2014 FIFA World Cup Final: Germany vs Argentina - As it happened...

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And that's the end of our coverage of an entertaining 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Philip Lahm hoisted the glittering World Cup trophy to celebrate their fourth title. The German skipper received the trophy from Sepp Blatter.

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Angela Merkel hugs every German player as they receive their medals.

Now the new world champions climb up the stairs to pick up their medals and lift the trophy.

The German players give a guard of honour as Argentina go ahead to pick up their medals.

Golden Ball - Lionel Messi

Golden Glove - Manuel Neuer

The trophy has been placed and the delegates have arrived for the ceremony.

Wives and girlfriends join the German players on the pitch, while the Argentinians are deflated.

Now, after 120 minutes of play, players cool off their heels under the Rio night sky. Award ceremony to follow...

And this is the winning goal and moment:

Joachim Loew and his wards have won the fourth World Cup title for Germany after a wait of 24 years. They have also become the first European nation to win the tournament in South America.

ET FULL-TIME: Germany 1 - 0 Argentina

ET 122' - Then, the four-time World Player of the Player sent a skier as the Rio night converge in German colour.

ET 121' - One final hurray from Argentina as Mascherano got the ball for Messi, who won a free-kick inside the German half.

ET 120' - Two minutes ADDED.

ET 119' - Then, on the exchange, Muller produced a cross which failed to find any taker.

Germany SUB: Mesut Ozil replaced by Arsenal club-mate Per Mertesacker.

ET 118' - Another easy collection for Neuer as Argentina failed to create a definitive attempt on the goal.

ET 116' - After a brave run on the left flank, Rojo produced a cross. But Messi's header sailed over the bar.

ET 114' - With five minutes left in the play, now the question is can Messi rescue Argentina. The South Americans continue to push for the equaliser but a proactive Neuer was there.

ET 113' - For the first time, Argentina have conceded a goal in the Extra Time.

ET 112' - Germans found the way with a deft Gotze touch, which beat Romero for the GOAL. Beautiful pass from Andre Schurrle.

ET 111' - German bench went up in protest as Palacio tried to body-block a German player.

ET 110' - Then, Schweinsteiger returned to the field to the applause of the gathering with a stitched face.

ET 109' - Another brief stoppage as Martin Demichelis and Thomas Muller collided head-on in pursuit of the ball from the German set-piece. In between, Schweinsteiger is off the field.

ET 108' - Schweinsteiger won another free-kick, this time from a Aguero tackle. He is certainly fighting for dear life. And is oozing blood from the left cheek.

ET 107' - Bastian Schweinsteiger won a free-kick inside the Argentina half following a double tackel from two Argentina players. Nothing worthwhile happened from the set-piece though.

ET 107' - Neuer got the feel of the ball following an uncontrolled Argentina move.

ET 106' - Argentina re-started from the middle. Then, soon won a free-kick inside their own half, from where the ball was rolled back to the defenders.

ET HALF-TIME: Germany 0 - 0 Argentina

ET 105' - Rodrigo Palacio got the ball running after a through pass from the Argentine back-line. But he over indulged in the ball, wasting good chance.

ET 104' - Argentina won a throw-in from a loose ball from the Germans inside their own half.

ET 103' - And it's still Germany on the prowl inside the Argentine half.

ET 102' - Mascherano got a bad fall following a collision with Kroos.

ET 101' - Bastian Schweinsteiger got a Javier Mascherano tackle and seemed to struggle to get on his fight.

ET 100' - With hundred minutes on the clock, Germany continue to probe the Argentine defence.

ET 98' - Boateng found one of his team-mates in the centre with a great through pass, then Schuerrle and Lahm combined to pose a challenge inside the Argentina half. But in vain.

ET 96' - An enterprising move from Gago found Messi, then from the roll back, Rojo sent a tentalising cross for Palacio. But the Inter Milan player's lob missed the target. Probably the best chance of the match.

