IPL-7: Delhi Daredevils vs Mumbai Indians - As it happened...

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Delhi Daredevils Innigs

Over 18.5 || Score 126/4

8 required off 12.Veteran Zaheer to bowl the penultimate over of the match. Two singles came from the first three balls. Off the fourth came a double from bat of Jadav. In the fifth ball Jadav flicked Zaheer fine towards on-side to collect a boundary. And with that DD beat MI comprehensively by six wickets, with seven balls to spare.


Over 18 || Score 118/4

14 needed off 18 balls Malling to bowl his last over. Can the Sri Lankan change the scenario of the match in this over? Two singles off the first two balls. Then came a double from the willow of KP. Next was a dot. Two singles off the last two. So six from the over.


Over 17 || Score 112/4

21 runs needed from 24 balls.Kedar Jadhav is the new man in. Jadhav collected his first boundary off the third ball. Apart from the boundary came three singles from the over.


Over 16 || Score 105/4

Malinga is back. 23 runs required from 30 balls Duminy placed the fuller length ball towards cover region but couldn't manage to keep it down and AV Wankhade took a sharp catch at short covers. Double blow for DD Dinesh Karthik who came to bat after the fall of Duminy's wicket, flicked a middle and leg stump ball but fond a man in Rayudu, who took a good catch in the end.

KD Karthik c Rayudu b Malinga 2 (3b)

JP Duminy c sub (AV Wankhade) b Malinga 19 (24b)


Over 15 || Score 103/ 2

Rohit Sharma to continue. Single off the first. Off the next, KP stepped down to smack the bowler for a six over bowlers head. Then in the next two balls, KP collected two consecutive boundaries. Seventeen from the over. Meanwhile, DD crossed the mark of hundred runs.


Over 14 || Score 86/2

Ojha to bowl his last over. First ball was a dot. Then came five singles off the next five balls. With that Ojha has completed his four over quota, without taking a wicket.


Over 13 || Score 81/2

Skipper Rohit Sharma has himself come to bowl the over. Vijay Out! Skipper strikes for MI. KP is the new man in. Vijay tried to slog the ball but missed the line completely and got bowled. DD skipper KP is the new man in. Three runs came from the over.

M Vijay b Sharma 40 (34b )


Over 12 || Score 78/1

Ojha to bowl the over. Vijay is on a roll here. Off the second ball Vijay slogged the ball towards square leg for a maximum. Rest five runs came from singles and doubles as Ojha conceded 11 from it.


Over 11 || Score 67/1

Anderson has been brought back into the attack. DD opener Vijay collected two boundaries from the over first down the ground and second over mid-off. Good over for DD as 12 came from it.


Over 10 || Score 55/1

Harbhajan Singh to bowl his last over. Six run conceded from the over as Bhajji is through with his stipulated four overs. DD still have nine wickets in hand and they have to score 71 runs in the last 60 balls.


Over 9 || Score 49/1

Ojha to bowl his second over. Tight over by the left-arm spinner as four runs came form it. MI have to try something out of the box to get back into the match.


Over 8 || Score 45/1

Bhajji to continue. Four runs conceded in the first four balls. Off the next Vijay cut Bhajji towards point to collect his second boundary. Good over for DD as nine came from it.


Over 7 || Score 36/1

All-rounder Corey Anderson has been introduced into the attack for the first time. Three runs came from the first four balls. de Kock Out! Off the fifth, de Kock slashed the ball towards point region but ageing Hussey took a blinder. What a catch! JP Duminy is the new man in. Five runs from the over.

Q de Kock c Hussey b Anderson 16 (24b)


Over 6 || Score 31/0

Harbhajan to continue. MI are still looking for their first breakthrough. Tight over by Bhajji as he conceded mere a single from the over. But MI need a couple of wickets here.


Over 5 || Score 30/0

Malinga is back to bowl his second over. Single from the first. Next ball was wide down the leg-side, wicket-keeper did well to stop him but it went on to touch his helmet, to give DD five extra runs. Then came five dot balls from the bowler.


Over 4 || Score 22/0

Harbhajan Singh is ready with his first over. MI need wickets early on to put some pressure on DD. Off the second ball, de Kock played an inside out to collect his second boundary of the innings towards point region. De Kock then place the ball towards long-off to collect three more runs. Eight from the over.


Over 3 || Score 14/0

Zaheer Khan has been introduced into the third over. Rohit Sharma is desperately looking for an early breakthrough. One run came from the first four balls. Single from the fifth. Last ball was a dot. Tight over first up by the left-arm seamer.


Over 2 || Score 12/0

Pragyan Ojha is sharing the new ball with Malinga. Vijay welcomed him with a boundary over extra covers. But that was the boundary from the over. Six came from the first over of the left-arm spinner.


Over 1 || Score 6/0

Quinton de Kock and Murali Vijay are in the middle to open the innings for DD. Lasith Malinga is to bowl the first over for MI. In the first five balls the slinger gave mere two singles. Off the last de Kock flicked the bowler towards square-leg for a boundary. Six run from the opening over of the innings.


