SHOCKING! When Navjot Singh Sidhu slapped Manoj Prabhakar in Indian team's hotel room

The BJP MP admitted this on a TV show few years back.

  SHOCKING! When Navjot Singh Sidhu slapped Manoj Prabhakar in Indian team's hotel room

New Delhi: Navjot Singh Sidhu's career with the Indian team had its fair share of controversies.

One of the lesser known incidents involving the former opener was that he once slapped his teammate and all-rounder Manoj Prabhakar in a hotel room.

The BJP MP admitted this when he was on the 'Aap Ki Adalat​' show a few years back.

This happened when Sidhu, Mohammad Azharuddin, Kapil Dev and Prabhakar were watching a movie in Azhar's hotel room.

Since Sidhu had already watched the movie, he informed Kapil that he wanted to take the DVD of another film and watch it in his room with some other players.

Just as he reached out for the DVD, Prabhakar shouted and told him not to touch it. Respecting his senior, Siddhu refrained from taking the DVD and continued to watch the same movie.

After a few minutes, Sidhu wanted a eat some Rasgullas (which were incidentally bought by him) that were in a box on the table.

As he approached the box, Prabhakar did the same and told him not to touch that as well.

Sidhu lost his cool and asked him if he had bought the sweets and what his problem was. Prabhakar replied that he hadn't bought them and whatever he said was as per his wish.

Wasting no time, the Punjab batsman slapped his senior Prabhakar to the surprise of those in the room.

The audiences today see Sherry in his new avatar as an entertainer in the media but several of his teammates claim that he was an extremely serious individual back in the days.

This might well be true as Prabhakar found out on that fateful day.

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