T20 World Cup India vs Pak warm-up match: As it happened...

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Colombo: India lost their second T20 warm-up game against Pakistan here by five wickets on Monday.


Here is how the match panned out:

What an incredible innings from Kamran Akmal. Indian fans were jubilant when Pakistan were wobbling at 91/5. But from there on, it was the Kamran-Shoaib show as they made Indian bowlers look like an ordinary bunch of cricketers.

SIX!!! And the man who began the counter-attack has won it for Pakistan in style! Irfan Pathan begins with a high full-toss, Akmal makes some room and ruthlessly smashes that over cover fence!


Over 19 Pakistan: 180/5 Shoaib Malik 37 (18b) – Kamran Akmal 86 (49b)

Just six needed off the last over. This should be a cakewalk from Pakistan from here on after all the hard work.

SIX And now Malik joins the party! Last ball from Balaji, a slower one and he clobbers it over long-off for another six. Fabulous shot under pressure.

SIX! Evrything is working for Kamran Akmal! Sweeps, and sweeps extremely well as ball sails over deep backward square leg for another six! What a shot!

Over 18 Pakistan: 164/5 Shoaib Malik 29 (15b) – Kamran Akmal 78 (46b)

Pakistan need 22 from the last two overs.

Good over from Ashwin. No boundaries and 7 runs from that over. Ashwin ends his excellent spell. 4-0-13-4

Over 17 Pakistan: 157/5 Shoaib Malik 25 (12b) – Kamran Akmal 76 (43b)

Excellent counter-attack from these two batsmen.Pakistan now need 29 runs from 3 overs.

FOUR Even Balaji cannot stop the boundaries. Its raining boundaries here. Balaji pitches one outside the off-stump and Akmal guides that towards third-man for a boundary.

SIX! Kamran Akmal is unstoppable now! Balaji bowls a fuller length ball and Akmal smashes that over mid-wicket for a six.

Over 16 Pakistan: 141/5 Shoaib Malik 24 (11b) – Kamran Akmal 62 (38b)

SIX! Malik is playing a blinder. He comes down the wicket and converts Harbhajan's fuller length ball into a full-toss and clobbers that over long-on for a six!

Over 15 Pakistan: 130/5 Shoaib Malik 16 (8b) – Kamran Akmal 59 (35b)

19 runs from that over!

FOUR And now Malik joins the party. He effortlessly plays the shot towards long-off for a boundary.

SIX And again! It was a slower one from Zaheer and Akmal smokes that over the deep mid-wicket boundary for half a dozen!

SIX It was a low full-toss and Akmal sweeps that over long-on for a six. Akmal races to a fifty.

Over 14 Pakistan: 103/5 Shoaib Malik 10 (6b) – Kamran Akmal 46 (31b)

FOUR Malik hits hits first boundary. Short ball from Bhajji and he smashes that towards mid-wicket for a boundary.

Over 13 Pakistan: 103/5 Shoaib Malik 4 (3b) – Kamran Akmal 44 (28b)

Just eight runs from the over. Pakistan need boundaries here.

Over 12 Pakistan: 95/5 Shoaib Malik 3 (2b) – Kamran Akmal 37 (23)

OUT! Ashwin strikes again with a brilliant catch off his own bowling.

Umar Akmal c & b Ashwin 2 (5b)

Over 11 Pakistan: 85/4 Umar Akmal 2 (4) – Kamran Akmal 34 (20)

Good over from Balaji. Just three runs from it.

Over 10 Pakistan: 82/4 Umar Akmal 0 (1) – Kamran Akmal 33 (17)

Good over from Aswhin. He scalped two big wickets.

OUT! Ashwin strikes again! Shahid Afridi hasn't been in the best of form, of late and just after facing one ball, he shimmied down the wicket and was caught by Zaheer Khan at long-off.

OUT! Ashwin gets the breakthrough as he dismisses Mohammad Hafeez (38 from 29). Hafeez charged down the track and was caught at long-on by Rohit Sharma.

Over 9 Pakistan: 82/2 Kamran Akmal 32 (16) – Mohammad Hafeez 37 (27)

Another delicate cut from Akmal and FOUR!!! .

FOUR!!! Akmal looking dangerous as he cut again, Balaji botched up his effort at point.

Over 7 Pakistan: 63/2 Kamran Akmal 20 (11) – Mohammad Hafeez 30 (20)

FOUR!!! again by Akmal he plays the ball rather late bisecting the point and backward point fielders.

FOUR!!! of the first ball, Akmal lofts one over extra cover.

Over 6 Pakistan: 52/2 Kamran Akmal 10 (6) – Mohammad Hafeez 29 (19)

SIX!!! Akmal greets Harbhajan Singh with a mammoth hit straight over long off.

Over 5 Pakistan: 41/2 Kamran Akmal 2 (1) – Mohammad Hafeez 26 (18)

FOUR!!! by Hafeez short ball and the captain swirled around and dispatched the ball to square leg fence.

