Indian Premier League 2016: Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad - As it happened...

In a high-scoring match hosts Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Sunrisers Hyderabad quite comfortably at M Chinnaswamy Stadium.

Indian Premier League 2016: Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad - As it happened...

RCB opened their IPL campaign on a winning note with a thumping win over SRH.  

Sunrisers Hyderabad Innings 

Over 20 || Score 182/6 (Morgan 22, Karn 26)

Watson to bowl the final over. Boundary came off the first ball from Karn's willow. Then came four runs from the next three deliveries. Fifth ball, Another single. No run from the last ball as RCB crushed SRH by a huge margin of 45 runs. 

Over 19 || Score 173/6 (Morgan 21, Karn 19)

Patel to bowl. First ball was hit for a boundary by Karan. Then came five runs from rest of the five balls. Hyderabad need 55 runs required from 6 balls. 

Over 18 || Score 164/6 (Morgan 17, Karn 14)

Adam Milne with his last over. 2nd ball was sliced away for a smooth six over point region by Karn. From the fifth came another boundary. 12 came from the over.Hyderabad need 64 runs from 12 balls.   

Over 17 || Score 152/6 (Morgan 16, Karn 4)

Harshal Patel to bowl the over. Karn Sharma joined Morgan at the crease. SRH crossed the 150-run mark in the over. Match is virtually over as Hyderabad need 76 runs from 18 balls.   

Over 16 || Score 147/6 (Morgan 15)

Watson back into the attack. Morgan dropped by Chahal at deep extra covers off the fourth ball. In the last ball, Watson decided to leave it to no one and clean bowled Reddy. 

A Ashish Reddy b Watson 32 (18b)

Over 15 || Score 125/5 (Morgan 8, Reddy 31)

Parvez Rasool with his last over, Reddy is middling the ball well. He smashed the offie for a boundary and a six to collect 14 from the over. SRH need 89 runs from 30 balls. 

Over 14 || Score 125/5 (Morgan 6, Reddy 19)

Morgan and Reddy are still in the middle as Hyderabad still have faintest of hopes to make it an interesting match. Reddy hit two sixes and a boundary in the last two overs as 19 runs came off them.    

Over 12 || Score 106/5 (Morgan 5, Reddy 1)

Hyderabad have lost two wickets more wickets in last two overs. First, Milne picked up his first wicket as he got the better of Henriques. And than Chahal scalped his 2nd wicket by sending Hooda back into the hut.  

DJ Hooda c de Villiers b Chahal 6 (6b)

MC Henriques c Parvez Rasool b Milne 19 (23b)

Over 10 || Score 92/3 (Hooda 0, Henriques 19)

Trying to hit the bowler over long on, Ojha played straight into the hands of AB at deep. Deepak Hooda has come to the middle. Henriques hit his 2nd boundary of the match off fifth ball. 

NV Ojha c de Villiers b Chahal 0 (4b)

Over 9 || Score 86/2 (Ojha 0, Henriques 14)

Watson back into the attack. Trying to pull the short ball but got the top edge of his bat as Milne took a high catch. Naman Ojha walked into the middle as SRH lost their 2nd wicket.  

DA Warner c Milne b Watson 58 (25b)

Over 8 || Score 83/1 (Warner 58, Henriques 11)

Yuzvendra Chahal, the leggie to bowl his first over. Warner welcomed the bowler with a boundary and then hit him for a six to complete his fifty. The opener didn't stop here and again smashed the bowler out of the park. The spinner conceded 19 in the over.    

Over 7 || Score 64/1 (Warner 40, Henriques 10)

Patel with his 2nd over. To up the ante, Henriques went for a big shot and get a boundary towards long on. Eight from the over. 

Over 6 || Score 56/1 (Warner 39, Henriques 4)

Parvez Rasool to continue. Third ball was launched for a six by Warner as Hyderabad crossed the 50-run mark. Still a decent over as mere seven came off it. 

Over 5 || Score 49/1 (Warner 33, Henriques 3)

Harshal Patel with his opening over. Warner up the ante as he hit the bowler for a six and a boundary to collect 11 from the over. 

Over 4 || Score 38/1 (Warner 23, Henriques 2)

First bowling change! Parvez Rasool into the attack. Dhawan Out! Clean bowled, no clue what so ever! Moises Henriques is the new man in. 

S Dhawan b Parvez Rasool 8 (9b)

Over 3 || Score 35/0 (Warner 22, Dhawan 8)

Milne to continue. Fifth ball was slapped towards wide long off by Warner to get a boundary. Next was smacked towards long on for a six. 13 from the over. 

Over 2 || Score 22/0 (Warner 11, Dhawan 6)

Shane Watson to bowl the over. Dhawan collected his first boundary off the fourth ball. The bowler leaked ten runs in it.    

Over 1 || Score 12/0 (Warner 6, Dhawan 1)

Dhawan and Warner in the middle as Milne to start the bowling proceedings for RCB, who have a big total to defend. 12 runs came from the first over.  

Royal Challengers Bangalore innings​

Over 20 || Score 227/4 (Jadhav 8, Sarfaraz 35)

Mustafizur Rahman to bowl the over. Third ball was dispatched over square leg for a six by wonder kid. Last ball was hit for a boundary by Sarfaraz as RCB put up a mammoth total of 227 in front of SRH.  

