PCB’s HR department starts inquiry against its employees

Karachi: The human resources department of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has been forced to start an inquiry against some of its senior and regular employees after it recently decided to retire all permanent employees who had attained the age of 60 years as per service rules.

When the HR officials implemented the retirement policy rule, some interesting facts were found from the documents submitted by employees.

For one the board is now investigating whether Sultan Rana, head of domestic cricket, and, Azmat Rana, regional coach, are twins or not.

According to reliable sources the inquiry was started after it emerged that Azmat was the older brother of Sultan, but the birth certificates in the board records show their date of birth as the same (November 3, 1951).

“It is a strange case because while their date of births are the same, which means they are twins, but they have never been known as twins and, in the cricket circles, the general impression has been that Azhar is older than Sultan,” a source said.

Azmat played one Test for Pakistan while Sultan was a prominent domestic player and almost made it to the national team.

“According to their current date of birth they will turn 60 years in less than a year’s time and will have to retire under the new regulations, but the HR is still verifying things,” the source added.

Another senior employee of the board is also under scrutiny due to discrepancies found in his HR record.

Bashir Ahmed Kardar, the long-serving curator of the board who is now stationed in Multan as a regular employee, joined the board after retiring as an umpire after attaining the age of 60 years.

But his records with the board show that he is yet to turn 60.

The board last month decided to retire a number of its employees under the retirement policy, including chief operating officer Wasim Bari.

Bari, a former Test captain, is now said to be running from pillar to post to get back into the board as a contractual employee.

Service rules allow the board to employ people on contracts who have passed the retirement age.



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