Lorgat not suspended, says Cricket South Africa

PTI| Updated: Oct 22, 2013, 22:22 PM IST

Johannesburg: Cricket South Africa (CSA) chairman Chris Nenzani on Tuesday said CEO Haroon Lorgat has not been suspended and his removal relates only to the allegations contained in the David Becker article and he remains responsible for all other areas of the board`s operations.

The BCCI today gave its consent to India`s tour of South Africa after Cricket South Africa withdrew Lorgat from not just its dealings with the Indian Board but also the ICC Chief Executives Committee pending an enquiry into his actions.

"I would like to stress that Mr. Lorgat has not been suspended," Chris Nenzani, Chairman of the CSA Board of Directors, said in a short statement.

"In fact, (Lorgat) himself volunteered to withdraw from matters involving the ICC and the BCCI in his deliberations with the full Board at their meeting last Sunday.

"As stated in the joint media release by CSA and the BCCI, Mr Lorgat has been withdrawn by CSA from representing it at the ICC`s Chief Executive`s Committee (or from acting in any other ICC-related matters), and from having involvement in any aspect of CSA`s relationship with the BCCI, including but not limited to the upcoming tour.

?"The withdrawal of the Chief Executive relates only to the allegations contained in the Becker article. Mr. Lorgat remains Chief Executive of CSA and is responsible for all other areas of its operations," he added.

In a joint statement earlier today, CSA and BCCI announced that the South African cricket team will play against India in a home series comprising two Test matches and three One Day International matches, the specific dates and details of which will be announced in due course.

CSA also announced that its chief executive and former

ICC chief executive Lorgat has been withdrawn from acting in any ICC-related matter or "from having involvement in any aspect of CSA`s relationship with the BCCI, including but not limited to the upcoming tour."

The agreement to tour was concluded by the two boards after various concerns were raised around the recent ICC Board meeting in London about the alleged conduct of CSA`s Chief Executive, Mr Haroon Lorgat, and recent comments made about the ICC Board by a former legal advisor to CSA, Mr David Becker, the statement said.

"The ICC and CSA have already refuted the comments made by Mr Becker, and the ICC is now considering its legal options in respect of the same.

"In addition, the ICC will convene an investigation by an independent third party (to be appointed by the ICC) into the content and distribution of the media comments, subsequent attempts to have them withdrawn, and, in particular, the role of Mr Lorgat in relation to these matters."

Lorgat was at loggerheads with BCCI during his tenure at the ICC.

The impasse over the almost three-month?Indian tour that was earlier announced by CSA was allegedly over BCCI`s dissatisfaction about CSA appointing Lorgat to his job despite BCCI having advised against it.

BCCI also claimed that it had not been consulted about the South African tour, arranging other home and away matches during the same period announced by CSA.