Algerians celebrate team`s historic World Cup success

Algiers: Ten of thousands of fans took to the streets Thursday night as Algeria made it to the Round of 16 in the World Cup football in Brazil following a 1-1 draw with Russia.

Algeria, with four points, qualified in second place after Belgium that has nine points, reports Xinhua.

The government-run TV aired pictures of the celebrations in the majority of the 48 provinces of this North African nation.

In the capital city of Algiers, fans flooded the main streets and squares. Horns of cars were blared and fireworks set off.

The celebrations started earlier in the day when thousands of young people gathered in the square of "la Grande Poste" in downtown Algiers, where a giant screen was placed to air the game live from Brazil.

The joyful fans, on foot, motorbikes or cars, chanted the famous slogan of "One, Two, Three, Viva l`Algerie" while wearing all kinds of pennants, flags and hats bearing the symbolic three colors of the national flag.

The Greens` next match will be against Germany Monday.