IPL 2013: Rajasthan vs Hyderabad - As it happened...

Updated: Apr 27, 2013, 14:55 PM IST

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RR Over: 17.5 II Score: 146/2

Karan Sharma is back. Watson continues plundering the Hyderabad bowlers. The third delivery from Sharma is short and Watson pulls it for another maximum. Steyn though made a valiant effort in the deep to catch that but couldn't hold on to it. He followed that with consecutive boundaries as Rajasthan defeated Hyderabad by eight wickets. Shane Watson is unbeaten on 98*. Another superb knock from the Australian. Rajasthan have dominated this game from the word go today. Even though Darren Sammy offered resistance with a wonderful knock but RR led by Watson comfortably reached the target with 13 balls to spare.

RR Over: 17 II Score: 130/2

Sanga brings Sammy back into the attack. On strike is Stuart Binny. An edge but it goes wide of the slip fielder for a boundary. Six from the over. RR need 15 runs from 18 deliveries with eight wickets in hand.

RR Over: 16 II Score: 124/2

Perera's third delivery is short, it lacks pace and Watson muscles it over deep midwicket boundary for a biggie! Off the fifth and sixth delivery Watson scores consecutive boundaries to long off and third man region resp. 15 from the over. Time for a strategic break. Watson is on 82*. Rajasthan need 21 to win this game.

RR Over: 15 II Score: 109/2

Ishant Sharma is back. Watson raises his bat to acknowledge his teammates and the crowd as he reaches his fifty with a boundary that came off an edge. He follows that by guiding the next through the slip region for another boundary. The penultimate delivery from Sharma is short ans on the legs. Watson pulls it to deep backward square leg region for another boundary. The Australian follows it with a maximum as a diving Dhawan at long on lands inside the boundary along with the ball. 20 runs from the over. Watson is looking to finish this early!

RR Over: 14 II Score: 89/2

Sammy continues. Shane Watson takes the aerial route, the ball goes through Hanuma Vihari for a boundary. The ball just bounced in front of him as his effort went in vain. Seven runs from the over.

RR Over: 13 II Score: 82/2

Perera is back. Dravid takes the aerial route off the final delivery, that shot came off the bottom of his blade and the fielder at midwicket Hanuma Vihari took his time to claim it safely.catch it safely. He scored 36 (35b, 4X4, 6X1). Stuart Binny is the new man in the middle. Four runs and a wicket from the over.

RR Over: 12 II Score: 78/1

Darren Sammy is back. Dravid hits the first to backward square leg region for a boundary. Sanga runs towards Sammy and has a chat with him. A couple off the final delivery takes the total to 78/1. Eight runs from the over.

RR Over: 11 II Score: 70/1

Mishra continues. Dravid charges down the track and deposits the second delivery over long on boundary for a maximum. Watson displays his brute force and launches the final delivery over midwicket boundary out of the park for a maximum. A good over for RR. 17 runs from it.

RR Over: 10 II Score: 53/1

Karan Sharma into the attack. Watson pulls the last delivery of the over to deep square leg region for a boundary. That brought up the 50 runs for Rajasthan. Eight runs from the over.

RR Over: 9 II Score: 45/1

Spin in Amit Mishra introduced. A loud shout for lbw off the second delivery but Watson is safe. Just three runs from the over.

RR Over: 8 II Score: 42/1

Darren Sammy into the attack now. He has already performed with the bat. A good start from him. Just two from it. Time for a strategic break.

RR Over: 7 II Score: 40/1

Perera continues. Perera bowls short and Watson pulls this to deep backward square leg region for a boundary. Perera induces an edge off his next but it goes wide of the reach of Sanga. The ball crosses the boundary line at third man region. 10 runs from the over.

RR Over: 6 II Score: 30/1

Sharma is back. Third delivery is a bot short from Sharma, Dravid goes on to the top of the delivery and places it though covers for a boundary. Beautifully executed! Sharma drops his fifth delivery short and Dravid scores another boundary by employing the cut over point region. Nine runs from the over.

RR Over: 5 II Score: 21/1

Steyn continues. SH are looking for a wicket here. And edge off the first that lands in front of Sammy at second slip. The second delivery is short and Watson cuts it through point region for his second boundary. Eight runs from the over including a boundary, a wide and three singles.

RR Over: 4 II Score: 13/1

Thisara Perera introduced into the attack. The second delivery from Perera is short and outside off. Watson crashes it through point region for his first boundary. He takes a single off the next. Perera edns the over on a high beating Dravid with a delivery that rose late.

