Olympics Boxing: Mary Kom vs Karolina Michalczuk - As it happened...

Updated: Aug 05, 2012, 18:44 PM IST

Zeenews Sports Bureau

London: It was an impressive debut at London Olympics for Mary Kom who defeated Karolina Michalczuk of Poland 19-14.

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This is how her bout panned out to be:

Boxing: Mary Kom wins 19-14
After Round 4: Mary Kom 4 : 4 Karolina

Round 4: Mary Kom starts off with good hits. Polish boxer looks tired, but Karolina hits a straight one but Mary Kom counters with a vicious left jab. Both looked tired but Karolina is punching her way and that is the end of the round. Should be a Mary Kom win here.

Mary Kom leads 15-10
After Round 3: Mary Kom 7 : 3 Karolina

Round 3: Mary Kom being pushed into the corner by Karolina Michalczuk. Mary Kom showing good technique. Karolina Michalczuk is throwing her punches wildly. Good punches by Mary Kom. She is keeping her distance fro mthe Polish. A good left hook by

Mary Kom leads 8-7

After Round 2 Mary Kom 5 : 4 Karolina

Round 2: Karolina Michalczuk is the aggressor once again but Mary Kom is landing per punches well. Karolina Michalczuk is moving well but Karolina Michalczuk has more energy for sure. AND MARY KOM FALLS. Mary Kom struggling a bit here.

After Round 1 Mary Kom 3 : 3 Karolina

Round 1: Mary Kom on the defensive first up. Karolina Michalczuk has the upperhand first up. But Mary Kom hits bak with a straight punch.