2014 FIFA World Cup Round of 16: Colombia vs Uruguay - As it happened...


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Colombia are in the quarter finals for the first time and will meet Brazil in Fortaleza.

FULL-TIME: Colombia 2 - 0 Uruguay

90+2' - But Uruguay got one last hurray to find a goal. But all in vain.

90+1' - Godin, obviously frustrated, committed a foul and Colombia won a free-kick.

89' - Three minutes ADDED. And Colombia produced yet another counter attack with Armero delivering a cross inside the Uruguay goal mouth.

88' - Uruguay, down by two goals, continue to chase the ball, while Colombia are happy to play long balls.

87' - Fredy Guarin conceded a free-kick inside the Colombian half. From the set-piece, Ramirez tried to beat the goalie. But Ospina is brilliant today.

85' - Colombia SUB: James Rodriguez replaced by Adrian Ramos with five minutes left in the regulation play.

84' - From the following play, Cavani tested Ospina with a strong low drive. The ball went out of play, for a corner. From the corner, Colombia won a goal-kick.

83' - It's busy period for Colombia goalie Ospina. Once again put his body in line to collect an Uruguayan free-kick.

81' - Colombia SUB: Juan Cuadrado replaced by Fredy Guarin.

79' - Ospina produced a brilliant save to deny Sebastian Coates' flying attempt.

77' - Now, it's confirmed that Pablo Armero is booked for time wasting and for the incident involving Stuani

75' - Play interrupted for a while as Armero received a blow from Christian Stuani, while trying to a free-kick.

In between, original Uruguay captain Diego Lugano, on the bench got a yellow card for rushing onto the field

74' - Christian Stuani tested Ospina with an unintended left-footed lob, and won a corner. From the corner, taken by Ramirez, Gimenez got a shot at the goal.

72' - Colombia won a throw-in after a brilliant Cuadrado run on the left flank.

70 ' - From the play, Uruguay won a corner. Taken by Ramirez. But nothing worthwhile happened from the corner.

69' - From the free-kick, Uruguay failed to trouble the Colombian defenders as the ball out of play with a way-ward ball.

Moment earlier, Colombia substituted their forward Teofilo Gutierrez with a holding player, Alexander Mejia.

68' - Cuadrado conceded another free-kick as his bid to win the ball failed to convince the referee of a fair play.

67' - Uruguay SUB: Alvaro Gonzalez replaced by Abel Hernandez.

66' - Teofilo Gutierrez conceded a free-kick as he pushed an Uruguayan player on the left touchline.

64' - Ospina got yet another save, a good one, from a Christian Rodriguez. Uruguayans built-up the attack using both flanks, before finally focusing in the centre of the goal-mouth, where Rodriguez waited for the ball.

63' - James Rodriguez, continuing the story of left-footed players, delivered a dipping corner from the far flag post. but it was headed away by an Uruguayan defender.

62' - But the attacking proposition for Colombians are different. Have just won another corner.

60' - After the hour-mark, Cavani is playing one his best games. But the PSG man lacked support as his every move is cut short in the attacking third by man-marking Colombian defenders.

59' - Uruguayans trying to relive the memory of 1950 inside the same stadium, are chasing everything.

58' - Cristian Rodriguez got a long ranger, after a brilliant move from the Uruguayans, hitting the target but Ospina was there for the Colombians.

57' - James Rodriguez got a little bite from the Cavani boot in his left foot. But he is fine.

55' - From the set-piece, just outside the Uruguay D, James Rodriguez tried to beat the wall. But the ball crashed into it.

54' - It seems like things are falling apart for Luis Suarez's Uruguay. Yellow Card for Maria Gimenez as the defender caught Teofilo Gutierrez late with a sliding tackle.

52' - Double SUB for Uruguay: Diego Forlan replaced by Christian Stuani, Alvaro Pereira replaced by Gaston Ramirez.

50' - GOAL, James Rodriguez AGAIN!!! Superb ball from Jackson Martinez, then a brilliant cushion, a chested one by Cuadrado, before the goal.

Five goals for James.

49' - From the free-kick, taken by James Rodriguez, they won a corner. However, from the corner, taken by Cuadrado, Uruaguay won back the ball.

48' - Colombia won their first free-kick as Gimenez tried to out-muscled Martinez inside the Uruguay half.

47' - Ospina got an easy collection from the Forlan deliver from the far corner.

46' - From the re-start, Uruguay got into action in the earnest. And after few passing around in the attacking third, won a corner.

A super James goal rocked Maracana. It was his fourth game in four games. He has four assists too. Certainly fighting for the player of the tournament, and he is just 22.

Colombia, with over 63% possession, toyed with the South American champions. Besides, they have five shots on targets off seven attempts. For Uruguay, it was only one hit from three attempts.

HALF-TIME: Colombia 1 - 0 Uruguay

45+1' - Uruguay defended well from a Cuadrado run.

44' - One minute ADDED as Uruguay try to find an equaliser.

42' - Uruguay found yet another move going astray. It started from their own half, played a while inside the Colombian half before pushing further up, where Zapata got it cleared for the Colombians.

41' - From one loose ball, Uruguay have Cavani released on the left. But a timely sliding effort save the moment for Colombia.

40' - Colombia, after few anxious moments, are trying to cool down.

39' - Ospina produced a good save following a brilliant Uruguay attack. Alvaro Gonzalez's final attempt was heading for the goal.

37' - Uruguay have had their chances. And off the latest effort, the goal-scorer James was called into action to clean up for Colombia.

