Pune vs Punjab: As it happened...

Updated: Apr 08, 2012, 19:41 PM IST

Pune: Kings XI Punjab: Well under Ganguly’s captaincy the Pune Warriors India have won two out of two! A team effort by Pune. Punjab never looked like they will be able to chase the total.

20th over: 144/8 Samuels drops a catch of his own bowling and smiles as he knows they cannot lose the match. Bipul Sharma plays him straight down the ground for a DLF maximum! Well he deserves a promotion in the batting order. Scores a boundary of the next ball. Last ball of the innings, played for a single. Pune win by 22 runs.

Samuels to bowl the last over

19th over: 131/8 Dinda fires a good over and picks up a wicket. Can Punjab sustain for 20 overs?

James Faulkner c Ganguly b Dinda

Punjab need 45 runs from the last 12 balls.

18th over: 122/7 Bipul Sharma plays some good strokes. First ball was hit over midwicket to wide of long-on. The second went pass straight over the bowlers head for a DLF maxmimum! 14 runs from that over.

Bipul Sharma 17* (11), James Faulkner 1 (1b)

17th over: 108/7 Kings XI Punjab continue to lose wickets. Their body language also reflects that they have given up. Mascarhenhas tried to clear the midwicket boundary and was caught by Ryder.

Mascarenhas c Ryder b Samuels 5(5b)

16th over: 104/6 Sharma picks up another. Searching for boundaries, Chawla swept a length delivery from Sharma towards long on, only to be caught by Manish Pandey.

Piyush Chawla c Pandey b Sharma 16 (8b)

15th over: 99/5 What a shot of the first ball!! Piyush Chawla uses the pace of Ashish Nehra and clobbers him over long-off for a huge six! It is followed by two back-to-back boundaries by Chawla. A very good over for Punjab, 15 runs from it.

14th over: 84/5 Finally we get to see a DLF maximum from Punjab It was a length delivery by Rahul Sharma and Hussey clobbered it over midwicket for a six! But Rahul Sharma has the last laugh. Bowls a wrong one that skids and hits the middle stump. Rahul Sharma is excited.

David Hussey b Sharma 18 (17b)

13th over: 75/4 Punjab batsmen continue to struggle for boundaries. Nehra gets a wicket! Caught by the skipper Ganguly at midwicket as Nayar tried to hit over midwicket. Tight over from Nehra, just three runs from it.

Abhishek Nayar c Ganguly b Nehra

Nehra back into the attack

12th over: 72/3 Nayar has changed his gear. Consecutiev boundaries by the left-hander. Ryder gives him width which he cuts for four. Nayar gave a death touch to the next delivery that raced past third man boundary. Good over for Punjab, 14 runs from it.

Nayar 23* (26b), Hussey 8*(8b)

11th over: 58/3 No boundaries, no sixes. Punjab batsmen are shwoing no intentions of getting to the total. Five singles from that over.

Kartik to continue

Kings XI Punjab continue to struggle, none of their batsmen have made an impact with the bat so far in the series.

10th over: 53/3 Four byes as the ball kept low and keeper couldn’t collect it. Ryder gets the breakthrough! He was bowling a tight length. Spins the bowl from the back of his hand as outside edge goes into Uthappa’s gloves.

Mandeep Singh c Uthappa b Ryder 24(23b)

Ryder to continue

Its strategic time-out.

9th over: 45/2 A much needed boundary scored by Mandeep Singh. Slightly shorter ball by Kartik, pulls it away to perfection between two fielders at deep midwicket. Good shot that. Another boundary scored by Mandeep where he guided the ball towards third man as Kartik provided him some width. The ball on that occasion race towards the boundary.

Mandeep Singh 24* (22b) Abhishek Nayar 10 (17b)

Kartik to continue

8th over: 30/2 The singles wont trouble the opponents at the moment. Mandeep and Nayar are not taking any chances at the moment as the pressure continues to build up.

Jesse Ryder comes into attack.

7th over: 23/2 Tight over by Murali Kartik. Just three runs from it.

6th over: 19/2 Bowls with a very tight line, doesn’t give any room. Mandeep Singh gave himself some room to free his arms, hit fifth delivery for a boundary.

Mandeep Singh 8*, Abhishek Nayar 3*

Rahul Sharma comes into the attack

5th over: 13/2 Nehra appeals for a lbw, the umpire isnt interested. Two runs from that over.

Ashish Nehra comes into the attack

4th over: 11/2 Now Gilchrist is run-out. New batsman Mandeep Singh played the ball towards short midwicket and Steven Smith threw it at the non-striker’s end and Gilchrsit was well short of his ground. A disastrous start for Punjab. Two explosive batsmen have been run-out.

AC Gilchrist run out 6 (11b)

3rd over: 9/1 Paul Valthaty is run-out. Dinda fired a straight line which hit the pads of Valthaty, the bowler, players appealed for a lbw decision as Gilchrist ran for a single. Valthaty did not move from his crease as Gilchrist too reached at the strikers end. Smith picks the bowl and throws it to the non strikers end. Valthaty sacrificed his wicket as he moved out of the crease and when the bails were removed, Gilchrist had reached the strikers end and Valthaty had to walk back towards the pavilion.

Paul Valthaty run out 1 (5b)

2nd over: 7/0 Offers width to Gilchrist who cuts it for a boundary. Next delivery was much faster as Gilchrsit failed to repeat the shot. Good comeback from Samuels, just a boundary in that over.

