PCB ridden with “nepotism, sycophancy”, team divided

Johannesburg: Former coach Richard Pybus says Pakistan cricket officialdom is ridden with “nepotism and sycophancy” while the team is always faction ridden and the only way to pull that country out of the rut is to appoint professional and accountable administrators.

“With every regime change, they appoint different people -- the chairman of the Board brings in his cronies. Cricket is the number one sport, it holds huge status in people’s minds, and they want to be involved in it,” Pybus said.

“So in the end, you have nepotism and sycophancy, and players end up operating at the behest of whatever regime comes in,” he said in the wake of ‘spot-fixing’ scandal that has rocked world cricket.

“There are some professional administrators who do good work, but they are at the mercy of the people above them. They are like corks on the sea. The cronies are not experienced at working in professional sport,” Pybus was quoted as saying by ‘The Star’.

Commenting on the Pakistan side that he was in charge during the 2003 World Cup in South Africa, Pybus said they could not get past the first round because the players were not behind fast bowler Waqar Younis.

“There were a lot of issues behind the scenes. There were lots of groups within the squad. Maybe there were 11 players, but they were never a team. A lot of players had accumulated too much baggage over the years and the tournament turned out to be the end of the road for a few players,” said Pybus.

After Pakistan’s disappointing show in South Africa, Pybus supported the captaincy claims of Younis Khan, who eventually got the opportunity to lead the team last year before being banned by the PCB only to lift it later.

“(Khan is) a straight guy, and if there were any shenanigans going on, he wouldn’t tolerate that,” Pybus said.

“The two biggest challenges facing is to get the team play together as a unit and employing professional administrators who are accountable,” he added.