ET 95' - Germany won a free-kick inside the Argentina half. From the set-piece, they changed the flanks, but wasted the ball following a pass to Gotze, who missed the control on the far goal-line.

ET 94' - Demichelis called into actio and the Man City defender did with elan, clearing the ball to safety.

ET 93' - Argentina got their first chance of the ET with the ball flying across the German goalmouth from a cross.

ET 92' - A certain goal was blocked by Romero as Schuerrle's right-footed shot found the target. Then, in the following melee, Argentina defenders got the ball cleared away.

Then, Aguero's run was cut short by a mighty Hummels challenge.

ET 91' - Germans re-started from the centre.

For the third time in row, FIFA World Cup final is going into Extra Time. Unlike the first-half, the second 45+3 minutes play witnessed both the sides in equal possession of the ball and creating couple of chances on either side.

FULL-TIME: Germany 0 - 0 Argentina

90+2' - Aguero then won a free-kick, but Ozil created another chance on the opposite side before the final whistle.

90+1' - Demichelis is providing rock solid stability to the Argentine defence. Has just won a ball from Schuerrle, which allowed the South Americans to launch an attack involving Aguero.

90' - Gotze got a shot on the goal, which was collected by Romero. Moments ago, Argentines were probing for a possible opening in the German defense. But the Germans won the ball back.

89' - Three minutes ADDED. Lucas Biglia got himself a knock and is recieving medical attention.

88' - Now the legend in Miroslav Klose has played his final game in the World Cup. He is replaced by Mario Gotze

87' - A good tackle by Schweinsteiger ended a good Argentine move inside the German half. Messi got the ball with a chested control, then cut inside beating a couple of defenders, then found another player.

86' - Argentina SUB: Fernando Gago replaces Enzo Perez.

85' - Argentina are switching flanks as the Germans seemed to have retreated, inticipating greater push from the South Americans.

83' - Demichelis got the better of Klose as a long ball landed just outside the Argentine box. Then suddenly, Argentina got their chance in the opposite half as the match gains a frenetic pace.

82' - Goal-kick for Argentina and some respite for the defenders.

81' - After a brief Argentine pressing, Lahm produced one brilliant through pass for Ozil, then Ozil crossed it for Kroos. However, Kroos' attempt was always going wide.

80' - Germany won a corner. From the Kroos corner, Germans got the ball inside the Argentine box, but there were bodies to pass. Wasted chance.

79' - One beautiful move from Messi have provided Palacio a chance to score. And Messi is fuming.

78' - Rodrigo Palacio replaced Higuain.

76' - The midfield duel has become the personal duel for Schuerrle and Mascherano. In a bid to win the possession, Schuerrle committed a foul on the Argentine midfielder, conceding a free-kick.

75' - Argentina won a throw in from the German goal-kick play.

74' - Then, he nutmegged a couple of Germans before unleashing a left-footed drive, which missed the target.

73' - Messi, after a breif lull, found a run for a long ball on the right flank. But the ball was travelling too fast for the Braca man.

72' - Higuain found himself alone inside the German half but his control let down the effort.

70' - From the set-piece, the Europeans failed to exert further pressure. In between, the referee has got few players in his sight for some bad play and warned accordingly.

69' - Lahm got a beautiful turn to draw a foul from Biglia. Germany free-kick.

68' - Argentina defenders started to open up, giving impetus to attack. In one such move, they have got the ball inside the German half.

67' - From the set-piece, Argentina allowed Germany to launch a counter attack with Schuerrle in the fore. A testing time for Demichelis. Romero got the collection clean and that had a word with Schuerrle. Goalie not happy with the German's charge.

66' - With another 25 minutes to play, Germany won a throw-in on the left flank. But from the play, Argentina won the ball back and Messi won a free-kick inside the German half.

64' - Another Yellow Card, this time for Kun Aguero for a late tackle on Schweinsteiger.

63' - Javier Mascherano booked for a sliding tackle on Klose.

