Not using UDRS could backfire on India: Swann

London: England spinner Graeme Swann feels India`s opposition to the Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) in the upcoming Test series could backfire on the world`s number one team.

India have rejected the use of UDRS for the four-match series starting July 21 at Lord`s, saying the technology is not fool-proof. As per the International Cricket Council`s (ICC) regulations, UDRS can be implemented in a bilateral series only after the consent of the two boards.

Swann reckons the introduction of the technology has helped umpires in their decision making. "A few years ago not having UDRS would have been a blow but what has happened is that umpires are far happier to give lbws out on the front foot," Swann was quoted as saying by a magazine.

"Umpires have been going back and studying videos and they have learnt from the mistakes of the past and are more willing to give things out. I think it is a shame we are not going to use it because it is a very positive thing that has been introduced in the game. I think India do trust the technology. You could make that excuse but I think it`s proved to be pretty accurate. It saves as many batsmen as it sends to the stocks.” he added.

"I don`t know if it`s distrust of technology or a bit of “kidology” on their part. If they don`t want to do it, fair enough. Maybe we will get a couple that would have been ¬overturned and it would be quite amusing if that happened," he said.


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