Premier League lends full support to new Eng manager Hodgson ahead of Euro 2012

London: The Premier League has given its full support to newly appointed England manager Roy Hodgson ahead of the Euros, and believes he has the right experience to get good club level players to perform well on the international stage.

England football has long been caught in the tug of war between the Premier League and the national team.

“We wish Roy all the best in his challenges, because unless we win something, nothing is going to be good enough because of the expectation levels in this country,” The Telegraph quoted Premier League``s chief executive Richard Scudamore, as saying.

“The issue is how the players make the transition from their club environment, where they are protected and nurtured and given every possible opportunity with facilities, into an England environment and perform well in ‘snap’ conditions,” he added.

The changeover from club football to international has long bothered England football, but Scudamore believes that the players can become accustomed to this with ease under Hodgson.

“They arrive by train, plane, automobile and in a short number of days you have to turn them out playing a pattern of football that they can all live with,’’ said Scudamore.

“Roy will do this, I’m sure, because he has the experience. I am absolutely certain we are in a good position to make that transition because of the people involved and the open dialogue,” he added.


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