62' - Argentina, from the goal-kick, managed to reach the German half, there, Aguero won a corner. But from the Messi delivery, they failed to create anything worthwhile.

61' - Klose won the ball in the centre line, then released it for Schuerrle. Then the Chelsea player produced a cross, but the ball caught Ozil on the run, No control from the Arsenal player. Goal-kick to Argentina.

60' - At the hour mark, Germany got another creative move wasted as Muller failed to track Lahm's left footed release inside the Argentina box.

58' - From the goal-kick, Germans probed the Argentine defence for couple of minutes then released Klose for an attempt. But failed to test Romero under the bar.

56' - Great box and climb from Neuer, as the German goalie came charging for a clearance and in the process knocking Higuain out.

55' - After a frenetic start to the second half, the intensity of the match has somewhat died down.

54' - Andre Schuerrle almost got a free-kick just outside the Argentina box from a Garray tackle. Instead, they won a corner from the deflection.

53' - It's been a relatively productive period for the South Americans as their midfield has come to the fore, tracking and creating

52' - A quiet period of introspection from the both the sides as the possession changes hands in quick succession.

50' - With the sun quietly setting in Rio and Chris the Redeemer in quaint pose, the action inside the Maracana stadium gets hotter and hotter

49' - Then suddenly, Jerome Boateng produced a great long ball. But Klose was marked pretty well to be in the contention for the ball.

48' - Now, it's Germany's turn to press. Then, from a loose ball, Mascherano got a sight on the goal from some 45 yards.

47' - It could have been the moment everyone was waiting for. Messi just missed the target, off the far post by a whisker. Brilliant through ball by Mascherano off a Biglia move.

46' - Early push from Argentina. And after few knocking around, Higuain was caught offside. Good start.

Players are out after the breather. And there is a substitute for Argentina as Sergio Aguero is on for Lavezzi.

In the first-half, Germans as expected enjoyed greater possession with their brand new philosophy. And they have had three shots on target from four attempts against Argentina's one from three. It's an uncharacteristic from the South Americans, playing a chasing game. For the first time in this World Cup, they have lesser percentage in possession.

Strangely too, Lionel Messi could complete 50 percent of his passes. For Klose, he managed to touch the ball only once inside the Argentine box.

HALF-TIME: Germany 0 - 0 Argentina

45+1' - Another corner for Germany. From the Kroos delivery, Hoewedes produced a bullet header, which hit the left post. But there was an off-side call.

45' - Two minutes ADDED. In between, Germany won yet another corner. Kroos to take.

44' - Muller sent a precise low cross for Klose. But the veteran found himself watching the ball curl beyond his reach. Great play.

43' - Mascherano gave away the ball rather easily in the centre, from which Germans created a chance. But the final ball was weak. Easy for Romero.

42' - Zabaleta produced a great defending piece to deny further German inroads inside the Argentina box.

41' - Muller got himself with the referee in a deep conversation for a foul call.

40' - Great defending by Boateng to deny Messi a certain goal. It was one of those runs for which Messi is famous for, cutting inside from the right with few dribbles, waiting for the ball to take its course...

39' - From the throw-in, South Americans got a brief spell of possession.

37' - Argentina won a throw-in on the right flank following a bad control from a German one-two on the sidelines. Moments earlier, Lahm tried a diagonal ball, which tested the Argentine defenders.

36' - Lavezzi delivered from the flag, but Neuer was there, tall and confident.

From the counter, as Germans usually do, almost got a goal. Brilliant save by a diving Romero to deny Schuerrle the goal.

35' - Messi tried to cut inside from the left, but won a corner thanks to a deflection.

34' - Klose is getting a tight, very tight space with two Argentina defenders marking him.

33' - Lavezzi won a free-kick for Argentina. From the following play, Howedes committed a foul and got booked. Bad tackle, could have been shown red with his studs high above the knee.

