China to cut costs during National Games

Beijing: No pop stars, and no firework display. Organisers of the 12th Chinese National Games have pledged to deliver the opening ceremony in a frugal manner.

"The total cost for the opening and closing ceremonies is 9 million yuan, just about 10 percent of the original budget," said Zhu Wenbiao, an official at the organising committee of the Games which will take place from Aug 31 to Sep 12.

According to Zhu, the cost was reduced mainly because of their decision to hold the opening ceremony in daytime, Xihua reports.

"For the first time since China`s National Games were inaugurated in 1987, the opening ceremony of the quadrennial event will take place during the daytime," said Zhu. "There will be no expense for lighting and firework display."

Zhu added that a planned art performance at the opening ceremony has also been scrapped to save the cost.

"Instead, the highlight of the opening ceremony will be a mass tachi and aerobics performance," he said.