Cook urges Clarke to ensure both sides avoid sledging

Sydney: England captain Alastair Cook has reportedly urged opposing skipper Michael Clarke to ensure that both sides do not get into sledging that disrupted the end of the first Test in Brisbane.

Clarke claimed that he had accepted his fine for telling serial sledger Jimmy Anderson to `get ready for a f**king broken arm` and wanted to move on.

Match referee Jeff Crowe met Cook in the lead-up to the Test to demand an improvement in behaviour and delivered Clarke the same message when he fined the Aussie skipper 20 percent of his match fee, about 3000 dollars, reports.

Cook said that it is important that both sides recognise a couple of scenes in that last game weren`t great for the game of cricket adding that it is important to play in the right way but there`s got to be a boundary the players shouldn`t cross.

Cook further said that he and Clarke have a responsibility as captains to make sure that sledging doesn`t happen, the report added.