Some fascinating insight on the game so far:

31' - Chrisoph Kramer limped off. Andre Schuerrle arrived as the replacement.

30' - At the half-hour mark, Higauin scored only to find the lines-man's flag up. Great pass from Lavezzi.

29' - Ezequiel Lavezzi got a run from the counter but he was caught late by Schweinsteiger and the German is BOOKED.

28' - An off-side call. And another Lahm beauty breached the Argentine defence. Close, close!!!

27' - Schweinsteiger released a long, high ball for Klose. But Romero was there for the South Americans.

26' - Argentina, after a brief spell in their own half, lost the ball thanks to a loose pass. Germany throw-in.

24' - And in the centre of this flawless attack is Lahm, linking up pretty well with Muller, Kroos and Schweinsteiger.

23' - It's all Germany in Rio as the Europeans continue to press for that all important opening goal in the final.

22' - Germans are attacking from both the flanks. In the latest instalment. Lahm from the right delivered a cross inside the box, but Klose found himself over-crowded.

21' - Argentina won a free-kick inside their own half following a Benedikt Hoewedes foul.

20' - The German play reminds of Spain's famed tika-taka. From a Koos mistake, Higuain got a clear shot at the goal, but his attempt proved a pathetic one.

19' - After a brief interruption the match is on with Germany enjoying another extended period of possession inside the Argentina half.

17' - Kramer got up on his feet after recieving medical attention.

16' - Lahm once again linked-up with German frontmen inside the Argentina half. In between, Chrisoph Kramer who came in for Khedira just before the kick-off got an elbow from an Argentina player.

15' - From the persistent pressure, Germany won a corner. From the corner, Kroos tried to find his team-mates, in vain.

14' - Kroos sent a dangerous looking ball from the set-piece, but Argentina did enough to clear the ball for a German throw-in.

13' - Moments later, Klose got a late tackle from Ezequiel Garay. Free kick to Germany.

12' - Bastian Schweinsteiger won the ball from Messi at the half line. Then Lahm released a beautiful cross for Klose. But the legendary goal scorer failed to connect his header.

11' - Ezequiel Lavezzi short corner failed to impress much and Germans got the ball, then won a throw-in in the attacking third.

10' - After the initial German pressing, now it's Argentina's turn to probe the German defenders. Won a corner.

9' - Enzo Perez won a free-kick inside the Argentina half. From the play, Argentina got the ball into a dangerous spot for the Germans. Close!!!

8' - A fantastic run from Lionel Messi has he got the German defense in jitters. His final ball from the right side of the German D, however failed to find any taker.

7' - Sergio Romero got an easy collection from a Thomas Mueller cross.

6' - Argentina got the attack briefly flowing from the right side, but soon Germans got it back to the centre of the field.

5' - Biglia got the ball back to Argentina goalie from a German attack involving Lahm and Ozil.

4' - Schweinsteiger tried to drill through the wall, but it a reflection allowed Argentina to pose a counter attack, with the ball going wide off the far post.

3' - Germany won a free kick in a dangerous position for the Argentines following a Rojo foul.

2' - Germans got an incisive run from the right flank, but a tidy clearance by Mascherano helped Argentina clear the ball.

1' - The game of the games has started with Germany, in their home colour, kicking the ball from the centre. Argentina, in blue, has got some chasing...

And the build-up to the final is done. And the world awaits the action from the centre.

It's national anthem time in Rio.

Sad news for Sami Khedira! The Real Madrid medio has picked-up a calf injury during warm-up and will be replaced by Borussia Monchengladbach starlet, Chrisoph Kramer. It was Wesley Sneijder yesterday.

Look who else is inside the Marcana.

With fifteen minutes to the kick-off, Spain legend Carles Puyol has arrived with the Louis Vitton World Cup trophy case.

