Lamont Peterson claims to knock out Amir Khan

London: The New World Boxing Association and International Boxing Federation Light-Welterweight Champion, Lamont Peterson, has claimed that he can knock out former champion Amir Khan.

He has also stressed that his contentious win against Khan was not a stroke of luck and he can knock him out, reports.

Peterson also insisted that he had won his match against Khan lawfully and if anyone has any doubts over it then he is ready to fight him again in a knock out match.

Khan had claimed that he was robbed of a victory when referee decided to penalize him for pushing in round 7 and 12 and deducted two points in both rounds.

Peterson says he is sick of Khan’s whining behavior. “I want to clear everything up and even though I think I won a clear victory, I really think that I can knock Amir out”, says Peterson.

Peterson also blamed Khan’s promoters for trying to show a wrong picture to him by saying things like he was robbed by the referee and the judges, to him.

“As a promoter, you want to put these types of excuses in a fighter’s head, like he didn’t really lose, like he was robbed by the referee and the judges, to make it not feel like a loss.

Amir should now accept the reality that he lost to me,” he said. Peterson said he doesn’t wants to extend this controversy for long. “I don’t want any more dispute about it and the best way to do that is by winning by a knockout. And I think I can do it”.


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