it's a wide, but the call never came from the umpire. He hit the next ball for a four, straight over the bowler's head.

Then a yorker from Boult, for a dot. A slower bouncer, and Pandya could only produced a skier. Caught by Mitchell Santner at mid-off.

WICKET: Hardik Pandya c Mitchell Santner b Trent Boult 36 (32b)

A single off the last ball. Six runs and a wicket from the over, and India need another 10 runs. Jasprit Bumrah is the new man.

Boult's figures: 10-2-25-2

Over 48 || Score 227/8 (Pandya 32; Yadav 13)

Matt Henry on for his final over. A single off the first over with Hardik Pandya playing towards mid-wicket. Umesh Yadav played the next ball over the square, but Tim Southee did well to stop to only a double. Two mores singles, before a dot. The over finished with a thick outside edge, for a single. Six runs from the over.

Matt Henry's figures: 10-0-51-1.

Over 47 || Score 221/8 (Pandya 30; Yadav 9)

Tim Southee continued with his ninth over. The over witnessed Kiwis fumbling in the field, even though both Hardik Pandya and Umesh Yadav struggled to find boundaries.

The over still yielded eight runs. India now need another 22 runs from 18 balls.

Over 46 || Score 213/8 (Pandya 24; Yadav 8)

With India needing 39 off 30 balls, Hardik Pandya took on Trent Boult. After three quiet balls, Pandya got the fourth ball for a lucky four leg byes.

It was followed by a double, then a single to make it a nine-run over.

India need another 30 runs from 24 balls.

Over 45 || Score 204/8 (Pandya 20; Yadav 7)

Good attempt from Hardik Pandya to hit the straight. Run not taken, then a wild swing from Umesh Yadav. And what? India got an extra run for a miss field.

A single followed, then Pandya asked for a new bat. Yadav played the next ball for a classic pull shot, and the result a four.

Another short ball from Tim Southee, but this time, Yadav's pull shot resulted only in a single. Pandya kept the strike with a gentle push for a single.

Over 44 || Score 195/8 (Pandya 16; Yadav 2)

Trent Boult continued for his eighth over. A dot ball to Umesh Yadav, then a single, thus giving strike back to more entertaining Hardik Pandya.

But two dots followed. Another dot, then a single to keep the strike. It's Hardik, or...

Two runs from the over.

Over 43 || Score 193/8 (Pandya 15; Yadav 1)

Matt Henry on for his ninth over. A dot ball to Hardik  Pandya, then a couple. A dot ball followed, before two singles.

Pandya played powerful cut shot off the last ball, for a four, with the ball touching the rope despite a brilliant lunge from the fielder at square boundary.

Eight runs from the over. India need another 50 runs from 42 balls.

Over 42 || Score 185/8 (Pandya 8; Yadav 0)

Trent Boult returned for his seventh over and one tidy over from the premier Kiwi pacer. Only a single from it. India need another another 58 runs from 48 balls, but here, the important thing is wickets, or the lack of it.

Over 41 || Score 184/8 (Pandya 7; Yadav 0)

Interesting. Martin Guptill on for New Zealand, and the part-timer started with a wide, then another. But the Kiwis have had the last laugh, it seemed, as Axar Patel conspired against himself to walk back off a full-toss. Catch taken at long-on by Mitchell Santner.

WICKET: Axar Patel c Mitchell Santner b Martin Guptill 17 (22b)

Another wide, then two singles followed. Guptill then took another wicket, this time, thanks to a mistime shot from just arrived Amit Mishra.

WICKET: Amit Mishra c sub (Doug Bracewell) b Martin Guptill 1 (3b)

Six runs and two wickets from the over. India need another 58 runs from 53 balls.

Over 40 || Score 178/6 (Patel 17; Pandya 6)

Tim Southee continued with his seventh over, and soon accounted for MS Dhoni's wicket. A good looking return catch from the pacer. Sharp return catch. That happened off the third over.

