Need to give the community the result it deserves: KKR CEO

Bangalore: Kolkata Knight Riders on Sunday made it clear that Sourav Ganguly -- as a player -- was not in their scheme of things for the fourth edition of the India Premier League.

When pointed out that they had indicated that KKR may have a role for Ganguly, CEO Venky Mysore said there was some miscommunication.

"If it was perceived that way, may be I did not communicate properly. All I said was that he is a phenomenal player and I have personally followed, enjoyed just like millions of people. I have personal regard and respect for him but KKR`s objective at the start of the auction was that we
have to do a better job.”

"We really need to give the community and the city that kind of result they expect and deserve. From that perspective we had fantastic two days.”

"Sourav Ganguly is one of the icons of the country. With his experience and stature, if there is any shape or form we can benefit from that, I will be thrilled that was the extent to which I said," Mysore said.

On being asked if Ganguly would be given the role of a mentor in the team, Mysore told `Times now`, "At this stage we were focussed on auction. We are exhausted, tired. We need to regroup a bit. We have to see where we go from here."