Over 4 Pakistan: 35/2 Kamran Akmal 2 (1) – Mohammad Hafeez 20 (12)

OUT!!! Terrific stuff by Dhoni, throwing the ball to the stumps, back of the hand stuff and Nasir Jamshed 0 (0) is short of his crease.

OUT!!! Dangerous Imran Nazir (13) gone. Raina with a superb catch in the deep.

Over 3 Pakistan: 29/0 Imran Nazir 13 (9) – Mohammad Hafeez 16 (9)

Slower one by Zaheer, Hafeez picked the length early and paddle swept the ball for FOUR!!!.

Driven well by Hafeez and FOUR!!!, as Harbhajan slips.

Over 2 Pakistan: 19/0 Imran Nazir 12 (7) – Mohammad Hafeez 7 (5)

SIX!!! by Hafeez, he launched the over-pitched delivery over long-off fence for a maximum.

FOUR!!! Imran Nazir with a thunderous pull, short of length and he charged down the track and clobbered it towards mid-wicket.

Irfan Pathan into the attack.

Over 1 Pakistan: 2/0 Imran Nazir 1(3) – Mohammad Hafeez 1 (3)

Tidy over from Zaheer Khan. Just two runs off it.

Imran Nazir and Mohammad Hafeez walk to the middle and it will be Zaheer Khan to start off the proceedings.

Powered by Virat Kohli’s 47-ball 75 ably supported by Rohit Sharma (56), India put up a competitive total of 185 for the loss of three wickets in the ICC T20 warm-up tie against Pakistan. The duo of Kohli and Sharma forged together a solid partnership of 127 runs in 12.5 overs lambasting the Pakistani bowling attack to all parts of the park.

For Pakistan, Saeed Ajmal picked up 2 wickets giving away just 22 runs in his quota of 4 overs. Mohammed Sami was the most expensive bowler giving away 31 runs in 2 overs.

Over 20 India: 185/3 Virat Kohli 75 (47) – Yuvraj Singh 4 (5)

FOUR!!! Full and wide by Gul, Kohli puts bat to ball and bisects the backward point and short third man.

Over 19 India: 176/3 Virat Kohli 67 (42) – Yuvraj Singh 3 (4)

OUT!!! Ajmal scalped Rohit Sharma 56(40), Sharma charged down the track for a slog, missed the line and length of the ball and was clean bowled.

Over 18 India: 172/2 Virat Kohli 66 (41) – Rohit Sharma 56 (40)

SIX!!! by Kohli straight over long-on.

FOUR!!! beamer by Sami, the ball kisses Kohli’s helmet as the batsman ducks to evade it.

FOUR!!! by Sharma, a wayward shot, edge towards third man, Sami bowled it wide and Sharma went for a big heave.

Over 17 India: 153/2 Virat Kohli 58 (37) – Rohit Sharma 50 (36)

10 runs of the over.

SIX!!!, for Kohli, he reached out for it but managed to get it over the extra cover fence.

100-run partnership between Kohli and Sharma from 68 balls.

Over 16 India: 143/2 Virat Kohli 50 (34) – Rohit Sharma 49 (33)

FOUR!!! by Kohli, brute power as he hammered the fullish delivery past the evading Tanvir and the Umpire.

SIX!!! Whatay SHOT!!! from Sharma, on the up, he lifted the ball with perfect timing over mid-wicket. How well and early does he read the length.

Over 15 India: 129/2 Virat Kohli 44 (31) – Rohit Sharma 41 (30)

FOUR!!! again by Sharma as he dispatched a short delivery to the vacant square leg boundary.

FOUR!!! on the up from Sharma, he was rooted to the crease, read the length early and clobbered it over the bowlers’ head.

Umar Gul into the attack and he bowls a barrage of short deliveries.

Over 14 India: 117/2 Virat Kohli 42 (28) – Rohit Sharma 32 (26)

FOUR!!! by Sharma, as he cuts the short ball hard past backward point for another boundary.

SIX!!! Short ball from Afridi and a classic pull shot by Rohit Sharma.

FOUR!!! by Kohli, again stepped out of the crease and lofted the ball over long-on, Sami with a poor effort in the deep.

Over 13 India: 102/2 Virat Kohli 37 (26) – Rohit Sharma 22 (22)

Kohli has his dancing shoes on as he came down the track reaching the pitch of the ball and clobbering it as straight as possible for FOUR!!!.

Over 12 India: 94/2 Virat Kohli 30 (21) – Rohit Sharma 21 (21)

5 runs off the Afridi over.

Over 11 India: 88/2 Virat Kohli 26 (18) – Rohit Sharma 19 (18)

Another FOUR!!!, short delivery from Hafeez and Rohit puts the ball past short fine.

FOUR!!! by Kohli, stepped out of the crease and lofted the ball over long-on.

