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IPL 2014: Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kings XI Punjab – As it happened...

Zee Media Bureau/Chaitan Papnai


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Kolkata Knight Riders Innings

Over 18.2 || Score 109/

26 runs needed off 12 balls. Mitchell Johnson to ball the penultimate over. First ball, a wide. From second ball came a single. Third ball, Umesh Yadav Out!Johnson bowled a slower one, which Yadav missed completely and it crashed into his stumps. And with that KXIP beat KKR in a low scoring game by 23 runs to win their fourth match in a row. Sandeep Sharma was rewarded with Man of the Match award for scalping three wickets.

UT Yadav b Johnson 2 (4b )


Over 18 || Score 107/9

38 runs needed off 18 balls Sandeep Sharma is ready with his final over. First ball, Suryakumar Yadav swat the ball for four towards mid-wicket region. In the next ball, Yadav placed the ball over wicket-keepers head for another boundary. Suryakumar Yadav Out! Yadav tried clear the long-on fielder who was standing inside the circle but couldn't quite middle it and Johnson took a simple catch in the end. 12 runs came from the over and a wicket of Yadav.

SA Yadav c Johnson b Sandeep Sharma 34 (17b)


Over 17 || Score 95/8

48 required from 24 balls. Balaji to bowl the over. Two came from the first three balls. Off the fourth Suryakumar Yadav slapped the bowler for a four towards square leg. In the next ball he ran two runs to get the strike back. Next was a wide. Off the next came a single. Ten from the over.


Over 16 || Score 85/8

Johnson is back into the attack. 58 needed from 30 balls. It can still be anyone's game. First ball, came two runs from Narine's willow. Then came a single off the next. Off the third Yadav chipped the speedster for a six over square leg. Single off the next. Fifth was a dot. Narine Out! Johnson bowled a perfect yorker which crashed into the stumps of the southpaw. Ten runs came from the over along with a wicket.

SP Narine b Johnson 6 (8b)


Over 15 || Score 75/7

Dhawan to bowl his final over. 67 runs required from 36 balls and KKR have three wickets in hand. Narine and Sandeep are new men in for KKR. Good over for KKR as nine runs came form the over.


Over 14 || Score 66/7

Patel to bowl his last over. Another wicket down for KKR off the fourth ball Chawla stepped down to launch the bowler for a big shot but missed the ball completely and wicket-keeper dislodged the bales within a flash. Four from the over.

PP Chawla st Saha b Patel 0 (2b  )


Over 13 || Score 62/6

In the last two overs, KKR lost three wickets in the form of Lynn, Yusuf Pathan and Robin Uthappa. First Patel took the wicket of Lynn and then Dhawan scalped Pathan and after two balls Uthappa got run-out. With three wickets in two overs, KXIP pushed KKR on the back-foot.

RV Uthappa run out 19 (27b)

YK Pathan lbw b Dhawan 3 (5b)

CA Lynn b Patel 13 (18b)


Over 11 || Score 50/3

Balaji has been brought back into the attack. Off the fourth ball Lynn played a cheeky shot towards square leg to collect a boundary. Seven came from the over. Meanwhile, KKR touched the mark of 50 runs.


Over 10 || Score 43/3

Off-spinner Patel to continue. Three runs came from the first four balls. Fifth was a dot. Off the last came a single. A good over by the left-armer as four came from it.


Over 9 || Score 39/3

Dhawan to continue. In the first two balls came one run. Off the next Lynn slapped the bowler towards extra cover to collect his first boundary. Good over for KKR as eight runs came from it.


Over 8 || Score 31/3

Spinner is being introduced in the from of Akshar Patel. And the left-arm spinner gave mere three runs, all in singles, in his opening over of the match.


Over 7 || Score 28/3

Rishi Dhawan has been introduced into the attack for the first time. Tight first over by the right-arm medium pacer as he conceded mere four runs in it.


Over 6 || Score 24/3

Balaji has been introduced into the attack. Kallis Out! Kallis sliced to ball towards point region but failed to keep it down and Maxwell took a sharp catch at point region. Uthappa is the new man in. Uthappa flicked the first ball towards fine leg for a boundary. Five runs came from the over along with the wicket of South African all-rounder.

JH Kallis c Maxwell b Balaji 9 (11b)


Over 5 || Score 19/2

Sandeep to continue. First ball, Gambhir Out! Gauti stepped out to play the ball over extra cover but failed to clear the fielder placed at short mid-off. Gambhir's poor run continues. It's a maiden wicket for Sandeep.

