Terror suspects ‘waived through’ UK airport by inexperienced staff ahead of Olympics

London: Eight terror suspects have entered Britain ahead of the Olympic Games after security lapses by inexperienced immigration staff allowed them into the country.

According to The Sun, all the terror suspects, including five who are said to have arrived on one day, are on the official terror watch list, but were reportedly ‘waived through’ checks at Heathrow. “Once they are in, you have no idea where they might be going,” a UK Borders source warned.

Senior Tory MP Patrick Mercer has demanded that Home Secretary Theresa May launched an urgent inquiry into the security lapses. “The Home Office must tell us what’s being done to detain these people,” he added.

It has been alleged that some immigration staff at the airport have undergone just a day’s training instead of the usual six weeks, but officials insisted that all the staff are ‘fully trained’.