Arsenal's Wenger may face ban for F-word rant

Zeenews Sports Bureau

London: Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s agony over the Champions League crash against AC Milan has landed him in trouble with accusations of F-word rant against referee Damir Skomina on Tuesday night.

Arsenal came agonizingly closer to a remarkable comeback against AC Milan to wipe out 4-goal deficit as they won 3-0 in the quarterfinal.

Wenger confronted referee Skomina in the tunnel calling him a `f***ing disgrace`, The Sun quoted a source as saying.

The Frenchman might face a potential ban akin to the one he received a year before when he criticised the referee in the Champions League game against Barcelona.

The Gunners manager was angry with the referee for awarding too many free-kicks to AC Milan besides playing only three minutes of injury time.

`I was not happy with the referee because he gave them many free-kicks in the centre of the park,` Wenger was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

`Every single free-kick, every time they went down it was for them. They sensed that very quickly on the pitch, the players, and they used it very well,` he said.

He was also highly critical of the pitch in San Siro during the first leg.

“It is maybe an easy excuse, but I feel UEFA has a lot to answer for because if you arrive at 7.46pm you get fined, but you can play on a bad pitch and they don`t say a word. I just feel it is part of the respect for people who pay their money and go to a football game and expect conditions where you can play football.”

"That`s what we try to do here and it is unacceptable for UEFA to accept pitches like the one in Milan." he said.