RR Over: 3 II Score: 7/1

Steyn to continue. And Steyn draws the first blood! Rahane was looking to smash that full delivery though covers but ended up edging it to wicketkeeper Kumar Sangakkara. He scored 1 (9b). Shane Watson joins his skipper at No.3. Excellent over from Steyn. A wicket maiden.

RR Over: 2 II Score: 7/0

Ishant Sharma will share the new ball with Steyn. Sharma manages to keep them quiet but Dravid flicks the final delivery to backward square leg region for a boundary. Six runs from that over.

RR Over: 1 II Score: 1/0

Right! Ajinkya Rahane and Rahul Dravid have marched to the middle. Dale Steyn has the new ball. Facing him is Rahul Dravid. A false start. Steyn is back to his bowling mark. Ah! A peach of a delivery to start with. Dravid had to play it but missed it. Dravid gets off the mark with a single off the next. Rahane on strike. He sees off the over quietly. A good start from the South African, Just one from it.

SH Over: 20 II Score: 144/9

Kevon Cooper to bowl the final over of the innings. Steyn powers the second delivery past long on fence for a boundary. Steyn launches the fifth delivery high into the orbit that lands past the long on fence for a maximum. He ends the innings with a boundary through covers. And SH camps looks relieved and happy considering what a disastrous start they had to their innings. 17 runs from the final over.

SH Over: 19 II Score: 127/9

James Faulkner into his fourth and final over. Sammy scores a boundary off the third. Faulkner traps him in front off his sixth delivery. End of a brilliant knock from Sammy. He scored 60 (41b, 4X8, 6X1). He has brought his side back into the game. Ishant Sharma is the new batsman in. James Faulkner ends up with a five-wicket haul.

SH Over: 18 II Score: 118/8

Stuart Binny continues. And another catch has been grassed! This time Binny is the culprit. Ashish Reddy swings it high and the Rahane takes a brilliant running catch at long on to put and end to his innings. Reddy scored 14 (11b, 4X1). Dale Steyn is the new man in the middle. Darren Sammy scores a boundary to deep backward square leg to reach his maiden IPL fifty! In fact, this is his first ever fifty in a T20 game. He dedicates this to his daughter while sucking a baby nipple.

SH Over: 17 II Score: 108/7

Cooper is back. Reddy gets two runs off the first ball to mid wicket. He gets a boundary to deep backward point off the second. Dravid drops his catch off the fourth. Nine runs from the over.


SH Over: 16 II Score: 99/7

Binny continues with his outside off stump line but this one is a bit too wide and the umpire stretches his arms. This one is much better, tight line. Sammy tries to hoik this one over cover but does not make contact. Gets a single this time towards the off side. Reddy gets a single to mid off. This time Sammy finds the gap and the ball races away to the long off boundary. Beats him this time with his stock ball.


SH Over: 15 II Score: 92/7

James Faulkner is back into the attack. Amit Mishra hits the first ball of his new over straight to Kevon Cooper running in from mid off. Ashish Reddy comes to the crease now. Sammy gets two runs to backward square leg. Just singles being taken.

Amit Mishra c Kevon Cooper b Faulkner 21(28)


SH Over: 14 II Score: 87/6

Sammy gets a single off Binny's first ball of a new over. Mishra looks to smash the third ball towards long off but fails to make contact. Quick single taken off the next ball. Another single to Sammy this time towards long off. Mishra flicks this one to deep square leg for a single.


SH Over: 13 II Score: 83/6

Trivedi into this third over. Sammy defends the first one back to the bowler. Gets a single this time to backward square leg. This one is slightly short and Mishra pulls it to deep mid wicket for a single. Sammy pulls a short one over deep mid wicket for the first six of the match. Dabs it to vacant mid on for a single.


SH Over: 12 II Score: 74/6

Stuart Binny into the attack now. Starts off with an out-swinging delivery that is left alone by Sammy. Sammy gets two runs to third man off the third ball of the over. This time he gets a single to long off. Mishra tries to smash this one but the ball is wide outside off stump, umpire signals wide. This one is much better, beats him outside off stump.


SH Over: 11 II Score: 70/6

Trivedi continues. Six runs from the over including two couples and two singles.

SH Over: 10 II Score: 64/6

We're back after the brief interval. Kevon Cooper is back. Sammy cracks a boundary off the sixth delivery to fine leg. Seven runs from the over.

