Chelsea fans would be `appalled` at Mata sale

Chelsea: Chelsea fans would be disgusted if Juan Mata is allowed to leave Stamford Bridge, says the Chelsea Supporters Trust (CST) - unless manager Jose Mourinho wants it to happen.

Reports on Wednesday suggested that the Blues had offered Manchester United either the Spaniard or David Luiz as part of their attempt to sign forward Wayne Rooney, though the part-exchange nature of the bid was strenuously denied by Chelsea.

CST spokesman David Chidgey told Perform: "I think most Chelsea supporters would be absolutely appalled at Juan Mata being offered up for a part-exchange deal or looking to get him out the club.

"He`s clearly been the best player in our team in the last two seasons and he provided the most assists in the Premier League last season.

"I think he`s quite a leader in the team, even though he`s quite small in stature, but he leads on the pitch by example. He`s bright and articulate too and he clearly loves playing for the club.

"In all honesty, I cannot believe that the club would want to get rid of him.

"As for David Luiz, I know there`s a few Chelsea supporters who are not enamoured with his ability to drop the odd clanger but I think most do like David Luiz and I think the club love him too," he continued.

"There`s talk of him being a future captain at the club so I can`t understand why these rumours about Mata and Luiz come from because it doesn`t make any sense whatsoever."

Mata was one of Chelsea`s standout performers in 2012-13, scoring 20 goals and registering 28 assists, but Chidgey conceded that fans would trust Mourinho should he have a reason to want him out or, more likely, point the finger at figures other than the manager.

"I think most supporters are prepared to trust Jose Mourinho," he observed. "Even if he did sell Mata, I think most fans would go: `Let`s see what happens, Mourinho is no fool. He knows what he`s doing.`

"I can`t believe he would let a player of the calibre of Mata go, though, because I think he`s a very smart manager. Maybe if he did go ... remember, it`s not just Jose who makes decisions at the club.

"If Mata did go, perhaps people would not point the finger at Mourinho and focus their attention elsewhere. Jose is absolutely adored at the club."

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