Kirpans allowed inside stadiums during 2012 Olympics

London: Sikhs can heave a sigh of relief as kirpans have been exempted from the list of “restricted” items that would not allowed inside the stadiums during the London Olympics.

The ceremonial daggers carried by Sikhs are said to be fine, as it is part of their religious tradition, a newspaper reported.

In the Games Maker Pocket Guide, a host of “prohibited” items include guns, bombs, crossbows and all knives, including those for picnics.

Bikes, roller skates and large bags will also be confiscated by security staff.

The guidelines read: “If a restricted item is identified...the owner will be advised that the item is restricted and, as a condition of entry, must not be used within any Games.”

Someone with a picnic could be told to take it in but not eat it. The book also warns: “In extreme cases this could result in...ejection of the spectator.”


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