Working really hard to bring the glory for the country again: Sushil Kumar

Sushil Kumar created history at the Beijing Olympics four years ago by becoming the only second Indian wrestler to win an Olympic medal. Recently, he won a gold medal at the Olympic qualifying event in China to seal his berth for the London games.

Sushil has won several other medals for the country after that Bronze medal at Beijing. Four years down the line, the grappler is again ready to recreate history for the country. In an interview with’s Biswajit Jha, Sushil discussed about his chances at the Olympics, his present form and a lot more.

Here are the excerpts from the interview:

What is the reason that it took so long to qualify for the London Olympics?

Actually, our events were scheduled quite late. We have a lot of qualifying events still left. So it’s natural that grapplers are still qualifying for the London Olympics.

Are you happy with your current form?

I just won a gold medal in China. I admit that there were some hiccups in the middle. But thankfully, I got my form back at the right time. Olympics are still two and a half months away. I hope I will be on top of form during the Olympics.

Tell us something about your preparations…

I am really working hard under my coaches. I practice 7-8 hours a day. I am working really hard to bring the glory for the country again. I am watching the videos of all the wrestlers against whom I will compete in London so that I go there fully prepared.

Are there any foreign coaches or better training facilities provided by the federation this time?

The federation has been really helpful to us a lot. They have provided excellent training facilities which are of international standards. Then they have hired a coach from the Europe, who is really helpful to all the grapplers.

What are the areas you are working on?

These days my main focus is improving my counter-attacking game. My coaches are guiding me in this respect.

Can we expect another medal from Sushil Kumar?

I can assure you that I will give my cent percent to win an Olympics medal again.

Last year when you won that bronze medal at Beijing Olympics, people did not know you. Naturally, there were no expectations. But this time you will be under tremendous pressure to perform. The entire nation will look up to you for a medal. Will this affect your performance?

It’s true that pressure will be there but I am not thinking on those lines. I know I have to perform. That’s all for me. I don’t feel any difference this time.

What about the performance of the other grapplers?

We have some good grapplers who are yet to qualify. But they will hopefully make it since we have some qualification events left. I hope we will win more medals in wrestling this time.

What are your expectations from the Indian contingent this time?
I hope India will perform better this time.

Thanks Sushil for talking to us. Wish you best of luck for the London Olympics.

Thanks a lot mate.