SH Over: 9 II Score: 57/6

Siddharth Trivedi introduced into the attack. Mishra edges the second delivery that lands between the keeper and the first slip and races down to the third man fence for boundary. Sammy ends the over with a drive that results in a boundary through covers. A good over for SH. 11 runs from it. Time for a strategic break.

SH Over: 8 II Score: 46/6

Watson to continue. He induces an edge off his first delivery but it falls safe as Sammy completes a single. He follows that with a bouncer. Mishra swings and misses the next. Watson drifts on the legs and Mishra guides it to fine leg boundary. Eight runs from the over.

SH Over: 7 II Score: 38/6

Kevon Cooper into the attack and he gets the wicket off his first delivery of the match! His first delivery is dropped short and on the legs. Vihari aimed at glancing it to fine leg, ended up edging it to wicketkeeper Dishant Yagnik. He scored 4 (9b). Amit Mishra is the new man in the middle. Cooper follows his wicket taking delivery with two wides. Sammy, unfazed by his crumbling side, dispatches the fourth delivery past cover region for another boundary. Nine runs from the over.

SH Over: 6 II Score: 29/5

Shane Watson introduced into the attack. Top delivery to start with! Pitched on good length and Vihari must feel very lucky to have not edged that! Sammy offers the full face and punches the fourth delivery straight past Watson for a boundary! The West Indian ends the over with another boundary to mid wicket. 10 runs from the over.

SH Over: 5 II Score: 19/5

Chandila into his third over. Perera gets a boundary off the second delivery. OUT! Another wicket falls! Perera has been caught by Kevon Cooper at long-on. What was he thinking? SH slump to 19/5. Half of Hyderabadi batsmen are back in the hutch! He scored 4 (4b, 4X1). Darren Sammy is the new man in the middle.

SH Over: 4 II Score: 15/4

Faulkner continues. And off the fourth delivery, Hyderabad lose their fourth wicket! Sharma has been caught by Brad Hodge at fine leg. SH in trouble! A short delivery and Sharma went for the pull. Couldn't keep it down and as a result was caught by Hodge. Faulkner gets his third wicket. Thisara Perera is the new man in the middle. Just one run and a wicket in the over.

SH Over: 3 II Score: 14/3

Chandila continues. Sharma is on strike. He gets off the mark with a couple. Sharma plays the sixth delivery of the over past mid on fielder to score his first boundary. Seven runs from the over.

SH Over: 2 II Score: 7/3

James Faulkner will share the new ball with Chandila. Facing him is Sanga. His first delivery is short and on off, Sanga plays it through covers for a boundary. Off the third, forces an edge off the bat of Sangakkara as the southpaw went after a full delivery outside off and Watson at first slip takes a sharp catch. Sanga scored 4 (4b, 4X1). Hanuma Vihari is the new man in the middle. He gets off the mark of the next delivery. On strike is Shikhar Dhawan. And Dhawan has been caught by Ajinkya Rahane! Dhawan attempted a cut but found Rahane who completed a good low catch. He goes without troubling the scoreboard. A big wicket for Rajasthan. Karan Sharma is the new man in the middle.

SH Over: 1 II Score: 2/1

Akshath Reddy and Shikhar Dhawan are in the middle for Hyderabad. Ajit Chandila has the new ball. On strike is Reddy. Reddy takes a couple off the third delivery to deep midwicket. He charges down the track off the next and a leading edge is easily taken by Shane Watson at point. He scored 2 (5b). Kumar Sangakkara is the new batsman in the middle.

TOSS: Hyderabad have won the toss and elected to bat first.

Beaten in their past two away outings, Rajasthan Royals would be looking to get back to winning ways when they take on Sunrisers Hyderabad in their own den in a Pepsi IPL league match at the Sawai Man Singh Stadium today.

The fact that Rajasthan Royals have won all of their three matches here will give them the confidence to put behind the defeats in away matches against the strong Chennai Super kings and the Royal Challengers Bangalore.



Rajasthan: Shane Watson, Ajinkya Rahane, Rahul Dravid(c), Stuart Binny, Brad Hodge, Dishant Yagnik(w), Sachin Baby, James Faulkner, Kevon Cooper, Ajit Chandila, Siddharth Trivedi

Hyderabad: Akshath Reddy, Shikhar Dhawan, Hanuma Vihari, Kumar Sangakkara(w/c), Thisara Perera, Darren Sammy, Ashish Reddy, Karan Sharma, Amit Mishra, Dale Steyn, Ishant Sharma