PCB must work towards saving Pakistan team’s integrity: Ramiz

Karachi: Pakistan’s former captain Ramiz Raja on Friday said that it is time for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to decide how they want to save the integrity of the national cricket team.

“The year 2010 has been a terrible one for Pakistan cricket team as the scandals have caused a lot of damage to our image. Now, the board has to decide whether they want talented but ‘chor’ players or those with less talent but more integrity and honesty,” he told the reporters in Lahore on Friday.

The former chief executive of PCB noted that because of the constant scandals, indiscipline and spot-fixing allegations, the image of Pakistan cricket has got tarnished, which also resulted in the poor performance of the team in this year.

He pointed out that the biggest problem with the Pakistan board was honesty and integrity.

“They have to realise how important it is for someone to be honest,” said Ramiz.

He, however added that Pakistan had found some good young players and the road to the World Cup was looking bright and positive. “But a decision must come soon on which road the board wants to take. I think their choices are limited now.”

Ramiz said that Pakistan had fought well in recent series against England and South Africa and shown they were still capable of fighting, despite all the problems.

“I don’t think people will ever forgive the players if they are found guilty of corruption because they derailed the entire process of rebuilding the team and put us back by a few years,” said Ramiz.


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