I will do the right thing for McLaren, says Button

If Formula One world champion Jenson Button has to help McLaren team mate Lewis Hamilton`s title challenge in Brazil this weekend, it will be his own decision.

The Briton, who won the crown with Brawn GP at Interlagos last year, must win Sunday`s race to have any chance of retaining it this year.

Button is fifth overall, 42 points behind Ferrari`s Fernando Alonso and 21 adrift of Hamilton with two races remaining.

"I have a chance to still win the world championship, it`s a very small chance, but because it`s a small chance I`ve got to go hell for leather, give it all I can and enjoy it," he told to reporters .

"I`ve got to finish first. You can`t finish second. It`s not like I`m racing one other guy, I`m racing four other guys and if one has a bad race, maybe the others won`t."

Red Bull`s Australian Mark Webber is second overall, 11 behind Alonso, with his German team mate Sebastian Vettel 25 points off the lead.

Button made clear that, should he be out of the title reckoning and also in a position to help his team mate, he would do so. But there would be no question of surreptitious -- and banned -- `team orders`.

"I want to win the championship. I don`t want anyone else to win the championship," said the 30-year-old.

"But if I suddenly were to find myself in a position where I can`t win it, you are a team and you do what you think is right...I will never be ordered to do anything, but I will do what I think is right.

"I would not be ordered. (team principal) Martin (Whitmarsh) knows I`m intelligent enough to make my own decision, and the right decision."

Button`s attitude contrasted to that of the Red Bull pairing, whose relationship has become increasingly strained.

Webber said on Thursday that he felt the team favoured Vettel emotionally and described his own title tilt as "inconvenient".

Button, far more relaxed than this time last year and enjoying being out of the main spotlight with all the burden of expectation, expressed sympathy for the Australian.

"I think we`ve all found ourselves in a situation where we don`t feel happy within a team, where you don`t feel that you`re really wanted within that team," said the Briton, who was dropped by Renault in 2002 to make way for Alonso.

"So yeah, it must be tough (for Webber).

"At my previous team, for me it was so important to be involved with that team, and to feel part of the team, and for the mechanics and engineers to actually want you to be a part of that team, and be very sad to see you go," he said of Brawn.

"That is important to me, to know you are wanted.

"I had that there, and I was worried that, moving teams, I wouldn`t have that, but I found it very quickly and I feel very at home here," continued Button.

"But not having that must be tough, and I`m only going on what I read and hear what Mark says, but he doesn`t look like he`s very loved there and that must be tough and a difficult position to be in."

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