Indian Premier League 2016 Final: SunRisers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers Bangalore — As it happened...

Hyderabad skipper David Warner once again played a crucial knock up front to make sure they put up big total in front of RCB.  

Indian Premier League 2016 Final: SunRisers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers Bangalore — As it happened...

All-rounder performance by Hyderabad helped them beat Bangalore in the summit clash. First, Warner and Cutting played crucial knocks to take their team towards mammoth total and then their bowlers, especially Bhuvneshwar and Mustafizur, helped their team defend 208 on a flat track. 


Over 20 || Score 200/7 (Baby 18, Abdulla 4)

Bhuvneshwar with the last over of IPL 9. Single off the first ball. Baby took a double of the next. 3rd ball, Jordan​ RUN OUT!  Iqbal Abdulla has come to the middle. 4th ball, 1 leg bye. Single off the fifth. Last ball, Abdulla hit a boundary towards fine leg. But that was not enough for RCB as Hyderabad beat Bangalore by 8 runs to win their maiden IPL title.  

CJ Jordan run out 3 (4b) 

Over 19 || Score 191/6 (Baby 15, Jordan 2)

Mustafizur to bowl the penultimate over. Binny run out, while stealing a 2nd run. RCB need 30 runs off 6 balls to win the match. Jordan picked a double as Sran dropped a simple catch. Then came a single from the next two balls. Double from Baby's willow off the fifth. Last ball, Baby hit a six over bowlers head as 12 came off it. RCB need 18 runs off 6 balls to win the match.

STR Binny run out 9 (7b)

Over 18 || Score 179/5 (Baby 7, Binny 8)

Bhuvi to bowl the over. Two singles came from the first four balls. 5th ball, single from Binny's willow. Boundary off the last ball. RCB need 30 runs off 12 balls to win the match.  

Over 17 || Score 172/5 (Baby 2, Binny 7)

Mustafizur Rahman back into the attack. Watson Out! Slower one got the better of Watson. Stuart Binny opened his account with a six. Ten runs and a wicket from the over. RCB need 37 runs off 18 balls to win the match.  

SR Watson c Henriques b Mustafizur Rahman 11 (9b) 

Over 16 || Score 162/4 (Baby 1, Watson 9)

Cutting with his final over. Rahul Out! Off cutter worked for the seamer on this occasion. Sachin Baby has come to the middle. RCB need 47 runs off 24 balls to win the match.  

KL Rahul b Cutting 11 (9b)

Over 15 || Score 158/3 (Rahul 10; Watson 7)

Henriques with his 3rd over. Watson hit his compatriot for a six over his head off the 5th ball. Nine came from the over. RCB need 51 runs off 30 balls to win the match.  

Over 14 || Score 149/3 (Rahul 8; Watson 0)

AB de Villiers OUT! Bipul Sharma gave Hyderabad the most crucial wicket of the match. A rare failure for the South African Superman. Eight runs and wicket came in the over. Watson has come to the crease. 

AB de Villiers c Henriques b Bipul Sharma 5 (6b)

Over 13 || Score 141/2 (Rahul 1; De Villiers 4)

Virat Kohli hit Sran over extra covers off the 2nd ball to hit a six. And with that the in-form batsman completed his fifty as well. Kohli Out! Unbelievable, an inside edge crashed into his stumps. Big blow for RCB. Lokesh Rahul is the new man in. 

V Kohli b Sran 54 (35b)

Over 12 || Score 129/1 (Kohli 44; De Villiers 3)

Spin into the attack for the first time as Bipul Sharma has the ball in hand. Kohli hit a boundary towards deep mid-wicket off the 2nd ball. But that's the only big shot in the over. The left-arm tweaker gave nine runs in his opening over.  

Over 11 || Score 120/1 (Kohli 38; De Villiers 0)

Cutting with his 3rd over. Gayle OUT! Top edge flew to third man, where Bipul Sharma took a sharp catch to dismiss the West Indian. AB de Villiers has come to the middle. Eight runs and a big wicket came in the over.    

CH Gayle c Bipul Sharma b Cutting 76 (38b)

Over 10 || Score 112/0 (Kohli 31; Gayle 75)

Kohli sent Mustafizur Rahman to the cleaners. Hit him for a boundary and a six off consecutive deliveries. 12 runs from the over. 

Over 9 || Score 100/0 (Kohli 20; Gayle 74)

Henriques to continue. Kohli hit a boundary off the first ball. Then came two massive sixes from Gayle's willow. Rain of sixes. Gayle finishes the over with a boundary. Massive over for RCB as 21 runs came off it. Batting team also reached the three-figure mark. 

Over 8 || Score 79/0 (Kohli 15; Gayle 58)

Cutting back into the attack. But there is no stopping Gayle. The big hitter, clobbered the 3rd ball for a six, straight over bowlers head. The Australian leaked ten runs.    