WICKET: Mahendra Singh Dhoni c & b Tim Southee 39 (65b)

Hardik Pandya arrived and took on Southee, hitting the last ball for a four. Nine runs and a wicket from the over.

India need another 65 runs from 60 overs.

Over 39 || Score 169/5 (Dhoni 37; Patel 16)

Mitchell Santner on for his final over. A dot ball to MS Dhoni, who wanted to work towards cover but to no avail. A single off the second ball, playing towards short mid-wicket.

Axar Patel, sensing the urgency, took  the aerial route, and hit a six over deep mid-wicket. A dot ball,  then a single for Patel.

Dhoni played out the last ball gently, and eight runs from the over. India now need another 74 runs from 66 balls.

Santner's bowling figures today: 10-0-49-1.

Over 38 || Score 161/5 (Dhoni 36; Patel 9)

Tim Southee returned for his sixth over. It started with Axar Patel blocking, then a single followed. After a brief stoppage, MS Dhoni took guard and tried to run down the third man. But with Luke Ronchi, alert, it's wasted. Another dot ball for Dhoni, and India.

With asking rate creeping up, India needed some big hits. But it's still the singles. Strike rotated, then Patel played a dot ball to end the 2-run over.

Over 37 || Score 159/5 (Dhoni 35; Patel 8)

Mitchell Santner on for his ninth over, and nothing much happening for India. Three runs, including a wide, from the over. MS Dhoni blocked the last three balls.

India need another 84 runs from 13 overs.

Over 36 || Score 156/5 (Dhoni 34; Patel 7)

Despite the dew worries, Kane Williamsson continued to operate his spinners. Anton Devcich on for his ninth over, and after three singles off the first three balls, he had MS Dhoni worried.

The Indian skipper played swing and miss. And the bowler himself needed some care with hamstring problem limiting his play.

Cramped issue fixed, but Devcich struggling with his run up and line. A wide post stoppage, then a double. A single more to make it a seven-run over.

Over 35 || Score 149/5 (Dhoni 30; Patel 5)

Post DRINKS, Kiwis started with a 2-run over, bowled by Mitchell Santner. India now need another 94 runs from 90 balls. Satner's figures so far: 8-0-38-1.

Over 34 || Score 147/5 (Dhoni 29; Patel 4)

Rare mistake in the field for the Kiwis today, allowing Axar Patel to take a single off the third ball of the over.

The over started with a single, then a dot ball to MS Dhoni.

Four runs only from the over.


Over 31 || Score 143/5 (Dhoni 27; Patel 2)

Another brilliant over for New Zealand. Onlt two runs as Mitchell Santner completed his seventh over.

India need another 100 runs, exactly, from 102 balls.

Over 32 || Score 141/5 (Dhoni 26; Patel 1)

First ball of a new spell from Matt Henry and a wicket. Kedar Jadhav tried to run down the slower delivery to the third man and the slower delivery got carried to the waiting gloves of Luke Ronchi, who got his 100th dismissal.

WICKET: Kedar Jadhav c Luke Ronchi b Matt Henry 41 (37b)

Axar Patel, the new man played a dot ball, before taking a single off the next ball. Another single for India, before a dot ball.

Two runs and a wicket from the over. India need another 102 runs from 18 overs.

Over 31 || Score 139/4 (Dhoni 25; Jadhav 41)

Anton Devcich returned for his seventh over. A dot ball to Kedar Jadhav to start it, and five singles.

India need another 104 runs from 19 overs.

Over 30 || Score 134/4 (Dhoni 23; Jadhav 38)

Bowling change from the Kiwis. Kane Williamson brought back Matt Henry, and two runs of the first ball, thanks to a Kedar Jadhav subtle play towards third man.

A dot ball, then a single. Another single, then MS Dhoni played a pull shot off a well directed bouncer. Cracking. Well timed.

And Dhoni was forced to leave a good delivery. Another well directed bouncer.

