IPL 2013: Kolkata Knight Riders vs Pune Warriors - As it happened...

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KKR Over: 20 II Score: 163/7

Mathews to bowl the final over. KKR need 18 from it to stay alive in the tournament. The third is a full toss and even though Bhatia couldn't get hold of it, still it ran down to the fence. A mix-up in the middle results in an unfortunate run out. Das sent Bhatia back as the latter came back for a second run. In the meantime, Mathews, who had already disturbed the bails with his elbows, uprooted the stumps. Bhatia has to depart after scoring 10 (9b, 4X1). in walks Sachithra Senanayake. And it's all over. Pune Warriors have defeated KKR by seven runs.
It's over for KKR as far as the current season goes.

KKR Over: 19 II Score: 153/6

Bhuvi to bowl his final over. A single to start with. Bhuvi follows that with three dot balls. Just four from it.

KKR Over: 18 II Score: 149/6

Parnell is back. The first is a full toss and Pathan dismisses it for a boundary. That was juicy full toss outside off and went through covers for a boundary. The next is even better as Pathan goes with the angle, pulls it deep into the stands at backward square leg region. Parnell goes over the wicket now. That doesn't change anything as Pathan collects yet another boundary. That was a short delivery and Pathan was late into the pull. A top edge and it went to fine leg boundary.

And what has happened there? The umpire has called for a review. Yusuf set off for a single off the fourth delivery. The ball was running towards the bowler's end. Parnell charged in to collect the ball but found Yusuf on his way. Replays confirmed that Yusuf had deliberately kicked the ball as he sprinted towards the non-strikers' end. After much deliberation and to the disappointed of Pathan, the TV umpire adjudged it as OUT! Quite a way to get out. Rajat Bhatia is the new man in the middle. 15 runs from the over.

Pathan dismissed obstructing the field.

KKR Over: 17 II Score: 134/5

Bhuvi is back. A miscued shot from Pathan and the ball balloons high in the air. Yuvraj ran back from point but that was always going to be a difficult chance as the ball lands safely. Tiwary launches the next over long on and Manish Pandey accepts an easy catch. He goes back for a duck. In walks Debabrata Das. He gets off the mark playing his first shot through point for a boundary. Seven runs from the over.

KKR Over: 16 II Score: 127/4

Raiphi Gomez to bowl his first over. The third delivery from Gomez is full toss and on the pads. Pathan flicks it to fine leg boundary. Easy picking this. OUT! Could this be the wicket that brings Pune back in the game? Doeschate played the fifth delivery to shirt fine leg and set off for a quick single. A quick return from Murtaza and the keeper had broken the stumps in no time. Doeschate has to depart. He scored 42 (30b, 4X4, 6X1). Time for a strategic break. That was a vital breakthrough for the visitors.

That partnership between Pathan and Doeschate was worth 98 runs. Meanwhile Manoj Tiwary is the new man in the middle. Dot ball to end the over Five runs from the over.

KKR Over: 15 II Score: 122/3

Murtaza to bowl his fourth over. A single off the second brings up the fifty for Yusuf Pathan. Off the final delivery, Murtaza induces an edge but the ball runs down to third man region for a four. It was short and Doeschate was looking to cut it past point but it could only edge it. Eight runs from the over.

KKR Over: 14 II Score: 114/3

Parnell is back. His third is a full toss and Pathan lofts it over mid off for a boundary. He lofts the next as well and collects another boundary at mid off region. Nine from the over.

KKR Over: 13 II Score: 105/3

Murataza to bowl his third over. Doeschate drives the first delivery past the bowler's end for a boundary. Five more singles take the total from the over to nine runs.

KKR Over: 12 II Score: 96/3

Luke Wright into the attack now. Pathan is uncomfortable. He hurt his ankle while running in the previous over prompting the physio to visit him. Meanwhile, Luke has conceded 11 runs in his first over. It was actually turning out to be a good over but for Pathan who launched the sixth delivery over the midwicket and into the stands for a maximum.

KKR Over: 11 II Score: 85/3

Yuvraj into the attack now. A poor fielding from Ishwar Pandey. Yusuf Pathan plays the third delivery to midwicket region and Pandey fields. He sends a wayward throw at the non-strikers' end and it beats everyone to end beyond the fence. Six runs off that delivery. 11 runs from the over.

KKR Over: 10 II Score: 74/3

Murtaza continues. Was slightly expensive in his first. Just one off this first two deliveries. Doeschate makes some room and launches the third over deep midwicket boundary for a maximum. Eight runs from the over.

KKR Over: 9 II Score: 66/3

Mathews is back. The third from Mathews is short and Pathan pulls it over to deep square leg region and the ball just lands in front of the fence. Boundary to Yusuf. Doeschate ends the over with a boundary of his own, glanced to fine leg. 12 runs from the over. Time for a strategic break.

