Yuvraj is Oakley’s new brand ambassador

New Delhi: India batsman Yuvraj Singh has become the new brand ambassador of the major global eyewear company -- Oakley -- for his first Signature Series sunglasses.

“Yuvraj is currently collaborating with Oakley designers on his first Signature Series sunglasses, and a sneak peek of the new designs will be available during the 2011 ICC World Cup,” a company statement on Friday.

Going into the World Cup opening match between India and Bangladesh in Dhaka on Saturday, Yuvraj said he would rely on his favorite Oakley design, RADAR, sunglasses for the comfort, protection and clarity.

“I have always been a fan of Oakley, and I am extremely excited to become part of the Oakley family,” said Yuvraj, a longtime devotee of the company’s unrivaled innovation.

“The brand stands for high standards in eyewear technology. It’s an honour for me to be the brand ambassador for Oakley in India,” he added.

Elaborating on Yuvraj’s choice of sunglasses, the company statement said this is “a single-lens sport design that would enable him to change the lens in seconds and match his vision to light conditions for optimal performance”.

Oakley senior vice president for global marketing and brand development, Scott Bowers, added, “We are honoured to have Yuvraj join the Oakley family.”

“He is a powerful athlete with a colourful personality, and he has captured the hearts of a nation through his prowess on the cricket field. His blend of talent and outgoing style is a perfect match for Oakley, a company that innovates to achieve the best of performance technology and shape it with the art of true originality.”

Oakley sponsors professional athletes in over two-dozen sports internationally.

“Yuvraj and other cricketers have utilised Oakley’s sport performance eyewear for years. However, Yuvraj is the first Indian cricketer to become a member of the Oakley team. As such, he will have access to all the latest in Oakley innovation,” the statement said.