Mumbai Indians Innings

Over 20 || Score 125/6

Parnell to bowl the last over of the innings. First two balls were dot. Off the third Bhajji slashed the ball for a boundary towards extra covers. In the next Bhajji picked up the slower one early and launched the bowler for a six over mid-wicket. In the last two balls came two singles. Twelve from the last over. MI recovered well in the death overs as they scored 56 runs in the last five overs to set up a total of 125 runs in front of DD. Pollard with his 33-run knock remained the highest scorer for MI. But it's certainly a below par score by the Mumbai franchise.


Over 19 || Score 113/6

Shami to bowl the penultimate over of the innings. Two singles from the first three balls as first was dot. Off the fourth, Run-Out! Pollard played the ball towards deep mid-wicket but lost his bat in doing so. Pollard called for the second run but Gautam got hesitated and eventually fell short of his crease. In the last two balls Pollard first collected a boundary and then literally smacked the bowler out of the park. Longest six of IPL 7 -- 99m. What a Hit! Thirteen came from the over.

CM Gautam run out 22 (18b)


Over 18 || Score 110/5

Parnell with his last over. No run came from the first two balls. Third ball was a foot no-ball from the left-arm seamer and a single also came from it. Gautam collected a boundary off the free-hit by hitting the ball over mid-off. Last three balls were dot from the South African. Meanwhile, MI touched the mark of hundred runs.


Over 17 || Score 94/5

Unadkat with his third over. It's time for MI to score as many runs as they can in the last three overs. Gautam collected two consecutive boundaries off the third and fourth balls. Off the fifth, another four came from leg buys. Good over for MI as 14 runs came from it.


Over 16 || Score 80/5

Mohammed Shami is back into the attack. Shami conceded five in the first five deliveries. Off the sixth Pollard smacked the over-pitched ball towards long-off for a maximum. 11 came from the over.


Over 15 || Score 69/5

Nadeem ready to bowl his final over. The left-arm spinner has bowled well so far in the match. In the first four balls came three singles. Off the third came three runs from the willow of Gautam. Last ball was a dot. Six from the over. Impressive bowling by Nadeem -- 4-0-19-1.


Over 14 || Score 63/5

Unadkat to bowl his second over. From the first four balls came four singles. Off the fifth, the left-arm seamer bowled a slower delivery from back of his hand to disguise Hussey completely and it crashed into his stumps. Four runs came from the over along with the crucial wicket of Hussey.

MEK Hussey b Unadkat 10 (18b)


Over 13 || Score 59/4

Laxmi Shukla has been introduced into the attack for the first time in the match. Just a single came from the first four balls. Off the fifth Pollard placed the bowler straight down the ground to collect his first boundary. Five form the over.


Over 12 || Score 54/4

Parnell is ready with his third over. DD bowlers are not giving any easy runs to MI's. Both the batsmen in the middle are finding it difficult to score even singles regularly. Three runs came from the over.


Over 11 || Score 51/4

Nadeem to continue. The left-arm bowler from Delhi is not giving much room to the batsmen to free their arms. Two runs came from this over. Meanwhile, MI crossed the mark of fifty runs.


Over 10 || Score 49/4

Big man Kieron Pollard is the new man in. Parnell to bowl his second over. Good over by the left-arm seamer as he conceded mere three form the over. All the runs came in singles. Now Hussey and Pollard have to add at least 70-80 runs for the fifth wicket, to put up a decent total in front of DD.


Over 9 || Score 46/4

Spin from both end as Nadeem has been brought back into the attack. Four singles came from the first five balls. Rayudu Out!Rayudu stepped down to smack the bowler out of the park but couldn't manage to clear the long-off fielder and Shukla took a simple catch at the end. It's an highly irresponsible shot by the right-hander. Four runs came from the over.

AT Rayudu c Shukla b Nadeem 14 (21b)


Over 8 || Score 42/3

Duminy is ready to bowl his third over. Four dot balls first up by the off-spinner. He is getting good turn off the wicket. Bhajji must be feeling happy about it. Single came from the next. Last one was a dot. So a tight over by Duminy as mere one run came from it.


Over 7 || Score 41/3

Jaydev Unadkat comes for the first time to bowl in the innings. Anderson took a single off the first. Then Rayudu placed the ball towards mid-wicket for another single. Anderson Out!Short pitched delivery by the left-arm seamer, Corey went for a pull but failed to clear the deep mid-wicket fielder, as de Kock took his second catch of the match. MI is in deep trouble now. Michael Hussey joined Rayudu in the middle after the fall of third wicket.

CJ Anderson c de Kock b Unadkat 13 (14b)


Over 6 || Score 37/2

Mohammed Shami has been reintroduced into the attack. In the first three balls came just a single. Off the fourth, Anderson dispatched the bowler towards mid-wicket for a boundary. Single came from the fifth ball. Last delivery was dot. Shami conceded six form his second over.


