2014 FIFA World Cup: Germany vs Algeria - As it happened...

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FULL TIME (EXTRA TIME): Germany 2-1 Algeria

120+2'- GOAL! Djabou

In the last few seconds of the match, cross comes in from the right and Djabou comes charging in the penalty ball and makes a sweet connected with the ball with a sliding effort. No chance for the keeper as the ball rockets into the lower corner of the goal.

120' -GOAL! OZIL

Germany pinched the ball off Algeria deep inside their half. Schurrle played it Ozil, who unselfishly cuts it back for him. The shot from Schurrle is cleared off the line by Belkalem, but it fall for Ozil who blasts the ball in the top corner.

117' -Slimani runs for the ball with Boateng. There is a coming together of players and Slimani goes down claiming foul. Not given.

116'- Kramer plays a give and who with Muller and gets the ball back. His shot is saved by the keeper.

115'- Brahimi plays the ball out to Feghouli, who tries to cross the ball but Boateng boots it out.

113'- Algeria have lost a bit of sharpness in attack. To be fair, their players are knackered after working their socks off in this match.

110'- 10 more minutes for Germany to hold on.

109'- Schweinsteiger is down holding his knee. Yes, he will be replaced as he cannot continue any further. Christoph Kramer is the replacement.

108'- Brahimi goes for an indirect free-kick over the sea of players hoping his teammates will get a touch. But the ball rolls into Neuer's hands after one bounce.

107' -Lahm trips Brahimi, who got past him and was moving towards a dangerous position. Yellow card and free-kick. Brahimi will take it.

106'- Here we go for the last half of open pay. If the match ends in a draw, penalties it is.

Players get instruction, re-hydration and re-education during this small break.

EXTRA TIME (FIRST HALF): Germany 1-0 Algeria


104'- Germany don't have any any player in the middle for the corner, as they look to run down the clock.

102'- Kroos has the ball and plays it across to Ozil on the left. The Arsenal man wins a valuable corner for his team.


Algerian corner rebounded off Khedira and bounced near Mostefa whose shot from inside the box went just wide. He should have hit the target there.

99'- Algeria make their final substitution. Soudani comes off for Djabou.

98'- Muller picked up the ball just outside the box, steadied himself and tried to curl the ball into the bottom left corner. Ball went just wide.

97'- Bougherra comes on for Halliche for Algeria as he picked up a cramp.

96'- Ozil was through on goal with one man to beat. He tried to cut inside to take the ball on his right foot but the defender stuck out his leg and prevented him from getting past.

94'- Lahm to Khedira to Muller, who fires a shot that is blocked by the defender.


Muller dragged the cross with his left foot from the edge of the box. Schurrle flicked the ball inside the goal from the back of his feet. Finally they break the deadlock.

91'- Here we go for the first installment of extra-time


FULL TIME: Germany 0-0 Algeria

90+3'- Schurrle's cross is deflected off a corner from Lahm's effort who tried to tap the ball in.


89'- M'Bolhi denies Schweinsteiger from close range with a header from a chipped cross from Lahm. The effort was weak, but a good save nonetheless.

88'- Feghouli is through on goal here but Neuer is out of his spot again and clears the ball with his feet.

87'- 5 German's stand on the ball. They try a complicated dummy move off the training ground with Schweinsteiger stepping over it, Muller racing towards the goal and Lahm chipping it. They make a mess of it though.

85'- Muller's corner is cleared. But the ball falls to Boateng to takes a touch and unleashes a volley. Feghouli throws himself at the ball, which touches his hand. Free-kick to Germany from a dangerous area.

83' - Sliman's miss passes. The ball is with Ozil on the left who aims for Muller. The defender deflects the ball for a corner.

81'- Muller again. He twists his marker after receiving a long ball but his toe-poke is wide of the mark.


Muller bullet header is blocked by the keeper. Khedira's cross found an unmarked Muller who should have buried that header. The ball falls to Schurrle, whose effort is cleared off the line by Belkalem.

78'- Muller does well to shake off his man and get in a cross to the near post. Schweinsteiger flicked on a header the went across the face of goal and wide off the far post.

77'- Taider comes off for Algeria for Brahimi who looked dangerous in the last match against Russia.

75'- Soudani is in lot of space on the left for Algeria. His low cross for Slimani is cut off by Boateng.

73'- Feghouli turns smartly on the edge of the box and takes the left footed shot on the bounced. Neuer is scampering across goal but the ball is wide of the far post.

72'- Schurrle who has moved to the left, picks up the ball on the touchline, moved forward and has a crack. His shoot lacks power and goes straight to the keeper.

71'- Ghoulam puts in a long ball from the Algerian half. Slimani chases the ball and has beaten Boateng for pace. But Neuer is out of his spot very quickly to clear the ball.

69'- Mustafi looks in pain as he is stretchered off by the German medical staff. Lahm moves to right back.

68'- Khedira will replace the injured player.

67'- Mustafi is down after we tried to clear a ball outstretching his right leg. This looks bad for the defender. He seems to have pulled a hamstring.

65'- At the 65 minute mark, we still don't have a goal. Who would have thought the Algerians would hold off Germany's free-scoring forward line for this long?

61'- Kroos's corner is easily cleared. But the danger is not over for Algeria as Germany have possession again.

