Guidolin threatens to quit Udinese

IANS| Updated: Dec 16, 2013, 15:17 PM IST

Rome: Udinese head coach Francesco Guidolin has threatened to resign after his side`s 0-2 defeat to Torino in an Italian Serie A match at home.

Udinese have lost three of their last four games at the Stadio Friuli, and Guidolin Sunday offered to leave if he is to blame for the team`s poor run, reports Xinhua.

"If I realise that I am the problem, then I am prepared to walk away. I have done it before in my career and am entirely ready to do so again, if needed," he said.

"I care about Udinese too much, so I suffer too much for this team. Perhaps I transmit some of that suffering to the team and they subconsciously absorb it."