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Samuels to bowl

1st over: 3/0 Ashok Dinga begins the proceedings for his side. Not providing any width to these batsmen who can slash at anything that is wide. Three runs from that over.

One of the opening batsmen will have to play a big innings if Punjab want to make a match of it.

Pune Warriors innings: Punjab need 167 runs to win from 20 overs. The last two overs (35 runs) could be decisive for Punjab who were looking to restrict Pune around 140-150. The cameo played by Smith could make the difference. Samuels and Uthappa too made useful contruibutions. Manish Pandey remained not out as he scored 12 runs from just 4 balls which included a boundary and a DLF maximum!

20th over: Last over to be bowled by Faulkner. The first ball is clobbered for a six! The home crowd has gone berserk! Both these batsmen have played some amazing strokes in the last six balls. Steven Smith makes some room to hit the ball towards the vacant leg side, and is clean bowled by Faulker. Well played innings comes to an end. He provided the momentum which was needed by Pune. Last two deliveries played by Rahul Sharma were dot balls.

Steven Smith b Faulkner 25 (12b)

19th over: 157/5 Harmeet Singh is bowling a wonderful spell here. He earlier bowled Samuels, now Uthappa is deceived by the slower one. News batsman Manish Pandey pulled a full toss for a boundary ans guess what, it was a waist high delivery which was a no ball! No ball again Back-to-back no balls from Harmeet Singh who was bowling so well for Punjab! The second ball was played by Pandey for a single. And guess what he cannot bowl any further. Bipul Sharma to complete the over.

back-to-back sixes by Smith! Smith took a single and the last ball was pulled for another SIX!!!

Well, this can be the turning point of this match! 26 runs came of that over!
Robin Uthappa b Singh 40 (33b)

18th over: 131/4 Steven Smith tried a reverse sweep as the ball went straight into the hands of Gilchrist. Smith is asking for a change of bat. 9 runs from that over, Uthappa scored a boundary of the last delivery.

Uthappa 40* (32b), Steven Smith 5* (5b)

Three overs to go. Uthappa is still at the crease. If he stays till the end, we can be rest assured of a formidable total.

Steven Smith is the new batsman in

17th over: 122/4 Harmeet Singh strikes again. Callum Ferguson tried to flick one towards the leg side as a top edge from the bat landed easily into the hands of Harmeet. Ferguson’s poor run with the bat continues. Harmeet Singh has been bowling his slower ones with great command.

Callum Ferguson c & b Singh 3 (6b)

Time for strategic time-out.

16th over: 121/3 Mascarenhas bowls a tight line without letting the batsmen free their arms.

15th over: 113/3 Pressure is building up on the Punjab players. A misfield off the first ball and it goes for a boundary. Valthaty was the culprit. The second delivery was played for a single by Samuels. Next ball, Gilly appealed for a stumping which was referred to the third umpire who gave the benefit of doubt to Uthappa. Uthappa survives and he immediately crashes one over mid on for a six! Harmeet Singh bowled a good slower one and Samuels who was already into his shot was bowled. Clever bowling from Singh here. Samuels misses on a half century.

Marlon Samuels b Harmeet Singh 46 (39b)

14th over: 101/2 Uthappa scored a boundary of the first ball and next five deliveries were played for singles.

Uthappa 23*, Samuels 41*

13th over: 92/2 Harmeet Singh is bowling with a lot of variation which makes him unpredicatable. Six runs from that over.

12th over: 86/2 Samuels scored a boundary of that over as both the batsmen were busy taking singles. Six runs from that over.

11th over: 80/2 Mascarenhas continues with an accurate line and length. A boundary was scored by Samuels who opened the face of the bat towards third man for four.

10th over: 71/2 Six of the first ball by Samuels, and that’s a biggie! Huge hit, charged down the track as Piyush Chawal could just watch his first delivery sail over into the stand for a six! Massive hit by Samuels!

9th over: 58/2 Both these batsmen take five singles in that over. Good line and length by Piyush Chawla.

8th over: 53/2 A huge six from Marlon Samuels! Good one for Pune, 10 runs from it.

7th over: 43/2 Praveen Kumar continues to maintain some pressure as he gives away just two runs.

6th over: 38/2 A brilliant over from Mascarenhas. Just two runs from it. He is bowling with a lot of variation which is troubling both these batsmen.Uthappa 1*, Samuels 6*

5th over: 36/2 Praveen Kumar bowls the over as Ryder was run-out. Credit should be given to Praveen Kumar for some great fielding.

JD Ryder run out 8 (8b

4th over: 28/1 Mascarenhas gets the first breakthrough. Ganguly departs as he failed to pick up a slower one and was caught at mid-off! Nice delivery that was!

Sourav Ganguly c Valthaty b Mascarenhas 20 (18b)

3rd over: 21/0 Good over by Praveen Kumar. Both the openers played him carefully as he gave away just isx runs in that over.

2nd over: 15/0 Ganguly once again survives as an inside edge went past for a boundary. Five runs from that over.

1st over: 10/0 Two boundaries came of that over from the bat of Ganguly. While the first one was a msitimed shot, the second one was flicked of his pads for four.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of eighth match of Indian Premier League between Pune Warriors and Kings XI Punjab to be played at Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium, Pune.

Sourav Ganguly would not only like to make it two in a row but the Bengal Tiger would also want to put up a good individual performance.