Seven runs from the over. And India need another 109 runs from 120 balls.

Over 29 || Score 127/4 (Dhoni 19; Jadhav 35)

And once again, Trent Boult responded with a tidy over, after India seemed to have started taking the charge. Four runs – two singles and a double – from the over.

India need another 116 runs from 21 overs.

Over 28 || Score 123/4 (Dhoni 18; Jadhav 32)

Mitchell Santner continued with his sixth over. A single off the first ball, then Kedar Jadhav lofted the second one over extra cover for his second six of the day. A single followed.

Dhoni, on front foot, defended the next ball, before taking a single. Jadhav hit the last ball of the over for a four, behind square.

13 runs from the over. And India need another 120 runs from 22 overs.

And in the process, Dhoni and Jadhav completed a 50-run stand in 8.4 overs.

Over 27 || Score 110/4 (Dhoni 16; Jadhav 21)

Trent Boult returned for his fifth over. Good over from the left-arm pacer, only two singles. India need another 133 runs from 23 overs.

Over 26 || Score 108/4 (Dhoni 15; Jadhav 20)

Into the stands. Kedar Jadhav, after playing a dot ball, hit the second delivery for a huge six mid-wicket.

Mitchell Santner responded with a dot ball, then a single to rotate the strike bringing MS Dhoni on strike.

The skipper played a delectable cut shot to beat the sweeper for his second boundary. 11 runs from the over.

Over 25 || Score 97/4 (Dhoni 11; Jadhav 13)

Matt Henry continued for his sixth over. A good over for the Kiwis, and at the half-stage of the second innings, score is 97/4.

Only two runs, all singles.

Over 24 || Score 95/4 (Dhoni 10; Jadhav 12)

A four to start the fresh over again. This time Kedar Jadhav picked the ball from the off and swept it along the ground, beating the fielders are long leg boundary.

A dot ball, then a single. MS Dhoni responded with a single. Two more singles, to make it a 8-run over. India need another 148 runs from 26 overs. Anton Devcich has so far completed his six overs conceding 32 runs without success.

Over 23 || Score 87/4 (Dhoni 8; Jadhav 6)

Good start to the over, with MS Dhoni hitting the first ball for a four, a pull shot with supreme control. Matt Henry responded with two dot balls. A single followed, then another single from Kedar Jadhav to rotate the strike.

Dhoni blocked the last ball for a naught, and six runs from the over. India need another 156 runs from 162 balls.

Over 22 || Score 81/4 (Dhoni 3; Jadhav 5)

Anton Devcich continued for his fifth over. A tidy one, thanks to great support from Kiwi fielders. A dot ball to start the over, then a single to MS Dhoni. Kedar Jadhav played a fine sweep shot, but Tim Southee and Trent Boult combined well to stop it to two runs. Two more singles from the over.

Five runs from the over, and India need another 162 from 28 overs.

Over 21 || Score 76/4 (Dhoni 1; Jadhav 2)

AS mistime pull shot from MS Dhoni to open his account, off the fifth ball he faced. That happened off the second ball of the over, after a single had been taken by Kedar Jadhav.

Four dot balls followed, to make it a two-run over.

Tim Southee thus completed his five overs of allotted ten, conceding 21 runs for one wicket.

Over 20 || Score 74/4 (Dhoni 0; Jadhav 1)

Anton Devcich returned for his fourth over. A dot ball to start to Manish Pandey, then RUN OUT. Pandey played towards square deep, took a single, and while attempting the second was undone by a brilliant glove-work from Luke Ronchi.

WICKET: Manish Pandey run out 19 (25b)

It brought Kedar Jadhav on. Two runs and a wicket from the over. India need another 169 runs from 20 overs. Still under 6 an over, but wickets have become a rare commodities.