KKR Over: 8 II Score: 54/3

Spin in Ali Murtaza introduced. And Doeschate greets him with a boundary. Doeschate gave him the charge and played it along the ground through covers. Five singles off the next five take the total from the over to nine.

KKR Over: 7 II Score: 45/3

Pandey continues. His first of the second over is outside off and Pathan launches it over covers. First boundary for him today. The fourth is a length ball and Pathan smashes it over the bowler's head for another boundary. 12 runs from the over.

KKR Over: 6 II Score: 33/3

Angelo Mathews into the attack now. The current pair of Pathan and Doeschate has a lot of work to do. They're chasing 170, the pitch is conducive to batting. However, they have lost some early wickets. Just three runs in the over.

KKR Over: 5 II Score: 30/3

Now Ishwar Pandey into the attack. Gambhir welcomes him with a boundary. On the legs and easily flicked by Gambhir to fine leg. OUT! Gambhir miscues a pull and ends up lobbing the ball high in the air and Yuvraj at mid off takes a simple catch. KKR in some trouble now. Gauti scored 12 (17b, 4X1). Ryan ten Doeschate is the new man in the middle. Five runs and a wicket in the over.

KKR Over: 4 II Score: 25/2

Parnell continues. He's sporting a strange hairdo today. Doesn't matter for he has removed his countryman Jacques Kallis courtesy a brilliant yorker that shatters the stumps! Kallis scored 1 (7b). A wicket to end the over.Excellent over from Parnell. Just one run from it. Yusuf Pathan is the new man in the middle.

KKR Over: 3 II Score: 24/1

Bhuvi continues. Gave away 10 runs in his first over. Good comeback. Just five from his second.

KKR Over: 2 II Score: 19/1

Wayne Parnell to bowl the second over. Parnell's second is outside leg and a poor effort from Uthappa behind the stumps allows the ball to run towards the fence. 5 wides. Good comeback from Parnell as he bowls straight and on the middle. Bisla defends it back. He strays off the line again and it's a wide. He gets the fourth delivery to swing in and Bisla is hit on the pads while attempting to flick it. Parnell appeals and umpire raises his finger. Bisla scored 1 (4b). In walks Jacques Kallis. 9 runs and a wicket in the over.

KKR Over: 1 II Score: 10/0

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the new ball. On strike is Gautam Gambhir. At the other end is Manvinder Bisla. Some swing for Bhuvi as Gambhir looks to work it to leg side but misses it. A leg bye to open KKR's account. Kumar's fourth is way outside the off stump and it eludes the keeper and runs down to the fence. Five wides. The fifth delivery is bowled on the pads and Gambhir flicks it to deep squarel elg region and collects a triple. 10 runs from the first over.

PW Over: 20 II Score: 170/4

Kallis to bowl the final over. Pandey scores a boundary off the first, guiding it to third man. He follows that by shuffling across and paying the ball to square leg region for another four. Off the next, he sets off for a cheeky single but Kallis removes the bails before Pandey can reach the non-strikers' end. He scored 66 (47b, 8X4, 6X1). In walks Luke Wright. And Yuvraj has deposited the fourth delivery over long off fence for a maximum. He follows that with a couple. And Yuvi ends the innings with a big swing as the ball lands safely in the hands of Doeschate at long on. Yuvraj scored 30 (20b, 6X3). That was a full toss but Yuvraj couldn't capitalise on the opportunity. 16 runs and two wickets in the over.

PW Over: 19 II Score: 154/2

Narine to bowl his last and PW innings' penultimate over. Pandey is on strike. Not a happy beginning for KKR as the first delivery goes past the slip region for a boundary. That was an outside edge. Narine returns wicketless today as he concedes 11 runs in his final over.

PW Over: 18 II Score: 143/2

Balaji to bowl his final over. Balaji's second is full. Bhatia plays it over extra cover region for a boundary. He follows that with a couple. The third delivery is short and Pandey lifts it over short third man fielder for yet another boundary. With that boundary , Pandey reaches his fifty. A single follows bringing Yuvraj on strike. Yuvi ends the over with a pull shot and it's a maximum over long on fence. Another expensive over from Balaji. 18 runs from it.

PW Over: 17 II Score: 125/2

Narine returns. Yuvraj Singh slog sweeps his fourth delivery to deep midwicket region and scores his first six of the innings. Nine runs from the over.

PW Over: 16 II Score: 116/2

Bhatia is back. Just four singles from it.

PW Over: 15 II Score: 112/2

Kallis is back. Pandey needs to score some runs. He is scoring below the strike rate of 100. Cracking stroke from Pandey as he scores a boundary off the second delivery past point region. He follows that with another boundary, as he improvises, moves across and sends the ball to fine leg fence. The fifth delivery is again cut away for third four in a row by Pandey. Single to end the over. 14 runs from it. Time for another strategic break.

PW Over: 14 II Score: 98/2

Narine is back. A tight over from the Caribbean as he concedes only a single in the over. Yuvraj is finding it quite hard to face Sunil.