Over 5 || Score 31/2

Duminy to continue. Five runs came off the first four balls. Rayudu took a single in the next. Off the last, Anderson, swept the off-spinner for a boundary towards mid-wicket region. Good over for MI as ten runs came from it.


Over 4 || Score 21/2

Wayne Parnell is ready to bowl his fist over. So four different bowlers have been used in the opening four overs. First ball was a wide down the leg-side. Next was a dot. Off the next. Tare Out! Tare tried to send the slightly short of length ball out of the park but eventually failed to clear the fence and de Kock took a simple catch while patrolling at deep mid-wicket. Ambati Rayudu is the new man in. In the fifth ball Rayudu flicked the bowler fine towards leg side to collect his first boundary. Five came from the over.

AP Tare c de Kock b Parnell 8 (10b)


Over 3 || Score 16/1

JP Duminy has been given the ball. In his first four balls came mere two runs. Last two balls were dot from the off-spinner. Tight over first up by the South African. Two runs came from it.


Over 2 || Score 14/1

Mohammed Shami is sharing the new ball with Nadeem. Three singles came from the first three balls. Rohit Sharma run-out! Rohit played the ball and ran for a single which wasn't quite there. Shami's athleticism worked and his direct sent the right-hander to the pavilion. Corey Anderson is the new man in. Seven from the over.

RG Sharma run out 4 (5b)


Over 1 || Score 7/0

Rohit Sharma and Aditya Tare are opening the innings for MI, whereas, Shahbaz Nadeem is opening the bowling proceedings for DD. First over was a decent one by the left-arm spinner as mere seven came from the over and no boundary has been conceded.


Toss: Mumbai Indians have won the toss and elected to bat first. No change in MI, whereas, one change in DD as Manoj Tiwary is being replaced by Kedar Jadhav.

Within a few minutes from now the 16th match of Indian Premier League`s seventh edition will kick start in which Delhi Daredevils will lock horns with defending champions Mumbai Indians at Sharjah Cricket Stadium. It`s the first match of the day as in the second encounter Sunrisers Hyderabad will be up against Chennai Super Kings.

Stuck at the bottom of the heap, defending champions Mumbai Indians will be desperate to open their account in today`s match against DD, who are also struggling to get going in the ongoing seventh edition of the cash-rich event.

While Mumbai Indians are placed last with three defeats in as many games in the eight-team league, the Daredevils are a shade better at seventh with one win and three losses ahead of their next match at the Dubai International Stadium.

Daredevils skipper Kevin Pietersen, who failed in his first attempt after missing the side`s first three matches, will be eager to put up a better show against the defending champions.

The Delhi outfit will take confidence from the fact that its openers Murali Vijay and Quinton de Cock performed well in their last game against Sunrisers Hyderabad, helping the team close in on the chase of a competitive total before falling apart.

The middle-order, including Pietersen and JP Duminy, will have to shoulder more responsibility against the Rohit Sharma-led side. The former England star Pietersen will be key to Daredevils` chances, with support coming in from Dinesh Karthik, Duminy and Manoj Tiwary.
Daredevils will have to improve their bowling as they could manage just one wicket against Sunrisers Hyderabad while giving away 184 runs.

Mohammad Shami, Wayne Parnell and Jaydev Unadkat all leaked runs with Aaron Finch and David Warner going great guns. As far as Mumbai are concerned, Sharma led from the front with a superlative half-century in their last match, and they will hope for a similar outing from their captain.

They have the ever-dependable Mike Hussey at the top of the order and equally threatening will be New Zealand`s batting sensation Corey Anderson.
Kieron Pollard is also yet to set the stage ablaze with his power hitting. In the bowling department, experienced pros Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan Singh will need to bring in all their experience to effect a turnaround.

And they also have the mercurial Lasith Malinga who has the ability to run through any batting line-up on his day. Pragyan Ojha is Harbhajan`s spin partner and Anderson and Pollard complete the bowling attack.

Teams (from):

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (C), Lasith Malinga, Kieron Pollard, Harbhajan Singh, Ambati Rayudu, Michael Hussey, Zaheer Khan, Pragyan Ojha, Corey Anderson, Josh Hazlewood, CM Gautam, Aditya Tare, Apoorv Wankhade, Marchant de Lange, Krishmar Santokie, Ben Dunk, Pawan Suyal, Sushant Marathe, Jasprit Bumrah, Shreyas Gopal, Jalaj Saxena.

Delhi Daredevils: MA Agarwal, NM Coulter-Nile, Q de Kock, JP Duminy, KM Jadhav, KD Karthik (C), S Kaul, Milind Kumar, Mohammed Shami, S Nadeem, JDS Neesham, WD Parnell, KP Pietersen, HS Sharath, R Sharma, LR Shukla, R Shukla, LRPL Taylor, MK Tiwary, SS Tiwary, JD Unadkat, M Vijay, J Yadav.