36' - Cavani won a free-kick inside the Colombia half and from the kick, they got the ball inside the Colombia box.

A little off the ball tussle between two legends, Yepes and Forlan occupied referee's attention.

35' - It's a quite little period in the centre as Colombia inch by inch move closer to Uruguay goal.

33' - From a throw-in, Zuniga found Jackson Martinez then James Rodriguez, the Zuniga. From the play, they won a free-kick following a not-so happy Cavani tackle on Zuniga.

32' - Uruguay won a free-kick inside the Colombia heart. From the set-play, Cavani tried to curl one, but it went too afar to trouble the goalie.

30' - After conceding the goal, Uruguay are building their own attacks, won couple of free-kick and corner with Cavani in the centre of everything. Good intent from the South American champions.

27' - Colombia GOAL!!! Super strike from James Rodriguez. The Monaco player chested the ball from a couple aerial passes around the Uruguay half, then produced a superb left footed volley for a superb goal.

For the record, it's his fourth goal in four games.

26' - After a little passing around, Uruguay lost possession.

24' - Brief stoppage as Aguilar received medial attention after he was fouled by Cristian Rodriguez.

21' - Colombia won back-to-back corners but despite getting the ball in good positions, they failed to score.

18' - Godin and Cavani combined to create a good chance but the return ball from Godin was little too fast for Cavani. And Colombia won a goal-kick.

16' - Colombia are enjoying a brief spell of possession inside the Uruguay half. But the final link up with Zuniga from the centre failed test Muslera. Goal-kick to Uruguay.

14' - Ospina, , from the goal-kick, tried to find a Colombia player in the centre. After few runs from Uruguay, Colombia finally launched their own attack. Zuniga's attempt was rather direction-less though.

13' - However, Uruguay won back the ball pretty soon and Forlan tried a long ranger. But his shot flew wide.

12' - Muslera, once again, got a goal-kick for Uruguay. From the long ball, they conceded a throw-in to Colombia.

10' - Zuniga tried a long-ranger but Muslera got his broad chest guarding the goal.

9' - From the resulting play, Uruguay continue to press hard inside the Colombia hard.

8' - On the counter, Uruguay won a free-kick in the centre. Forlan took the kick. But Rodriguez headed away the ball to safety.

7' - In this early phase of the game, Colombians are toying with the Uruguayan defence.

6' - Zuniga forced Cavani into a foul and Colombia won a free-kick inside the Uruguay half. From the set-piece, Cuadrado's attempt sailed over the bar.

5' - From the free-kick, Colombia tried to breach the Uruguay defence but the high ball was cleared away easily.

4' - Cuadrado got bundled up with two Uruguay players rushing onto him as the Colombian tried to cut inside the box. Free kick to Colombia.

3'- James Rodriguez tried to send the ball inside the Uruguay box, but his attempt was blocked by a couple of defenders. Colombia won a throw-in.

2' - Pereira got a warning from the referee as his attempt to retrieve the ball from a rival player was too rough.

1' - Both the sides have enjoyed exchanges in the start.

After the anthems, historic Maracana is ready for yet another thriller. Colombia are in yellow, while Uruguay are in their traditional light blue.

Bjorn Kuipers from the Netherlands will officiate the match in Maracana.

Colombia XI: Ospina, Zuniga, Zapata, Yepes, Armero, Aguilar, Sanchez Moreno, Cuadrado, Rodriguez, Martinez, Gutierrez

SUBS: Vargas, Arias, Carbonero, Guarin, Ibarbo, Mejia, Balanta, Bacca, Ramos, Quintero, Valdes, Mondragon.

Uruguay XI: Muslera, Maxi Pereira, Gimenez, Godin, Caceres, Pereira, Gonzalez, Arevalo Rios, Rodriguez, Cavani, Forlan

SUBS: Munoz, Fucile, Gargano, Hernandez, Stuani, Lodeiro, Perez, Ramirez, Coates, Silva.


Welcome to our coverage of the second Round of 16 match between Colombia and Uruguay being played at Maracana stadium, Rio de Janeiro.

Luis Suarez is out and so thus Radamel Falcao is. So both the teams will start on the equal footing.

The second Round of 16 clash will have another two South American teams in Colombia and Uruguay. Despite their contrasting qualification from the Round 1, there is no clear favourite going in to the match.

Columbia, despite a poor record against Uruguay, will consider themselves better equipped against a Suarez-less Uruguay. After robbing him of one of the best strikers, Jose Pekerman reshaped the Columbian system adopting a more viable 4-2-3-1 formation.

In fact, James Rodriguez and Juan Cuadrado, from the mid-field have scored five goals between them and helped to three wins to top the group. The presence of Jackson Martinez, Teofilo Gutierrez and Carlos Bacca up-front have helped registered the best shot conversion at 31%, better than the Netherlands and Germany. And, that`s some stats.

For Uruguay, how well they regrouped after the expulsion of Suarez will define their campaign. In Suarez`s absence, the veteran Diego Forlan is sure to start in this all important match. But in a small tweak, Oscar Tabarez may well start Edinson Cavani, who until then was donning of creative role, as the lone striker.

If history serves, then Uruguayans will surely invoke the 1950 World Cup. And Maracana still stands a mute evidence to that famous Alcides Ghiggia winner. But again, they have the last two World Cup games without Suarez: 3-2 against Netherlands in 2010 and 3-1 to Costa Rica in their opening match in Brazil.

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