Over 19 || Score 72/3 (Pandey 18; Dhoni 0)

Ajinkya Rahane didn't survive a "soft decision out" of a Corey Anderson catch claim. Onfield umpires referred the decision, and the third umpire got the ball NOT bouncing on replay. That happened off the fourth ball of the ball as Rahane played a pull shot off a hurrying bouncer from Tim Southee. Anderson at fine leg, took the catch, but looked uncertain. Tough call though. Looked catch, and not out too.

WICKET: Ajinkya Rahane c Corey Anderson b Tim Southee 28 (49b)

And that brought skipper MS Dhoni in the centre.

Before that there were three singles. Three runs and a wicket from the over.

Over 18 || Score 69/2 (Rahane 27; Pandey 16)

Then came New Zealand's response. A one-run over from Mitchell Santner. Manish Pandey took a single off the second ball, then Ajinkya Wahane blocked the remaining  balls. Santner's figures so far: 4-0-10-1.

India need another 174 runs from 32 overs.

Over 17 || Score 68/2 (Rahane 27; Pandey 15)

Controlled aggression, that's what people says about Ajinkya Rahane, and the Mumbai batsman just showed it. After blocking the first ball of the over, he came down and played a flat batted lofted shot, for a straight four. Tim Southee, on for his third over, had a concerned look.

A single followed, then two balls later a single to end the 6-run over.

Over 16 || Score 62/2 (Rahane 22; Pandey 14)

Another busy over. Five singles from the over. The partnership between Ajinkya Rahane and Manish Pandey  is now worth 22 runs from 4.1 overs.

And India need another 181 runs from 34 overs, at just under 6 an over.

Over 15 || Score 57/2 (Rahane 19; Pandey 12)

A good over for India, nine runs. Anton Devcich continued for his third over, and Manish Pandey hit the left-arm spinner for a six off the fourth ball over mid-wicket. Three singles were also there in the over.

India need another 186 runs from the 35 overs.

Over 14 || Score 48/2 (Rahane 17; Pandey 5)

A tidy over from Mitchell Santner. Only two runs, all singles. India need another 195 runs from 36 overs.

Over 13 || Score 46/2 (Rahane 16; Pandey 4)

Anton Devcich on for his second over and five runs from the left-arm spinner. Both Ajinkya Rahane and Manish Pandey got themselves busy, taking singles.

Over 12 || Score 41/2 (Rahane 14; Pandey 1)

Another bowling change of New Zealand. Mitchell Santner, the spinner on. And a brilliant one.

Virat walked, with a wry smile. Fishing the delivery outside the leg and good catch behind.

WICKET: Virat Kohli c Luke Ronchi b Mitchell Santner 9 (13b)

That happened off the fourth ball of the over, and India lost their talismanic chase master, in an uncharacteristic fashion, considering how Kohli's has been a case of discipline.

Two runs and a wicket from the over. Manish Pandey is the new man.

Over 11 || Score 39/1 (Rahane 14; Kohli 9)

Power Play number 2 of the innings, and bowling change for New Zealand. Anton Devcich on. The slow left-arm spinner started with a dot to Ajinkya Rahane, then a wide followed. A dot, then a single to rotate the strike.

A full toss to Virat Kohli, and India Test captain failed to make the most of it. Only a single. A dot to end the four-run over.

India need another 204 runs from 39 overs.

Over 10 || Score 35/1 (Rahane 12; Kohli 8)

Ajinkya Rahane came down the pitch a long, long way, but survived as the throw from Tim Southee at the non-striker's end was far from impressive. That happened off the fourth ball of the over. Virat Kohli was also involved in MS Dhoni's run-out at Dharamsala.

But for India, the over produced six runs. Good one, with Kohli hitting the last ball for a four through cover.

Over 9 || Score 29/1 (Rahane 11; Kohli 3)

After a long time, a good over for India. Seven runs from the over, as Ajinkya Rahane hit a four off the fifth ball.

The over started with a dot to Virat Kohli, then three singles followed. And it ended with a dot to Rahane.

Tim Southee, thus, leaked 10 runs from his two overs. India now need another 214 runs from 41 overs.