Here are the possible formations:

Germany (4-3-3/4-3-2-1) 1-Manuel Neuer; 16-Philip Lahm; 20-Jerome Boateng, 5-Mats Hummels, 4-Benedikt Hoewedes; 6-Sami Khedira, 7-Bastian Schweinsteiger, 18-Toni Kroos; 13-Thomas Mueller, 8-Mesut Ozil; 11-Miroslav Klose

Argentina (4-2-3-1): 1 - Sergio Romero, 4 - Pablo Zabaleta, 15 - Martin Demichelis, 2 - Ezequiel Garay, 16 - Marcos Rojo; 6 - Lucas Biglia, 14 - Javier Mascherano; 8 - Enzo Perez, 10 - Lionel Messi, 22 - Ezequiel Lavezzi; 9 - Gonzalo Higuain

Italian referee, Nicola Rizzoli will conduct the match at Maracana. He is the second Italian to referee the final in the past four World Cups. Rizzoli has already officiated three matches in Brazil, including Argentina`s quarterfinal victory over Belgium and a group win over Nigeria, and that Netherlands and Spain group match.

This is the third World Cup final between Germany and Argentina. Argentina won the 1986 and Germany winning the 1990 final. No other fixture has played these many finals.

Helping him emulate the great Diego Maradona will be his club-mate Javier Mascherano, who has stood rock solid in defence despite playing as a midfielder. He has completed an astounding 509 passes and cutting short opponent attacks with 28 successful tackles.

But standing between them and the fourth title is a certain Lionel Messi. The magician has so fare failed to impress the pundits and the general public but the stats say something else. He has set up 21 goal-scoring chances for Argentina, and completed 39 dribbles from 65 attempts. All tournament high.

After that 7-1 mauling of hosts Brazil, Germans are everyone's favourite to lift the trophy and supporting that is their imperious record. They have now reached the World Cup final in each of the last seven decades - 1954, 1966, 1974, 1982 and 86, 1990, 2002 and 2014.

Before the kick-off, there is a little history of the big cup... the past winners:

1 - Brazil ('58, '62, '70, '94, '02), 2 - Italy ('34, '38, '82, '06), 3 - Germany ('54, '74, '90), 4 - Uruguay ('30, '50) and Argentina ('78, '86) 5 - England ('66), France ('98) and Spain ('10)

Here are the starting XI's for the final:

Germany XI: 1-Manuel Neuer, 4-Benedikt Hoewedes, 5-Mats Hummels, 6-Sami Khedira, 7-Bastian Schweinsteiger, 8-Mesut Ozil, 11-Miroslav Klose, 13-Thomas Mueller, 16-Philip Lahm, 18-Toni Kroos, 20-Jerome Boateng

Argentina XI: 1 - Sergio Romero, 2 - Ezequiel Garay, 4 - Pablo Zabaleta, 6 - Lucas Biglia, 8 - Enzo Perez, 9 - Gonzalo Higuain, 10 - Lionel Messi, 14 - Javier Mascherano, 15 - Martin Demichelis, 16 - Marcos Rojo, 22 - Ezequiel Lavezzi

A host of VVIP's and VIP's are attending this grand event. Here is are some important people who are inside the Maracana.

Finally, the big final has arrived in Brazil. After an arduous task of making the event a success and also keeping it alive for the entirety of the tournament, Brazilians have had their plate full, to serve. But unluckily for the most successful nation, the Selecao were packed off in the semi-final itself and then the third-place play-off also proved disastrous.

So, it`s their bete noire, the Argentinians holding the continental fort in the historic Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Their rivalry is world famous, but today, they may well root for Lionel Messi & Co. Because, the Germans are all out to conquer South America.

For many, it`s the clash between the imperious Messi and the Germans. But it actuality, it will be a full blown war between two golden generations. After humbling In their last World Cup meeting, Germany got the better of Argentina in Berlin.

Thomas Muller will pose a major threat to the Argentina defence as he has been in tremendous form during this tournament.

Welcome to our live coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup final match between Germany and Argentina being played at Estadio Maracana in Rio de Janeiro.

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