Over 7 || Score 69/0 (Kohli 13; Gayle 51)

Moises Henriques with his opening over. Gayle welcomed him with a six, straight over his head. And with that, Gayle completed his half-century. He used just 25 balls to reach the mark, with the help of five sixes and three boundaries. Henriques conceded nine runs.  

Over 6 || Score 59/0 (Kohli 10; Gayle 44)

Mustafizur Rahman, the premier bowler of Hyderabad, into the attack now. The Bangladeshi seamer has started off well, conceded mere four runs. 

Over 5 || Score 55/0 (Kohli 7; Gayle 43)

Ben Cutting, who has played a superb cameo today, has come into the attack. Gayle is dealing in boundaries and sixes. He hit the bowler for a six and a boundary to collect 13 runs from the over. RCB crossed the 50-run mark as well.   

Over 4 || Score 42/0 (Kohli 5; Gayle 32)

Once again Sran was sent out of the park by Gayle over long on off the 2nd ball. Then came a boundary and a six off the last two balls. The seamer proved expensive yet again. 16 runs came from the over.  

Over 3 || Score 26/0 (Kohli 5; Gayle 16)

Bhuvi to continue. Though Gayle hit a boundary in the over, RCB collected mere eight runs. Kohli hasn't started yet. 

Over 2 || Score 18/0 (Kohli 4; Gayle 11)

Barinder Sran was smacked for a six by Gayle off the 3rd ball. The seamer proved expensive in his first over as he leaked 13 rins.  

Over 1 || Score 5/0 (Kohli 4; Gayle 0)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar started the proceedings with very good over, conceding for runs, that too off a edge.

Virat Kohli got the lucky boundary with the ball racing through the slip cordon.

SunRisers Hyderabad Innings

Over 20 || Score 208/7 (Cutting 39, Bhuvneshwar 1)

Watson to bowl last over of the innings. Cutting hit a boundary off the first ball. 2nd ball, then came a massive six over mid-wicket. 3rd ball, another six from Cutting's willow. 4,6,6,1,1. Last ball, Cutting on strike, Six over long off. 24 runs came from the over. Hyderabad put up a mammoth total of 208 runs in front of RCB.    

Over 19 || Score 184/7 (Cutting 16, Bhuvneshwar 0)

Jordan to bowl the penultimate over of the innings. Third ball was hit towards point region by Bipul for a boundary. But bowler has the last laugh as he got the better of Bipul in the next ball. Bhuvneshwar has joined Cutting. 5 wides off the 2nd last ball. Then came a boundary of the next as the seamer leaked 16 runs.   

Bipul Sharma c Chahal b Jordan 5 (3b)     

Over 18 || Score 168/6 (Cutting 10, Bipul 0)

Ojha run out! That's the last thing SRH wanted. Poor calling by the batsmen. Bipul Sharma has come to the crease. Third ball, a full toss, was smacked into the stands by Cutting. Then came another boundary off the fifth ball from Cutting's willow. 12 runs from the over.   

NV Ojha run out 7 (4b)

Over 17 || Score 156/5 (Ojha 7, Cutting 0)

Jordan picked up his 2nd wicket in the form of Yuvraj Singh. SRH have lost wickets in a heap. Naman Ojha and Ben Cutting are the two new mean in the middle. Nine runs came from the over.  

Yuvraj Singh c Watson b Jordan 38 (23b)

Over 16 || Score 147/4 (Yuvraj 38)

Aravind with his last over. First ball was hit for a boundary by Yuvi. Hooda Out! Half-hearted shot by the batsman and was caught at long on by Virat Kohli. Seven runs and a wicket came from the over. 

DJ Hooda c Kohli b Aravind 3 (6b)

Over 15 || Score 140/3 (Hooda 2; Yuvraj 32)

Yuvraj sent Chahal to the cleaners as the southpaw hit him for a six and a boundary off consecutive balls. The leggie leaked 13 runs in the over.   

Over 14 || Score 127/3 (Hooda 1; Yuvraj 20)

Aravind back to roll his arm. Warner Out! After hitting him for a boundary, Warner played the ball straight into the hands of Abdulla at point. It's a big blow for SRH and huge relief for RCB. Deepak Hooda ​joined Yuvi. Superb over by the seamer. 

DA Warner c Iqbal Abdulla b Aravind 69 (38b)

Over 13 || Score 120/2 (Warner 65; Yuvraj 18)

Chahal with his 3rd over. The lanky leggie bowled an excellent over as four runs cane from the over. Best part for Hyderabad is to that they have two well set batsmen in the middle.    

Over 12 || Score 116/2 (Warner 63; Yuvraj 16)

Yuvraj is looking in good in nick. He first hit Jordan for a boundary and then smacked him for a six over square leg. The English seamer conceded 13 runs. 