60'- Lahm chips the ball behind the Algerian left back for Schurrle, whose cross is deflected for a corner.

58'- Germany being really patient with the ball. They are building their attack slowly despite being forced to go tight back to Neuer. The crowd whistles to forced them to play quicker.

56'- We have had a remarkable start to the second half. Both teams have created chances after the restart. But the Germans are looking stronger as the game progresses..

54'- M'Bolhi with a brilliant save to deny Lahm, who fires in a venomous shot with his right foot after a little touch back from Schweinsteiger.

51'- Algeria on the break have 3 on 3. But Feghouli does not play the right pass. Slimani was open and is furious.

50'- Neuer's kick converts defense into attack. Schurrle chases the ball but Mustafi gets there first and clears the ball for a corner.

49'- Kroos's cross is headed by Mustafi who was left unmarked. The defender headed straight into the hands of the keeper.

48'- Schurrle's shot of a loose ball goes just wide off the far post after a deflection.

47'- Germany have made one change during the break. Gotze has been replaced by Schurrle.

46'- And Algeria get us started for the second half. Here we go..the concluding chapter of this story.

HALF TIME: Germany 0-0 Algeria


44'- Germany are mounting pressure now, ending this half very strongly.


Kroos let one fly from his left foot. He caught that really well. But the effort just missed the top right corner of the Algeria goal.

41' - Halliche goes through Schweinsteiger with a sliding tackle. Yellow card for him.

40'- DOUBLE SAVE BY M'Bolhi.

He blocked the long range effort from Kroos, but the rebound fell to Gotze. The keeper made himself big and blocked the follow up as well. Big save!

37'- Mostefa's long range effort takes a deflection and goes out for a corner. Her really got hold of that.

35'- Ozil thinks about the shot and disguises it as a pass. But the ball is intercepted before it could reach the German player.

34'- Mustafi's first time ball from the right is headed by Muller who came in late from the back of the defender. His effort is wide of the goal.

32'- Feghouli's effort is well over the crossbar.

31'- Slimani rolls the ball to Feghouli, who is pushed from the back. Free-kick to Algeria in a dangerous position. Feghouli to take it.

29'- Ozil skips past two challenges and cuts back the ball that is well connected by Lahm. Blocked by the defender.

28' - Chances of dried up for Algeria now but they have made sure the Germans don't get into any dangerous positions.

26'- Mertesacker sliding tackle, breaks luckily for Algeria. But Neuer is out again to boot the ball out of play.

24'- Germnay break forward in numbers, Ozil is prancing ahead and in acres of space on the left. He tried to chip the keeper on his first touch. He had plenty of options in the middle.

23'- Ozil's hopeful cross from the left is too high for Muller who manages to head it but the ball without power or direction.

22'- Germany have been shockingly poor so far.

19'- Joachin Low must be wondering what is going on? Algeria are completely outplaying Germany.


Ghoulam was slipped through and he fire in a buller left-footer that went just wide of the far post. Neuer was beaten.

14'- Slimani headed in a pin-point cross that came in from the left. It was an in-swinging delivery that was perfectly headed in by the striker from an off-side position. Not a goal.


13'- Schweinsteiger tries his luck from distance. The keeper goes up in the air off the keeper's block. But he collects again.

12'- Algeria have looked dangerous when they have been in possession. The Germans however have not been able to create an opening with so much of the ball.

10'- Slimani is in space again. He prances forward, but can't manage to beat the first defender. Wake up call for the German defense.

8'- Slimani is behind the German defense on the left near the touchline. Neuer races out to clear the ball, but the striker shoots the ball only for it to go out for a corner with a deflection of the keeper.

7'- Mustafi with a poor cross from the right. He had plenty of white shirts to aim at in the box.

4'- Lahm tries to slip in a ball for Muller. M'Bolhi is quick off the block to slide and collect the ball.

3'- Mustafi tries to bomb forward on the right and receive a ball that was played through. He is ruled off-side.

2'- Booes and whistles by Algerian fans as Germany pass the ball around.

1'- Germany get us started here in Porto Alegre. Here we go..

FIFA President Sepp Blatter is in attendance for this match.

Team line-ups for the match have been announced. Here they are:

Germany: Neuer, Mustafi, Howedes, Lahm, Mertesacker, Boateng, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Muller, Ozil, Gotze.

Algeria: M'Bolhi, Mandi, Ghoulam, Lacen, Belkalem, Halliche, Feghouli, Mostefa, Slimani, Soudani, Taider.

Welcome to our live coverage of the this Round of 16 game between Germany and Algeria at Estadio Beira-Rio in Porto Alegre. Brazil, Colombia, Netherlands, Costa Rica and France are already through to the next round. The winner of this match will earn a quarter-final sport to face France.

Germany progressed to the knockout round without losing a single game. They hammered Portugal 4-0, drew against Ghana 2-2 and then beat the USA 2-0 in their last game. Algeria on the other hand, lost 1-2 to Belgium, thrashed South Korea 4-2 and earned a well fought draw with Russia to get through.

Germany will start as overwhelming favorites for this match with a talented squad at their disposal. Algeria will once again rely on their grit and determination to deny the well-oiled German machine an easy run in the match.

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