PW Over: 13 II Score: 97/2

Balaji returns. He was expensive in his first spell today. Balaji's fifth is a slower, off cutter and Finch goes after it, attempting a pull. He misses that and the off stump is disturbed. Finch has to leave after scoring 48 (32b, 4X2). In walks Yuvraj Singh. Three runs and a wicket in the over.

PW Over: 12 II Score: 94/1

Senanayake is back. Five singles from the over. Spinners have kept Pune quiet today.

PW Over: 11 II Score: 89/1

Bhatia is back. And Finch has deposited the second delivery over long on fence for a six. Things are turning for Pune now with the skipper leading from the front. Now Manish Pandey joins the fun smashing the fifth delivery from Bhatia over midwicket boundary for a maximum! 17 runs from the over.

PW Over: 10 II Score: 72/1

Kallis is back. And how has that not shattered the stump! Finch swings high but misses the ball. There is a sound and replays confirm that the ball had hit the off stump. The fifth delivery from Kallis is a full toss and Finch middles it and the ball lands over long on fence for a maximum. He follows that shot with another big hit and the ball again lands over the long on fence for a biggie. 15 runs from it.

PW Over: 9 II Score: 57/1

Ryan ten Doeschate into the attack now. The run rate has fallen considerably since the dismissal of Uthappa. Seven runs in the over including a couple and five singles. Time for a strategic break. Pune need to lift the rate. They have wickets in hand. They have Yuvraj, Mathews, Wright in their ranks who can destroy the opposition if they found their groove.

PW Over: 8 II Score: 50/1

Rajat Bhatia into the attack now. Just five runs from the over. PW reach 50-run mark.

PW Over: 7 II Score: 45/1

Jacques Kallis introduced into the attack now. The fourth delivery is dropped short and Pandey plays a 'smash' that lands and the ball lands short of the fielder at short midwicket. Just three runs from the over.

PW Over: 6 II Score: 42/1

Senanayake continues. His fourth delivery is short, inviting the pull and Uthappa has been bowled! Her was looking to pull this away to midwicket region but the ball took an inside edge and landed on the stumps. He scored 25 (21b, 4X1, 6X2). In walks Manish Pandey. A huge appeal for an lbw but umpire turns it down. An inside edge is that saved Manish Pandey on that occasion. Three runs and a wicket in the over.

PW Over: 5 II Score: 39/0

Balaji was quite expensive in his last over. Will Gambhir replace him? Yes he has and it's his go to bowler Sunil Narine. An appeal for stumping off the third delivery. The decision referred to the third umpire. Replays clearly show Uthappa was back in the crease on time. So not out is the decision. Finch powers Narine's sixth delivery through covers to end the over with a boundary. Five runs from the over.

PW Over: 4 II Score: 34/0

Senanayake continues. Just four runs from it.

PW Over: 3 II Score: 30/0

Balaji continues. Balaji's second is slightly short and Uthappa swings it over midwicket boundary for a maximum. He guides the next to third man region for a single. Finch adds a single to his total off the fifth. Uthappa ends the over giving Balaji the charge as the shot lands over the long on boundary for another maximum. 14 runs from the over.

PW Over: 2 II Score: 16/0

Sachithra Senanayake will share the new ball with Balaji. The first two deliveries give Pune two singles. Off the third, Finch smashes the ball past the non-strikers' end for a boundary. 10 runs from the over including a boundary, three singles and a triple.

PW Over: 1 II Score: 6/0

Robin Uthappa and Aaron Finch are in the middle for Pune. Uthappa is on strike. Lakshmipathy Balaji has the new ball. Here we go! Balaji's first is short and wide, Uthappa cuts but finds the fielder at point. That should have been a four. Uthappa nicely steers the second through covers for boundary as a diving fielder in the deep cannot stop that from reaching the fence. First boundary of the day.
Six runs from the first over.

TOSS: Kolkata have won the toss and elected to field first.

On a high after back-to-back wins, Kolkata Knight Riders will start favourites against the struggling Pune Warriors India when the two bottom-half teams clash in Ranchi in an IPL match on Wednesday.

Having achieved back-to-back wins, the Gautam Gambhir-led KKR may have to again depend on off-spinner Sunil Narine and experienced all-rounder Jacques Kallis against Pune, a team they beat only last week.

Both played pivotal roles in their win against Royal Challengers Bangalore in KKR`s previous match.



PWI: Robin Uthappa(w), Aaron Finch(c), Manish Pandey, Yuvraj Singh, Luke Wright, Angelo Mathews, Raiphi Gomez, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ali Murtaza, Wayne Parnell, Ishwar Pandey

KKR: Manvinder Bisla(w), Gautam Gambhir(c), Jacques Kallis, Ryan ten Doeschate, Yusuf Pathan, Manoj Tiwary, Debabrata Das, Rajat Bhatia, Sachithra Senanayake, Sunil Narine, Lakshmipathy Balaji