Roger Federer was paid $15m to endorse Rolex watches

London, July 10 (ANI): Roger Federer may have been endorsing Rolex watches when he calmly sat down and strapped on his time piece moments after winning his seventh Wimbledon title.

In fact, the time from winning championship point to the reassuringly expensive click of Federer’s luxury Rolex snapping on was just one minute and 28 seconds.

The quick act from the world’s best player may be for the reported 15m dollars that the Swiss company is paying for him to endorse its timepieces, a newspaper reported.

Again Federer’s Rolex appeared in prominent place as he held his trophy aloft.

Meanwhile Serena Williams was much more down to earth with her timepiece choice over the weekend.

She wore a retro Casio computer watch, which will set you back just 15.95 pounds.


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