Lance Armstrong says cheated because was sure could never get caught

ANI| Updated: Jan 20, 2014, 03:18 AM IST

London: Cyclist Lance Armstrong, who was banned for lifetime after reports proved that he used performance enhancing drugs, has reportedly explained in a documentary why he thought he would never be caught.

The documentary, slated to release on Jan 31, has the 42-year old disgraced cyclist confessing to what pushed him to cheat, while providing the inside story of the scandal that rocked the sports world.

Following test reports that confirmed the use of by the cyclist, Armstrong was banned for lifetime and stripped of his seven Tour de France titles in August 2012, Mirror reported.

The documentary had begun in 2009 after Alex Gibney was roped in to direct the film chronicling Armstrong`s comeback to cycling. The documentary was shelved once the doping scandal came to light.

However, Gibney decided to finish the movie after Armstrong`s confession.