Over 8 || Score 22/1 (Rahane 6; Kohli 1)

Trent Boult continued his show, with a first-ball wicket of his fourth over. A good length delivery, just outside the corridor, and Rohit Sharma, trying to play his trademark punch off the back-foot, ended up offering a regulation caught behind.

WICKET: Rohit Sharma c Luke Ronchi b Trent Boult 15 (27b)

The Mumbai batsman also seemed to have suffered a sprain in his left arm, and he needed assistance from team physio.

Virat Kohli, the new man, took a single off the first ball he faced. One run and a wicket from the over. Brilliant from Boult.

Over 7 || Score 21/0 (Rohit 15; Rahane 6)

Bowling change for New Zealand. Imperious Tim Southee on. A brilliantly managed over, with deliveries of variable pace.

A double off the second ball, then Rohit Sharma played out the remaining deliveries for a single, keeping the strike.

Over 6 || Score 18/0 (Rohit 12; Rahane 6)

Trent Boult on for his third over of the day. Five dot balls to Ajinkya Rahane, and another, for his second maiden over.

The left-arm pacer is brilliant. His figures so far: 3-2-4-0.

India need another 225 runs from 44 overs.

Over 5 || Score 18/0 (Rohit 12; Rahane 6)

Then, came Rohit Sharma with his usual best. Ajinkya Rahane took a single off the first ball, then Rohit played a dot ball.

He launched the next ball, for a huge six, over the bowler's head. A dot, then a quality cover drive, off the back foot for a four.

11 runs from the over, and Matt Henry is not happy.

Over 4 || Score 7/0 (Rohit 2; Rahane 5)

Another tight over from Kiwi opening bowlers, this time Trent Boult keeping Rohti Sharma quiet. A maiden over, rare one, nonetheless.

Over 3 || Score 7/0 (Rohit 2; Rahane 5)

Matt Henry continued with his second over, and five dot balls to Rohit Sharma. Rohit, knwon for his flambouyant batting, is content playing these defensive strokes.

A good over from the right-arm fast-medium bowler, only a single from the over, off the last ball.

Over 2 || Score 6/0 (Rohit 1; Rahane 5)

Trent Boult shared the new ball with Matt Henry as India got their first boundary off the match, thanks to a good looking straight drive from Ajinkya Rahane.

Four runs from the over. And India need another 237 runs from 48 overs.

Over 1 || Score 2/0 (Rohit 1; Rahane 1)

Cautious start from the Indian openers, with Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane taking a single each in the first over, bowled by Matt Henry.

Over 50 | Score 242/9 | (Santner 9*, Boult 5*)

None of lower-order Kiwi batsman could provide the much-needed flourish in the death overs. Bumrah's variation was too hot to handle for the tail-enders, who couldn't even reach double figures. A decent effort but not formidable when you compare that to India's star-studded batting line-up.

MJ Henry b Bumrah 6 (12b)

TG Southee b Bumrah 0 (2b)

AP Devcich c Patel b Bumrah 7 (6b)

L Ronchi c Dhoni b Patel 6 (10b)

Over 43 | Score 215/5 | (Ronchi 6*, Santner 0*)

The Kiwis lost two wickets in quick succession, as Anderson and Williamson perished while trying to step up the tempo. India are back in the match as these two could have done a lot more damage with their eyes set. Ronchi and Santner and the two new batsmen at the crease and Kiwi would desperately want a cameo from Ronchi today.

KS Williamson c Rahane b Mishra 118 (128b)

CJ Anderson lbw b Mishra 21 (32b)

Over 36 | Score 176/3 | (Williamson 101*, Anderson 9*)

Williamson reached his eighth ODI hundred as he drove Bumrah for a couple of runs. What a huge relief that would have been for Kane and his entire team. This is also the first century by a visiting batsman on this tour. Williamson has been a delight to watch today and it would also give a lot of confidence, not only to him, but to the entire Kiwi camp. New Zealand lost another wicket of Ross Taylor, who was dismissed by Mishra.