Over 11 || Score 103/2 (Warner 62; Yuvraj 5)

Watson back into the attack. Yuvraj opened his account with a single by pulling Watson towards third man. In the last ball, Yuvraj played his signature shot, cover drive, to hit his first boundary. Still mere six runs came from the over. SRH crossed the 100-run mark.   

Over 10 || Score 97/2 (Warner 61; Yuvraj 0)

Warner welcomed Chris Jordan by hitting him for two consecutive boundaries off his first two balls. Henriques Out! Leading edge from his willow and Chahal completed a high catch quite comfortably. Yuvraj Singh, who is playing in his maiden IPL final, has come to the crease.    

MC Henriques c Chahal b Jordan 4 (5b)

Over 9 || Score 88/1 (Warner 52; Henriques 1)

Warner has started dealing in boundaries and sixes. He hit Chahal for two boundaries to complete his half-century. It's his ninth fifty of the season. This is also the joint fastest half-century (off 24 balls) in an IPL final. 13 runs came from the over.   

Over 8 || Score 75/1 (Warner 41; Henriques 3)

Iqbal Abdulla, who played a crucial role for RCB in the last game, with his first over. 3rd ball was launched towards long on by Warner for yet another six. He has already reached to 41. The left-arm spinner conceded ten runs in his opening over.  

Over 7 || Score 65/1 (Warner 33; Henriques 1)

RCB's best bowler this season, Yuzvendra Chahal into the attack. Dhawan Out! Played a loose sweep shot in the air as Jordan took a simple catch at mid-wicket boundary. Moises Henriques has walked into the middle to join Warner. 

S Dhawan c Jordan b Chahal 28 (25b)

Over 6 || Score 59/0 (Warner 31; Dhawan 25)

Gayle with his 3rd over. Dhawan placed the 2nd ball towards fine leg to get a boundary. Warner finished the over in style by hitting the offie over long on for a six. Another good over for SRH hit 13 runs in it. Hyderabad also crossed the 50-run mark.    

Over 5 || Score 46/0 (Warner 24; Dhawan 20)

Shane Watson with his first over. Poor start by the Australian, as Dhawan and Warner hit him for a six each, inside the first three ball. From the 5th ball, came a boundary from Dhawan's willow. Massive over as the bowler leaked 18 runs.   

Over 4 || Score 27/0 (Warner 12; Dhawan 13)

Gayle with his 2nd over. Dhawan played the fifth ball over the bowlerd head to get his 2nd boundary of the match. Tight over by the West Indian, six came off it.  

Over 3 || Score 21/0 (Warner 11; Dhawan 8)

Aravind to continue. Fifth ball was too short by the seamer, Dhawan punched it towards extra covers for a boundary. Another boundary off the next ball, this time towards deep mid-wicket.  

Over 2 || Score 12/0 (Warner 3; Dhawan 7)

Chris Gayle with the ball. Interesting move by RCB skipper Kohli. In the 2nd last ball, Gayle dropped Dhawan. Is it going to cost RCB badly? Time will tell. Five runs from the over. 

Over 1 || Score 7/0 (Warner 2; Dhawan 5)

Sreenath Aravind to bowl the opening over. Warner took a single off the first ball to open the account. Dhawan also grabbed a single off the next ball. Aravind bowled first five ball at a good line. Last ball was on the leg stump, and Dhawan placed it fine towards leg side to collect the first boundary of the match.     

SRH openers David Warner and Shikhar Dhawan have come to the middle to open the innings. 

Fielding team, RCB, are all set to enter the ground. 

Hyderabad's star player Yuvraj Singh feels that pressure would be on RCB as they are playing on their home ground and on top they haven't managed to win the IPL finals in the past.  

Have a look at the playing XI in today's encounter.

No change in RCB playing XI, while, one change for Hyderabad as Mustafizur Rahman is back in place of Trent Boult.

SunRisers Hyderabad's skipper David Warner has won the TOSS and elected to bat first.  

Here are few interesting stats related to this season.

This is the trophy for which both the teams are fighting tonight.

Mumbai Indians' Harbhajan Singh wished his friends in RCB and SRH before the big clash.

This is what South African cricketer David Wiese has to say before the IPL 9 final.

Do you guys agree with Aakash on this?

Rain might play a spoilsport in summit clash.  

Welcome to our LIVE UPDATES of the final of the Indian Premier League's ninth edition, which is being played between Royal Challengers Bangalore and SunRisers Hyderabad at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore.

Real battle in today's would be between RCB's power-packed batting vs SRH bowlers.

At the same time, one can expect it to be a high scoring game, as ground is comparatively small and the strip is full of runs. 

RCB, however, will have a slight advantage over Sunrisers as they have the experience of playing in an IPL final twice in the past -- 2009 and 2011, but on both occasions, they had finished runners-up.

Sunrisers' best finish was a play-off berth which they managed in their debut season in 2013.

Iqbal Abdull

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