London Olympics Boxing: Sumit Sangwan vs Florentino Falcao-As it happened...

Updated: Jul 30, 2012, 19:48 PM IST

London: Sumit Sangwan got the better of his Brazilian southpaw in the final round with 6-5 but could not make it to the next round losing the bout 16-15.

Round 3: Sangwan 15: 16 Falcao

Final Round underway, Sangwan is looking desperate to get points but Falcao Florentino does well to evade the Indian boxer.

Round 2: Sangwan 8: 10 Falcao

Sumit Sangwan is the agressor agaisnt Falcao Florentino in the Rd 2. But Falco Florentino Yamaguchi is leading by 1 point. 5 points for Yamaguchi and 4 for Sangwan.

Round 1 Sangwan 4: 5 Falcao

Falco Florentino Yamaguchi lead by point as he got a couple of points from left right combo.