G Gambhir c Patel b Sandeep Sharma 1 (5b)

Over 4 || Score 19/1

Johnson to continue. First two balls were dot. Off the third Kallis took a single. Gambhir still to open his account in the IPL-7. No run came from the fourth. Off the fifth finally Gambhir opened his account with a single in the fourth match of IPL-7. In the last ball Kallis collected a boundary towards extra covers. Six came from the over.


Over 3 || Score 13/1

Sandeep to continue. From the first ball came two runs from the willow of Pandey. Next two balls were dot. Manish Pandey Out! Pandey missed the line of the ball completely and it hit his front pad. Umpire took no time to raise his finger. So Sandeep gave his team the first breakthrough. Skipper Gautam Gambhir is the new man in. Dropped! Sandeep put down a difficult catch over his follow through. Two runs came from the over.

MK Pandey lbw b Sandeep Sharma 8 (10b)


Over 2 || Score 11/0

Mitchell Johnson is sharing the new ball with Sandeep. Off the fourth ball Kallis played perfect cover drive to collect his first boundary. That was the only scoring shot of the over as mere four came from it.


Over 1 || Score 7/0

Sandeep Sharma is bowling the first over for KXIP, whereas, Manish Pandey and Jacques Kallis are opening the innings for KKR. So Gambhir is not opening the innings after making a hat-trick of ducks. Three came from the first five balls. Off the last Pandey slice the bowler over cover point for a boundary. Seven from the over.


Kings XI Punjab Innings

Over 20 || Score 132/9

Umesh Yadav is set to bowl the final over. First ball is a dot. Off the next three balls came four runs. Next ball was a dot. Final ball of the innings, no run as Dhawan failed to tough the ball. So KXIP put up a below par score of 132 in front of KKR.

Over 19 || Score 127/9

Narine is ready with his last over. And the mystery spinner spread his magic by scalping three wickers of his final over. He first got the wicket of Patel and off the next clean bowled Johnson. Though he missed his hat-trick but after a gap of a ball he also sent Balaji back to pavilion for a first-ball duck. One run came from the over.

L Balaji lbw b Narine 0 (2b)

MG Johnson b Narine 0 (1b)  

AR Patel st Uthappa b Narine 7 (10b )


Over 18 || Score 126/6

Morkel is back to bowl in his last over. No run from the first two balls. Off the third, Dhawan slapped him over long-on fielder for a boundary. In the next ball, Dhawan played a cheeky shot towards fine leg and ran three runs. Next was a dot. Off the last came a single. Eight from the over.


Over 17 || Score 118/6

Narine to bowl the over. Two singles from the first two balls. Third was a dot. Patel took a single off the next. Fifth was a dot. Off the last came another single. Four form the over.


Over 16 || Score 114/6

Chawla to bowl his last over. Two singles came form the first four balls. Off the fifth came another single. Last one was a dot. So the leggie bowled well today with the figures of 4-0-19-3.


Over 15 || Score 111/6

Kallis to bowl his last over. Rishi Dhwan and Akshar Patel the new men in for KXIP. Off the fourth ball, Dhawan clipped the bowler towards fine leg to pick his first boundary. Eight came from the over.


Over 14 || Score 103/6

In the last two overs, KXIP lost two more wickets. Chawla took both the wickets. Within three balls in got the two crucial wickets of Shewag and Bailey for his team. Nine runs came from the last two overs.

V Sehwag b Chawla 37 (30b ) 

GJ Bailey c Morkel b Chawla 11 (15b )


Over 12 || Score 94/4

Chawla to continue. Off his fourth ball Viru cuts him for a boundary towards point region. Three singles also came from the over along with the boundary.


Over 11 || Score 87/4

Umesh Yadav has been introduced in to the attack. And he went for runs as first Sehwag and then Bailey collected boundarie. Expensive over for KKR as 11 came from the over.


Over 10 || Score 76/4

Piyush Chawla is being given the ball. Sehwag on strike. From the first ball came a single. Off the next Miller placed it towards cover region for a double. Third was a dot. Miller Out! Miller tried to slog the spinner out of the park but Morkel took a simple at deep mid-on. KXIP skipper George Bailey is the new man in. Five came from the over and a big wicket of Miller.

DA Miller c Morkel b Chawla 14 (10b)


Over 9 || Score 71/3

Kallis ready to bowl his third over. Two singles came from the first three balls. In the next two balls Miller smashed two fours. One towards mid-on and other towards extra cover. Elegance written all over them. Good over for KXIP, as 12 came from it.


