Nigeria holds FIFA responsible for low international rankings

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2013, 19:01 PM IST

Beijing: Nigerian football fans have reportedly held international football governing body FIFA responsible for their low rankings in the world and African countries` list.

Reacting to Nigeria`s rankings as having the 36th position in the world and fourth in Africa, the fans expressed their doubts over the rankings given that Nigeria had won the African Cup of Nations and at least three international matches in a row this year.

Noting that the rankings has continued to be a mystery to soccer followers, football coach George Anizoba said that despite its victories this year, Nigeria is only placed fourth in Africa while dropping one place down in the world rankings.

Comparing the rankings to Ghana , Anizoba also said that the country, which is placed second in Africa, has won one, drawn one and lost one of its latest three matches and was placed a dismal fourth in the last Nations Cup, Xinhua reports.

Meanwhile a sports administrator said that the rankings were influenced by several factors, especially politics, adding that Nigeria needs to fill the vacuum in global football politics created by the exit of former Nigerian sports administrator Amos Adamu from FIFA.