Apple mulls bidding for English Premier League TV rights

London: Apple is considering to bid for Premier League TV rights, a move touted to increase sale of its Apple TV and iPad.

The last round of UK TV rights for broadcasting Premier League matches were sold for around 1.7 billion pounds for the time period of 2010 to 2013, The Daily Mail reports.

This is an amount which Apple can easily afford since they have around 10 billion pound in cash with them along with 70 billion pounds in cash substitutes and various other marketable securities.

But it still remains debatable whether this move would help Apple or not, but it would certainly help them set up Apple TV in Britain whether that means a stand-alone television or a set-top box. It would also assist them in defecting consumers from Sky Sports towards them but then paying around two billion pounds just to set them up in Britain still remains arguable.

Currently Apple TV doesn’t offer any live television to its consumers and the range of television shows it’s offering right now in the United Kingdom and the United States is deemed inadequate. The Premier League rights will have a good value in the Asian markets too due to its popularity there, but in the US its worth still remains marginal.

Bureau Report