Over 10 India: 77/2 Virat Kohli 20 (15) – Rohit Sharma 14 (15)

FOUR!!! by Kohli, inside out drive over the covers, the ball was pitched in middle and leg and Kohli executes a good shot.

Kohli danced down the track to Afridi, inside edge goes past the wicket and keeper Kamran Akmal.

Over 9 India: 64/2 Virat Kohli 10 (10) – Rohit Sharma 13 (14)

Quick single by Virat. 6 runs off the Hafeez over.

Over 8 India: 58/2 Virat Kohli 7 (7) – Rohit Sharma 10 (11)

FOUR!!! for Sharma, he played that late and managed to get it past short third man.

Afridi into the attack now, this is a crucial period for the Indians. Pakistan operating with spinners from both ends.

Over 7 India: 51/2 Virat Kohli 6 (6) – Rohit Sharma 4 (6)

5 runs off the Mohammad Hafeez over.

Mohammad Hafeez, right-arm off break, comes into the attack

Over 6 India: 46/2 Virat Kohli 4 (3) – Rohit Sharma 1 (3)

Virender Sehwag 26 (14) out and it is that man, Saeed Ajmal. Sehwag went for a full blooded cut but a sharp flying catch by Afridi at point.

Over 5 India: 45/1 Virender Sehwag: 26(12) - Virat Kohli 4 (2)

Gambhir 10(16) gone, played on. Chasing a wide delivery Gambhir played on to his own stumps. No foot movement as he went for a big heave around mid-wicket.

Over 4 India: 41/0 Gautam Gambhir: 10(12) - Virender Sehwag: 26(12)

Third FOUR!!! of the over as Sami over pitched, Sehwag, rooted to his crease drove the ball in past cover and cover point.

Sami again bowls it down the leg and Sehwag whips it again to the the fine leg fence for FOUR!!!.

FOUR!!!, down the legside, Sami drifted in line and Sehwag connected the bat with ball, with fine leg inside the circle ball raced away to the boundary.

Mohammed Sami into the attack.

Over 3 India: 27/0 Gautam Gambhir: 10(11) - Virender Sehwag: 14(7)

SIX!!! over covers by Sehwag, Tanvir banged it short and wide coming over the wicket and Sehwag clobbered it for a maximum.

FOUR!!!, edge but safe, between the keeper and slip, Viru got a boundary but loose shot, driving away from his body with no foot movement.

Over 2 India: 12/0 Gautam Gambhir: 10(10) - Virender Sehwag: 1(2)

FOUR!!! for Gauti, Gul bowls it wide, Gauti plays it in front of point on the up.

Over 1 India: 6/0 Gautam Gambhir: 5(6) - Virender Sehwag: 0(0)

FOUR!!! to Gauti, Tanvir gave some room and Gambhir played it on the up with a full follow through of the bat. Ball flew past cover to the boundary.

Gambhir to take strike first up. Sohail Tanvir to start off the proceedings.

The Indian openers walk out to the middle, Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir. Sanjay Manjeraker on the mic wondering whether India-Pakistan can have a friendly match. . Wasim Akram is also up in the com. box

Hafeez: "It doesn't matter if we're batting first or bowling first. This is a great tournament and as a player, it's great to participate. The team is looking forward to it."

Dhoni: "The wicket looks different to the one we played on in our tour last month. We can play 12 in the warm ups, so it's the same side that played the last match."

PITCH REPORT: By S Ganguly, and he says it will be a true wicket and lot of runs can be expected.

It is India vs Pakistan time!!! Visuals of team buses arriving. A jovial Balaji walks out of the Indian team bus and Umar Gul also in a happy mood.

TOSS: India won the toss and elected to bat first.

Welcome to the live coverage of the World Twenty20 warm-up tie between arch-rivals India and Pakistan at R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo.


Pakistan (Playing XI): Mohammad Hafeez(c), Nasir Jamshed, Imran Nazir, Umar Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi, Kamran Akmal(w), Umar Gul, Mohammad Sami, Sohail Tanvir, Saeed Ajmal

India (Playing XI): Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni(w/c), Rohit Sharma, Irfan Pathan, Ravichandran Ashwin, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Zaheer Khan

The match will start at 2:00 pm Indian time (14:00 IST). Watch this space for all the live updates and scores.

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World Cup, India-Pakistan, cricket – what more one would want? Warm-up match or final, the buzz is pretty much the same. This is the 11th warm-up match and this would be the only one to be televised, at least in the sub-continent.

This would be Pakistan’s first warm-up tie and India’s second. India had beaten Sri Lanka on 15th September by 26 runs and Pakistan will face England on 19th September.

During India’s warm-up game against Sri Lanka, Irfan Pathan was in hot wicket taking form ending up taking a five-for and MS Dhoni also stayed in the middle long enough scoring a half century.

The worrying part though was an injury scare to Gautam Gambhir who was taken to the hospital immediately after being hit by a Lasith Malinga delivery.