Local press blasts national team, coach after Mexico booted

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2013, 19:07 PM IST

Mexico City: Mexico`s national team and coach were lambasted by the local press following the squad`s 0-2 loss to Brazil and subsequent elimination from the FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil.

Several publications even suggested on Thursday that Coach Jose Manuel "El Chepo" de la Torre was, or should be, on his way out, reports Xinhua.

"Goodbye, Chepo. (Brazilian player) Neymar and Brazil said farewell to Mexico from the Confederations Cup," Mexican sports daily "Esto" said.

The front page of the sports daily "Record" said: "Speechless. Chepo has sunken the Tri," as the national team is known for sporting the three colours of the Mexican flag.

The daily "Ovaciones" also dedicated its front page to the loss, with an emotional "It`s over! Brazil eliminates Mexico." The paper went on to report that the "players allegedly visited a strip club after losing to Italy; El Chepo denies it."

The front page of the prestigious daily "Reforma" also noted the allegation, saying "The Tri has a cold performance and very hot nights. Brazil exposes the team on and off the field."

The paper`s sports section accused the team of "partying at a Rio de Janeiro nightclub for three nights," and concluded "the Tri is eliminated from the Confederations Cup after a weekend spent partying."

"Shameful. The national soccer team lost for a second consecutive time," the daily "Excelsior" said on its front page.