Assamese boxer punches his way to a new record

New Delhi: Twenty-three-year-old Guinness world record holder Abhijeet Baruah from Assam, who has numerous records to his name, has done it again. This time he has gone one up by breaking his own record.

Baruah, a boxer from Jorhat, created a new record of landing the most number of punches in a minute at Assam Bhawan in New Delhi.

He landed 387 punches in 60 seconds, 58 more than his previous best of 329 set in 13 October 2012.

By achieving this feat, he entered his name for the second time in the Asian Book of Records.

The record was also recognized by the Assist World Records and the World Records University, which honoured Baruah with an honorary doctorate degree as well.

"The total number of punches is 395 and he missed 8. So the total score is 387, way beyond 280, so he made a world record," said Rachna Sharma, adjudicator, World Records University.

"I feel good. I made three new records and broke my own record," said Baruah.

"I have received many phone calls congratulating me. I feel very good and I have tears in my eyes because it`s a great honour for me to do something for my country, and till the time I make my country proud at Olympics my goal will not be achieved," he added.

Baruah was well supported by his friend, Jayanta Tamuli, who held the punching pads for him.

Officials of All India Boxing Federation, Haryana Boxing Association and Assam Boxing Association also witnessed the event.

The young pugilist, whose role model is Mary Kom, is determined to achieve his dream of representing the country at the Olympics one day.