Over 8 || Score 59/3

Morkel has been reintroduced into the attack. In the first three balls came two runs. Maxwell Out! Big man Maxwell is clean bowled, as he tried to play the shot towards fine leg and in doing so he exposed his leg stump. Big blow for Punjab. David Miller is the new man in. Three runs came from the over.

GJ Maxwell b Morkel 15 (12b )


Over 7 || Score 56/2

Kallis is ready with his second over. Three singles came from the first four balls. Off the fifth again came a single from Sehwag's willow. In the last ball Maxwell placed the ball towards long-on for a single. Five from the over.


Over 6 || Score 51/2

Mystery spinner Sunil Narine is being given the ball. And he went for runs. First, Sehwag launched him for six over mid-wicket and then Maxwell used switch-hit to collect his second boundary of the match. 14 from the over. Meanwhile, KXIP crossed the mark of fifty runs.


Over 5 || Score 37/2

Jacques Kallis is being introduced into the attack. Saha Out! Off the first ball, the South African trapped Saha in front of the wicket. Destructive Maxwell is the new man in. Off the last ball Maxwell collected his first boundary by slapping the ball towards extra covers.

WP Saha lbw b Kallis 14 (10b)


Over 4 || Score 28/1

Morkel to bowl his 2nd over. Saha first collected a boundary off the third ball by picking the bowler towards long-on. Off the fifth ball he smacked the bowler towards mid-wicket for a six. 13 from the over.


Over 3 || Score 15/1

Umesh Yadav is ready with his second over. Off the fourth ball Sehwag collected his first boundary by smashing the bowler over extra covers. Six came from the over.


Over 2 || Score 9/1

A poor start for KXIP as in first two overs they lost their opener Pujara in the 2nd over as he got run-out. Saha is the new man in for Punjab.

CA Pujara run out 8 (8b)


Toss: Knight Riders won the toss and elect to bowl first. One change in KKR as Piyush Chawla is in for Vinay Kumar.

Within a few minutes from now the 15th match of Indian Premier League`s seventh edition will kick start in which Kolkata Knight Riders with lock horns with Kings XI Punjab at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi. It`s the second match of the day.

KKR face the daunting task of stopping the marauding pair of Glenn Maxwell and David Miller in its tracks in the match. Maxwell has been in supreme touch since the start of the league, having trampled the rival bowling attacks with utter disdain.

The Australian batsman literally toys with the bowlers as he hits them out of the park at will. With 279 runs at an incredible average of 93, Maxwell has hit an astonishing 17 sixes and 28 fours in three matches so far in an amazing display of power-hitting.

It will be interesting to see if Maxwell can bat the same way against wily spinner Sunil Narine, who has bamboozled even the good batsmen and has been economical at the same time. KKR have also been blessed with the talent and experience of veteran all-rounder Jacques Kallis in the side. They will surely look up to the South African legend to produce something magical to dismiss Maxwell early.

However, before contending with Maxwell, Kolkata Knight Riders also have to deal with Virender Sehwag, who is rediscovering himself gradually.

With a 30-run knock in his last match, Sehwag is gradually getting back his rhythm and even if KKR bowlers succeed in getting rid of both Sehwag and Maxwell, they have the explosive South African Miller to deal with.

Miller has hit two half-centuries so far and led his side to a superb win against Rajasthan Royals with a blistering unbeaten 19-ball 51. In the middle-order, Miller has been a force to reckon with. Like, Maxwell, he too is striking the ball effortlessly.

For KKR, the form of skipper Gautam Gambhir is a big worry as the left-hander has not scored a single run. Three consecutive ducks was not something his side had expected of the leader of the pack and he would under pressure to come up with something better.

It`s time that Gambhir makes amends and performs.

Teams (from):

Kings XI Punjab: George Bailey (C), David Miller, Manan Vohra, Virender Sehwag, Mitchell Johnson, Cheteshwar Pujara, Shaun Marsh, Wriddhaman Saha, Thisara Perera, Glenn Maxwell, Rishi Dhawan, Anureet Singh, Sandeep Sharma, Akshar Patel, Beuran Hendricks, Karanveer Singh, Murali Kartik, Shivam Sharma, Shardul Thakur, L Balaji, Parvinder Awana, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Mandeep Singh.

Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Sunil Narine, Jacques Kallis, Robin Uthappa, Yusuf Pathan, Shakib Al Hasan, Umesh Yadav, Vinay Kumar, Morne Morkel, Piyush Chawla, Manish Pandey, Veer Pratap Singh, Chris Lynn, Andre Russell, SS Mandal, Pat Cummins, Debabrata Das, Suryakumar Yadav, Manvinder Bisla, Ryan ten Doeschate, Kuldeep Yadav.

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