Vijender Singh vs Danabek Suzhanov: As it happened...

Updated: Jul 29, 2012, 03:06 AM IST

Zeenews Sports Bureau

London:Vijender Singh moves into the round of 16 defeating Danabek Suzhanov 14-10 on Saturday.

ROUND 3: Vijender 14: 10 Suzhanov

Final round, good straight left landed by Vijender, Suzhanov comes forward and Vijender lining up the right hander from a long range, not successful.

Good right hand again by Vijender, then left-right combo by Vijender, Suzhanov counters with right.

Vijender looks a bit tired but Vijender hangs on and raises his arm after the final ring.

ROUND 2: Vijender 9: 7 Suzhanov

Second Round underway, both boxers choosing to be at the center of the ring, body blows by Vijender, Suzhanov not moving well. 3 punch foray by Vijender but not successful. Left hook by Suzhanov, point for the Kazak.

Upper cut by Vijender and a point in the final minute. Vijender has been more active in both these rounds. Couple of shots after the bell and after Round 2, it is 9-7 for Vijender.

ROUND 1: Vijender 5: 4 Suzhanov

Hard right hand driven right into the body of Suzhanov by Vijender in the final minute. 5-4 the round to Vijender.

And it is Vijender who starts off as the aggressor in round 1 and he gets a point over Suzhanov with a left hook. Low right hand and a left hook by Vijender.

Good exchange, Vijender gets a point with right and Suzhanov with a left.

Vijender is in Red and a roaring reception to the 2008 Beijing Olympics bronze medallist.

Vijender will now face Terrell Gausha of United States of America.