London Olympics Hockey: India vs Netherlands-As it happened...

Updated: Jul 30, 2012, 20:38 PM IST

Zeenews Sports Bureau

London: 70 mins: Referral is not in favour of India. And that is the end of it. The Netherlands win 3-2 against India.


70 mins: Chance for India as Dharamvir gets the ball in, Sunil tries to strike in, call for Penalty Corner, referral by India. 45 seconds remain.

69 mins: Danish Mujtaba into the 'D' but fails to get the pass.

69 mins: Chance for Shivendra but he missed out.

68 mins: Counter atack by India but Evans intercepts.

68 mins: Clear chance for the Dutch but Chetri saves again.

68 mins: Pressure on India with time running out.

67 mins: Manpreet's great cross from left, shivender dives, but the ball too fast for him, as it rolls across the goalmouth, a close shave for the Dutch

65 mins: SK Uthappa gets inside the 'D' but fails to get the pass to his teammates.

64 mins: Lack of coordination as Sunil passes the bal lto right but Lakhra runs inside the opposite direction of the ball.

62 mins: Sardara brillant again as he intercepts the fast approching Floris Evers to sniff out the attack.

60 mins: Uthappa from top of reverse push, goes goes off the right post, a good attack nevertheless

56 mins: Brilliant work by India in the defense to clear a Dutch move

55 mins: Shivendra gets a chance but could not control the ball as SV Sunil passes it from the right flank.

54 mins: India on the attack as Sunil and Lakra get inside the D.

51 mins: Penalty Corner for Netherlands and they score. GOAL 3-2 for The Netherlands. Strong and accurate drag flick. Mink
van der Weerden hits the ball on the top left corner.

48 mins: GOAL for India, Shivender with the strike and it is 2-2. Gurwinder Chandi sets up the goal.

45 mins: Uthappa into the attack and great skills but fumbles once again.

44 mins: GOAL for India. India pull one back. Dharmvir with the strike as a pass from Tushar from left flank hits the post and the ball is loose where Dharmvir takes the shot.

43 mins: Long corner for India as Dutch sniff out another Indian attack.

42 mins: V Raghunath fails to connect with the ball and the ball is loose, Dutch on the atack, inside the D, but the ball is cleared. Raghunath redeems himself with a good clearance.

40 min: Robbert Kemperman enters the Indian circle.

39 min: Uthappa just misses, he traps cross from right, taps at the centre of the circle, strikes a forehand, but got the direction wrong even after catching goalie on wrong foot

38 min: what a say by Chetri, he keeps the his team in the game. Defensive lapse by Indians as Dutch miss a golden chance to score.

37 min: SK Uthappa shows some great skil lto enter the D but fails to pass.

Second Half begins.

So that is the end of first half with The Netherlands leading 2 goals to Nil against India. HALF TIME. Netherlands leads 2-0.

33 mins: India's hit-in from the right flank but a rising shot results in a free-hit for The Netherlands

32 mins: Good skill by Mujtaba but the attack is sniffed out. Counter-attack by The Netherlands.

31 mins: Dutch on the attack once again. India under pressure.

29 mins: GOAL Dutch go up 2-0. Manpreet tried to block the flick by Roderick, but it was too strong as ball rolls in past Chetri.

27 mins: Penalty Corner for Dutch. First for them.

26 mins: Tushar again creating an opportunity but no one is there to receive his pass.

Dutch on the attack now, India clears rather clumsily.

24 mins: Tushar with the attack but Dutch defence clears the ball.

23 mins: India entered the circle twice after coceding the goal, but too many give and take and mispass.

20 mins: GOAL by Netherlands. Netherlands lead by 1-0. van Der Horst takes his time on the top of the Indian circle, well-directs his powerful hit to beat Chetri.

15 min: Good man to man marking by India.

13 min: Corner for Netherlands.

11 min: Save by Chetri. de VOOGD Bob (NED) has a shot saved by the goalkeeper

8 mins: de NOOIJER Teun (NED) has a shot saved by the goalkeeper

6 mins: VR Raghunath (IND) has a shot saved by the goalkeeper from a penalty corner

4 mins: IND has a penalty corner

4 mins: VERGA Valentin (NED) Player in and de NOOIJER Teun (NED) Player out.