LRPL Taylor c Sharma b Mishra 21 (42b)

Over 30 | Score 156/2 | (Williamson 66*, Taylor 20*)

The partnership for the second wicket was broken by Kedar Jadhav, the part-time off-spinner, who trapped Latham in front of the wicket. Latham was looking for the turn, but the ball spun into him and the umpire had no hesitation there. The wicket also ended the magnificent 120-run stand for the second wicket. Ross Taylor was the next man in and with a cautious approach, he has supported his skipper well so far. The visitors would want these two to continue for some time.

TWM Latham lbw b Jadhav 46 (46b)

Over 20 | Score 115/1 | (Latham 46*, Williamson 66*)

Williamson changed gears in the 12th over of the innings where he hammered Axar Patel for two boundaries and a six. These two are now batting with ease and for the first time since their arrival in India, Kane Williamson is reminding the fans why is he one of the world's best. A century here by the Kiwi skipper would do a world of good for his team. Latham, as he did in the first ODI, is playing another fine innings.

Over 10 | Score 50/1 | (Latham 19*, Williamson 28*)

Both the batsmen are growing in confidence. They are scoring boundaries at will. It is crucial for New Zealand's perspective that Williamson gains his form back. The captain has played some delightful strokes so far and is looking all set to play a big knock today.

Over 6 | Score 25/1 | (Latham 10*, Williamson 13*)

After losing Guptill in the first over, Latham and Williamson are in the process of rebuilding the innings. Both batsmen have scored two boundaries apiece and are looking confident. Tom Latham has undoubtedly been the most convincing Kiwi batsmen since New Zealand's arrival in India. Williamson is widely regarded one of the modern greats and today he has another opportunity to show why is he rated so highly by the cricket fraternity.

Over 1 | Score 5/1 | (Latham 4*, Williamson 1*)

New Zealand got off to a disastrous start as Umesh Yadav bowled Martin Guptill off the second ball of the innings. It was a magnificent ball, which pitched on middle-stump and then moved away to hit the batsman's off-stump. Kane Williamson is the next man in and the Kiwis would want him to play a captain's knock today.

MJ Guptill b Yadav 0 (2b)

New Zealand have the reputation of being one of the finest teams in limited-overs cricket. The runners-up of ICC World Cup 2015 have however failed to show any fight after a 0-3 annihilation in the traditional format of the game.

In the first ODI, they were wobbling at 7/65 at one stage, and went on to put 190 runs on board, thanks to two fighting knocks from Tom Latham (79*) and Tim Southee (55). After a poor show in the Test series, Martin Guptill (12), Kane Williamson (3) and Ross Taylor (0) failed to revive the team's fortune.

Here are some of the highlights from the first ODI:

1) Hardik Pandya, who made his ODI debut for the Men in Blue, picked a wicket in his first over when Guptill edged one in the slip cordon. Pandya, who was bowling much quicker than what we have seen of him in the past, ended the match with impressive figures of 3/31 in seven overs.

Hardik Pandya, Virat Kohli

2) After a good show in the traditional format, Tom Latham proved his mettle yet again, as he remained unbeaten on 79 as his team produced another batting collapse. Southee played a crucial 55-run knock lower down the order, which was his maiden fifty in ODIs.

3) Kedar Jadhav, who has the reputation of being a hard-hitting batsman in the middle-order, surprised everybody with his off-spin bowling as he picked two wickets in the first ODI. Jadhav was on a hat-trick as he dismissed James Neesham (10) and Mitchell Santner (0) off two consecutive balls.

4) Continuing his brilliant form in limited-overs cricket, Virat Kohli was once again at his best as he scored 85 runs while chasing down the target. Kohli remained unbeaten and the Kiwis will have to come up with a new strategy against the stylish Delhi batsmen, if they entertain any chances of making a comeback in the series.