Barbados waiter gets suspended for taking selfie with Robin van Persie

London: A waiter in Barbados was suspended from his job recently after he took a selfie with Robin Van Persie, who had come to his restaurant.

Kyson Forde asked the Manchester United star to pose with him at the posh Cliff restaurant, which irked his bosses.

The selfie landed Forde and another worker in trouble as they had broken strict rules banning staff from using mobile phones in the dining area.

According to sources, the waiter shouldn`t have bothered the footie ace, but the suspension seems an over-reaction and that he is a massive Man U fan and this was his one chance to get a snap with his hero.

Sources added that Forde is a nice guy and loves his job, which is why he is gutted that he was suspended.

Manager Peter Harris confirmed two workers had been suspended for two weeks and said that Persie sent them a note saying he had a wonderful time with them.