Idea to allow vuvuzela in CWG should be scrapped: Malhotra

Last Updated: Sep 07, 2010, 15:09 PM IST

New Delhi: Indian Olympic Association vice-president Vijay Kumar Malhotra said the idea to let the spectators use vuvuzela during the Commonwealth Games will "disturb" athletes and prove "counterproductive".

Vuvuzela created a storm after it was introduced in the FIFA World Cup in June-July.

The plastic horn went on to become World Cup soundtrack in South Africa and last week the Games Organising Committee introduced it as one of the merchandise of the October 3-14 mega-event.

However, Malhotra said the idea to allow vuvuzela in stadia should be scrapped.

"It will disturb our players and will be counterproductive," Malhotra said in a statement.

"We have our own way of drum beating and other forms of entertainment in the stadia. We don`t need any foreign device for our sporting festivals," he added.

The Organising Committee is yet to get a clearance on the plastic horn`s entry into the stadium from the police as it is known to create high decibel noise.

"It (vuvuzela) may be a part of South African culture but it will not fit in here," Malhotra said.