Over 19 || Score 214/4 (Jadhav 7, Sarfaraz 23)

Bhuvi to bowl the penultimate over of the match. Sarfaraz is on a roll, he hit the bowler for four boundaries and six. This youngster is emerging out as a next big thing of Indian cricket. Expensive over as 28 runs came from it.    

Over 18 || Score 186/4 (Jadhav 2, Sarfaraz 1)

Finally, Mustafizur managed to get the better of AB. Twin strike! Off the next ball, he sent Watson to the pavilion. Excellent over, three from it. 

SR Watson c Ojha b Mustafizur Rahman 19 (8b) 

AB de Villiers c Morgan b Mustafizur Rahman 82 (42b) 

Over 17 || Score 183/2 (Watson 19, AB 82)

Karn Sharma with his last over. Last three balls were launched by Watson for sixes. Everyone is looking in a red-hot form.     

Over 16 || Score 164/2 (Watson 1, AB 82)

Bhuvi to bowl the over. Hair-raising batting display by Kohli and AB. They both have a chance to score a hundred today. Kohli Out! Clean bowled. Shane Watson has come to the middle. 19 from the over. 

V Kohli b Kumar 75 (51b)                                                                                      

Over 15 || Score 164/1 (Kohli 70, AB 82)

Ashish Reddy with his 2nd over. Brutal hitting by AB and Kohli continued as two more sixes came in the over. 16 from over. The deadly duo have added 150-run partnership for the 2nd wicket.  

Over 14 || Score 140/1 (Kohli 68, AB 68)

What a batting display by world's two best batsmen. It's rain of boundaries and sixes at M Chinnaswamy Stadium. Henriques leaked 14 in the over as Kohli collected a boundary and six.  

Over 13 || Score 126/1 (Kohli 56, AB 66)

Karn Sharma to bowl. Both are looking unstoppable at the moment. First Kohli hit a boundary off the first ball and then launched the bowler for a massive hit over deep long on for a maximum. And with that hit he crossed the fifty-run mark. 15 from the over. 

Over 12 || Score 115/1 (Kohli 42, AB 66)

Henriques gave 11 runs as AB hit the bowler for two consecutive boundaries off the last two balls. 

Over 11 || Score 99/1 (Kohli 40, AB 56)

Big blow for SRH as their bowling spare got injured (may be mussel pull) and went back towards the pavilion after bowling just the first ball off the over. Ashish Reddy to complete his over. Fourth ball was hit straight down the ground by AB as he completed his fifty in style. He then celebrated it with another boundary off the next ball. Yet another big over, 11 from it.   

Over 10 || Score 88/1 (Kohli 39, AB 46)

Karn Sharma with his 2nd over. AB SMACKED the leggie for two consecutive sixes at the same area - cow corner. 15 from the over. 

Over 9 || Score 73/1 (Kohli 38, AB 32)

Henriques to continue. But this time Kohli charged the bowler and hit him over long of for a massive six off the 3rd ball. 12 from the over.   

Over 8 || Score 61/1 (Kohli 28, AB 30)

Karn Sharma set to roll his arm. Warner is juggling his bowlers at the moment to get a breakthrough. Off the third ball, Kohli danced down the wicket to hit the bowler straight over his head for a one-bounce boundary. Eight from the over.  

Over 7 || Score 52/1 (Kohli 21, AB 28)

Moises Henriques to bowl his opening over. From the first ball came a double as RCB crossed the 50-run mark. Tight over first up by the pacer as he leaked mere three in it.  

Over 6 || Score 49/1 (Kohli 18, AB 28)

Mustafizur to bowl the over. Third ball was glanced towards on side by Kohli to get his third boundary. Still a decent over by the left-arm seamer, six from it. 

Over 5 || Score 43/1 (Kohli 13, AB 27)

Bhuvi back into attack. First ball was hit towards extra cover region for a boundary by Kohli. Carnage! AB then send the bowler to the cleaners with a six over cover. Another boundary straight down the ground by the South African. Another expensive over as 16 came off it.     

Over 4 || Score 27/1 (Kohli 8, AB 16)

Nehra with his 2nd over. AB broke the shackles as he hit the bowler for a boundary and a six in the first three balls. Fifth ball was cut towards extra cover region for another boundary by the Superman. 15 from the over.   

Over 3 || Score 12/1 (Kohli 8, AB 2)

Bangladeshi bowler Mustafizur Rahman, who is playing his first IPL match, into the attack. And he started off with a tight over first up as he conceded mere four runs.  

Over 2 || Score 8/1 (AB 1, Kohli 5)

Bhuvneshwar to bowl the over. Gayle Out! Unlucky dismissal as the ball hit his thigh pad and crashed into the stumps. AB de Villiers has entered the ground with a big roar from the crowd. Three runs from the over.  

Over 1 || Score 5/0 (Gayle 1, Kohli 4)

Nehra to bowl the first over as Gayle and Kohli have come to the middle to open the innings for RCB. First ball was right on the money by the left-arm pacer, and Gayle survived a big LBW appeal. He then took a single off the next to open RCB's account. Kohli hit the bowler for a boundary off the last ball towards fine leg. 

Hyderabad won the TOSS, decided to bowl first. 

Both the teams, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad, are playing their opening match of the season and would like to open their campaign on a winning note.

SRH captained by David Warner seem like a well balanced unit, however, Virat Kohli-led RCB has a power-packed batting line up.   

Going into the match, Hyderabad may miss the services of Yuvraj Singh as the southpaw is injured.

As Bangalore are playing at home, they have a slight advantage over Hyderabad.  

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