Kim Collins arrested over child support issue

Basseterre (St.Kitts): Iconic sprinter Kim Collins says he does not owe any money in child support following his arrest for allegedly not making adequate arrangement to support his children while he goes overseas.

Police escorted Collins to a courthouse in St.Kitts after his arrest in Nevis as he was boarding an aircraft to travel overseas.

A complaint is believed to have been made that Collins was leaving the country without making adequate provisions for his next payment.

However, WINN FM, a radio station, says it understands that Collins did not owe any money in child support when he was arrested.

It was alleged that Collins was in breach of child support payments but paid up monies owed since October before travelling to St.Kitts.

Collins has been quoted as saying he had receipts to show he was not in arrears and had documents to prove that he had put measures in place for the payments to be made.

He said the court ordered that amendments be made to one of the documents and that was done.

Collins was detained as he returned to the federation to attend his brother`s funeral after winning the 60 metres dash in 6.57 seconds at the Russian Indoor Winter games.